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Adulterers Poems

Adulterers Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adulterers poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adulterers.

New Poems

Flackmoth on Heaven

Flackmoth once heard a preacher say
heaven is like no earthly way:
no sex, no drunks, no extortioners,
no thieves, no gluttons, no adulterers!

He contemplates with grave despair
and wonders if anyone’s up there?
With so radical a change a must,
does any mortal there adjust?
...Read More
Categories: adulterers, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Wisdom didactic
Give children oxygen at least one time a day
Give infants bottles filled with empty promises
Use binoculars to witness criminal activity
Keep neighbors at a distance, say from here to Mars
Keep thoughts to yourself, never in your pockets 
Keep an open mind...Read More
Categories: adulterers, silly, wisdom,
Form: Didactic
Morley Wonders

When Morley goes to bed at night,
he wonders if the world is right?
Have politics and religions
really improved world conditions?
He thinks if Nero were revived,
he’d have doubts he ever died!
And Dante, too, might quickly
add more cantos to his Comedy.
While ancient...Read More
Categories: adulterers, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Nick And Mat, A Thanksgiving Story
Hello. My name is Nicholas, and you can call me Nick. I also must tell you about Matthew, and you can call him Mat. I once despised Mat and others like him, but now he has become my best friend....Read More
Categories: adulterers, love, thanksgiving,
Form: Personification
Premium Member From Now On

From now on, I'll tell people about the Jesus I know.  How He died on the Cross to save me from my sin.  How He suffered before He was crucified and by the stripes that He...Read More
Categories: adulterers, blessing, christian, death, fish, heaven, joy, paradise,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Jessica Jones ALIAS
As a late teen
She came into life
As a pre adult her sister named her "Sprite"
You better not never, ever do nobody wrong
You have to deal with Jessica Jones

She a private investigator
Who after a rough day
Which is everyday drinks a whole...Read More
Categories: adulterers, caregiving, hero, humanity, woman,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Scaring but it was duty
A pastor with fervor and preparedness
Entered a hall to preach the word of God
That he might convert souls in the area
And earn graces for work from divine duty

What did he see seated on every chairs?
Souls upon souls waiting for him...Read More
Categories: adulterers, religious, satire,
Form: Quatrain
It's you and it's me
We hear our thoughts 
We see our visions 
Our lifes are full
Full of decisions

Sometimes they're straight 
Sometimes collisioned 
Sometimes we're sloppy 
Sometimes precisioned

We're shit for love
Darkness to sun
Sadness for fun
Storm for the calmness

Bad for the good
We're thiefs, murderers
Lying adulterers 
Deserts...Read More
Categories: adulterers, prison,
Form: Quatrain
The Post in Postmodern

he rubbed his eyes
and said you just think that way
so you always have an answer ready
which may well constitute
a state of pure entertainment
with multiple jaw grinding orgasms
in a dog lick dog kind of world
at Cathode Ray's tanning salon
so what would...Read More
Categories: adulterers, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
At the beginning when god created sex
At the beginning when god created sex;
He didn't create a stud and a temptress 
He didn't intend sex to be sordid 
Sins of the flesh wont be rewarded 

One who has lustful intent has committed adultery,
Sexual immorality is passion, evil desire is idolatry,

To...Read More
Categories: adulterers, gospel, religious,
Form: Rhyme
The truth
I spoke the truth and ignorance and arrogance befell upon me
I spoke the truth and i lost my parents , brothers and sisters
I spoke the truth and i became a loner , living in a dark melancholy
The truth for all...Read More
Categories: adulterers, anger, conflict,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Hell's inferno No Exit
Dradogorus the fire spitting dragon Guard Dogs of hell
impatiently awaits to raps their tongue, sink their fangs and fling 
thieves, adulterers wife beaters and dictators into these bottomless pits.
Here you'll stays and rots into the fiery pulp flowing
down and down...Read More
Categories: adulterers, analogy, dark, death, evil, fire, scary, sin,
Form: Imagism
From Sunday School to Monday Morning
Once again I tip the scale
And mutter, whoever invented it was a man from hell.
It was not a woman who created weights for size
For women can look past the outer shell
And search deep for what is inside.
Men must have their...Read More
Categories: adulterers, art, history, love,
Form: Ballad
This Dirty Old Man Wrote a Poem
This dirty old man wrote a poem.
It was an ode to lovers.
He sang a song
that glorified adulterers.

And when his rhyme was done
there was a thunderous applause
from everyone.
People seemed to get
what he was talkin' 'bout
Since many in that room
had tip toed...Read More
Categories: adulterers, beautiful, marriage, sensual, sexy,
Form: Ballad
On the Death of a President
and the TV on the wall(I was in hospital)
shouted out in glorious black and white
guess who's dead?...his head was blown 
apart in a big Lincoln car (no pun intended)

and his glamorous wife in twin set and 
gorgeous hat, lay across...Read More
Categories: adulterers, death, eulogy,
Form: Free verse
the bible says to judge
the bible is just a book
no, not just a book. 
a holy book written of the word
the word of god himself

it tells you to hate 
put down all who arent you 
because they are sinners
liars thieves
and individual

all i think...Read More
Categories: adulterers, god,
Form: I do not know?
An eyes abated with tears
More than what the heart 
can bears
A soul dashed in the 
darkest shadow
Leaving no hope of a better 
Pains of a broken heart
Happiness and human 
have been set apart
A world full of terrors and 
That's all...Read More
Categories: adulterers, conflict,
Form: ABC
focus of a madwoman
focus of a madwo/man

just how many psychotics
have we had to endure
passing through our lives
since the lies began being
told?  how many madwo/men 
quoting “scripture” as if it
validated their acts, as if their
lives had been determined, as
if “fate” had driven them
in...Read More
Categories: adulterers, life,
Form: Free verse
The Man On The Street
The Man On The Street

The streets are crowded
People walk by not seeing the man standing there
He is not old enough to be put in a home
He is not poor enough to beg for spare change
He is just a person who...Read More
Categories: adulterers, religionchild,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dereligification
Born to a Catholic family
Each Sunday spent kneeling in pews
Taught to accept Christ as my savior
And that Hell is for those that refuse. 

As I grew older, I wondered
How good people of different beliefs.
Could be destined to spend eternity
With adulterers,...Read More
Categories: adulterers, religion
Form: Rhyme
Who can be Christians
Gays could be Christians

just as Adulterers can be Christians

Fornicators can be Christians

just as Drunkards can be Christians

Liars, Thieves, Greedy persons can be Christians

just as Revilers, and Extortioners can be Christians


just as a recovering alcoholic is still an alcoholic

one drink makes...Read More
Categories: adulterers, devotion, forgiveness, religion
Form: Free verse
Pretentious Collaboration Written During Conversation (Credit to Emmily Rosa)
"Gotta job as a nanny!"
"Maybe they'll hire me as a butler"
"Butler and nanny always live
in close quarters"
She winks
He raises and eyebrow suggestively

"I love flirting with poets
"Indeed my dear, indeed.
We are a flirtatious, passionate creature"
"But we're also dramatists
and prone to murder...Read More
Categories: adulterers, people, love, may, time,
Form: Free verse
red robes
lonely soul 
retrieve this ache
and rid it from me by those in veil
their wet and precious
naked rose
ive caught truths in my throat
to offer the takers silent meat
upon my bones
and flesh
they feast  - in robes stained dark from thirst and...Read More
Categories: adulterers, recovery,
Form: Free verse
Looking for a savior, kinsman redeemer, King of all Kings
Wanting a righteous Father, heavenly daddy, to love and cherish me
Awaiting the promised land, and a promise of  a messiah

Finding the lineage of Jesus Christ to bring hope to all...Read More
Categories: adulterers, faith, inspirationalbaby, baby, jesus,
Form: Narrative
Heinous Crime
With the windows of my soul,
I have made a covenant
Not to look lustfully at another girl.
Why then should I purchase another pearl?
Lest my mind be captive with imaginations
By eyes that would lead my reigns astray
To employ the principle of adulterers.
Thus,...Read More
Categories: adulterers, devotion, faith, husband, life, love, people, wife,
Form: Free verse