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Aeroplanes Poems

Aeroplanes Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aeroplanes poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aeroplanes.

New Poems

I Remember You Happiness
I remember you happiness
through the early aroma
  of grinded coffee beans
wafting gently from
the corner coffee shop
I remember you through
fthe freshly bread 'scent 
from the baker's sour rising yeast.

I remember you through 
musicians playing in piazas
through the buzzling sounds
of the...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, happiness,
Form: Free verse

I Remember You Happiness
I remember you happiness
through the early aroma
  of grinded coffee beans
wafting gently from
the coffee corner shop
I remember you through
fthe freshly bread 'scent 
from the baker's sour rising yeast.

I remember you through 
musicians playing in piazas
through the buzzling sounds
of the...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Chop Slice Eat
The repair man went to fix the television at the old woman's house. It took him thirty minutes of messing and cursing to do it. With a grin and press of the remote, he said, 'Sorted.' 

The old woman grinned...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, evil, horror, violence,
Form: Verse
Goth Fly
There's a fly in the house of goth. On the wall listening in. What's being said? The fly is keeping quiet. If you wanna know, go there yourself. The house of goth is a dark old place. Full of people...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, culture, gothic, journey, self,
Form: Blank verse
Tin Pan
Blood to heaven and blood on the post.
Severed builder's head in the oven.
Slowly cooking to a succulent roast.
Enraptured by the local witches coven.
What happens now is anyone's guess.
His body wanders angrily wanting a job.
Will he communicate with Rudolf Hess?
And delicately...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, dark, halloween, horror, sick,
Form: Blank verse

Brother Sister
You're silence reminds me of the voices of the unborn. Loving yet unloved.

Being Normal Is Boring - Broken Aeroplanes, Screwed People, Alternative Writing,:)

Jimmy Boom Semtex
...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, 11th grade, family, sweet, tribute,
Form: Elegy
Untitled 2

My dear Mother Nature, please make things fine. Not as they are. But I know that is a fool's question. I accept what happened. It was a story, awfully true. A person I knew did the ultimate sin. We weren't...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, absence, abuse, angel, angst, anti bullying, memory,
Form: Free verse
Bus Or Taxi

The wheels on the London bus go round and round, till the driver crashes it Tequila style. Everyone loses their heads, except him. He gets into a Black Bomber taxi and pops open a vodka. Need a lift guv?

Being Normal...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, analogy, city, community, travel,
Form: Free verse
the Roma tribe
The Roma

I can’t stop thinking of the Roma people
There are many of them in Algarve,
Horse and cart to the annoyance of car drivers.
Horse manure their only pollution.

When a bank goes belly up, you can’t sue them
For misusing your deposit.

When all...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, absence, appreciation, beautiful, blessing,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Chat
What a lovely chat we had
The five of us together
We talked about this and that
Without mention of the weather

There were Fay and Chris, Elaine and Harold
And of course, there's me
Fay and I were already friends
We'd never met the other three

What...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, 10th grade, 4th grade,
Form: Rhyme

The 80s Green View

The 80s Green View
The natural landscape was vast and green
I could see it from the front windows of our house
And further still to the distant hills and counties
This area was where I lived and still do
Between waking and dreams, reality...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, memory, remember, teenage,
Form: Prose Poetry
Fun with Animals
The Lion

The lion brags he’s the king of beasts
and on other animals feasts.
That boastful reputation doesn’t sit well
with animals who are edible.

The Rooster

The rooster is a cockadoodeler 
and an early morning waker-upper.
Late sleepers call him a sleep awakener
and plot to...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member TAKE-OFF THRILL
Despite my carbon moans
I love these aeroplanes.
I always get a buzz
from this new jet Airbus.

Waiting for take-off run
with turbofans idling.
Now ready and all clear
gradually bring up power
from four Rolls Royce engines.
The take-off run begins
now ready for full power.
Now hear those...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Daddy, What Makes Them Fly
The boy watched the plane as it rushed down the strip,
And lifted off into the sky,
He turned to his father with wonder and said,
"Daddy, what makes that aeroplane fly?"

"Well, son, it's like this, there are fine engineers,
Designers and people so...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, creation,
Form: Rhyme
Dungeon of Thoughts
Where am I? Where has my vision brought?
Am I in the boundless horizon?
Or prisoned in my thought?
Is there a way out of this dungeon? 

Countless are my profound accomplishments
From the pyramids to the modern skyscrapers and motorways
Faster than sound aeroplanes...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, feelings, happiness, world,
Form: Rhyme
The Thought Of It
I am trying to write a poem for May you see,
But I have a mental block so I'll rest to take tea.
And while I'm resting perhaps a thought or two will occur
In my mind's eye; or away with the fairies...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, poems,
Form: Rhyme
Valentines coming
A fading sunset with pink tinted clouds. 
With aeroplanes leaving pink crosses in the sky.
The trees have shed their leaves, dropping little brown tears.
You're breaths  like a dragons with the cold air.
Hands in your pockets but a smile on...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, fun, valentines day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sleep Sweetly

Sleep sweetly Jay, sleep sweetly

Will you dream of toys

Of little cars, and dinosaurs
You precious little boy.

Sleep sweetly Jay, sleep sweetly

All cosy in your bed.

Will you dream of aeroplanes,

Or puppy dogs instead.

Sleep sweetly Jay, sleep sweetly

Close your weary eyes,

Mum will...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, grandson, nursery rhyme,
Form: Rhyme
Our young visitor holds sway
The cars all line up for the big race,
Determination set on the drivers face.
Off they go at frightening speed,
All are vying to be in the lead.
All of a sudden a bus appears on the scene,
The screams all come from the...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, adventure, childhood, fun, grandson, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Triggars clicking,
Men shooting,
aeroplanes flying,
bombs dropping,
bones breaking,
trees snapping,
people dying,
letters sending,
women crying,
peace starting,
children learning,
earth changing.

...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, war, world war ii,
Form: Narrative
The Rise and Fall of Mankind
   In essence the unconscious mind,
   Reveals all knowledge for mankind.
   To pursue dreams, each vision brings,
   Then soar above the earth on wings.
   We navigate uncharted shores,
  ...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, change, destiny,
Form: Didactic
How far has wisdom travelled?
Generations of clever people,
With their intelligence and inventions,
Sometimes for the good,
Others bad,
Wars ammunition guns, bombs,
Aeroplanes rockets,
How far will it go?
When did wisdom turn into terror?
Money ruling the world,
Power controlling life
Evolution quickened up,
Life and technology,
Superhuman brains
Just like...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I may be small
But the Lord will make me big
He who turns a boy into a man
Magnify me
He who turns a midget into a giant
Magnify me
I may be a fool
But the Lord has made me wise
All men have two eyes
But...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, destiny, god, power, universe,
Form: Ballad
faded roses
faded roses on the wallpaper
leaves bent back in an imagined wind
fingerprints of a thunderstorm cling to the wet image
she says it was a lovely thought that gave birth to such beautiful drawings
that any child could see many adventures to be
in...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, beauty, childhood, dream, growing up, mystery, remember,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Your Better Life

In Peachtree Street

paper aeroplanes are flying.

Ain't that enough for you?...Read More
Categories: aeroplanes, encouraging, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Verse