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Adrenaline Poems

Adrenaline Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adrenaline poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adrenaline.

New Poems

I hit her!!!

My Sorrow holds no bounds 
Holes are punched in hearts

You have been my best part 
My hands where careless
Adrenaline squashed .

Eyes swollen from lashes of anger
What have anger not done ?
Piecing through this unending anguish 

My Love ,...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, child abuse, feelings, forgiveness, heartbroken,
Form: Verse

Pompous Pig
Your nothing put a pompous pig and you have the audacity to disrespect me,
You may have the money but you've lost your honour and any integrity,
You've never done anything but judge me,
You dont understand that this cant be cured for...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, abuse, anger, anxiety, bullying, grief, hate, rude,
Form: Rhyme
Orchestra of ocean crashes
Seagulls soar high
Faint sounds of passerbys 

All of that
Comes nothing 
Than her eyes 
Twinkling at his

Chatting away
In their own world
They have each other other
Side by side

Little tease
In comfortable warmth
Laughter in the air

Secretly knowing
Being more than friends 

Fingers...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, beach, beautiful, cute, cute love, fantasy, love,
Form: Free verse
Sound of emails popping
Mountains of papers
Deadlines creepin' on me

Silently cursing 
Fire fighting to clear 'em all

Hold back my tears 
Withstand my anger
Just focus

On the corner
Hoping the clock click
Stop work
Time to go home now

Rushing to go home

Blocking out the noise
Wandering...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, career, feelings, hurt, life, loss, remember, work,
Form: Free verse
COVID-19 put her in bed
Quarantined out in the shed
So what could she do
But play peek-a-boo
With the doctor, vicar, and Fred?...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, humor,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Ronin

Forty-seven men
hereditary nobles
military samurais
serving their master
who was betrayed and killed by
another lord, ronin's they
turned masterless schemed
samurais three years 
spun thieves, mercenaries, and
madmen delight all
the challenges that are faced
the adrenaline that is
peaked did kill their lord
master betrayer and their
met deed all...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, character, muse, spiritual,
Form: Choka
A Salute To The Frontliners
A Salute To The Frontliners
Free Verse
Ernilando L. Tugaff

Men and Women in Uniform
'though you are not  soldiers
You are  warriors in your field of endeavor
You are in the frontline with courage and conviction.

Leaving behind your family every day
Going to "...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, bereavement, caregiving, courage, emotions, father daughter, hero,
Form: Free verse
Tango hooked DWM
Will you dance with me?
a magnetic force in his laser gaze
tantalized her dizzying breath in adrenaline. 
beats of heart, in songs of electrified music
beyond confines of milonga dance floor. 
a spotlight opened a new heaven 
and pranced a thrill of...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, dance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Remembering The Fifties At The Bridge
Remembering The Fifties
 At The Bridge
By: Tom

Few things sped adrenaline flow like thoughts of failing,
and for any without a plan the night was paling.
Alternate plans were handy when about to be bettered,
but you can’t put down tracks when your psyche...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, anger, bullying, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Painting at Kynance Cove
One of those days we rarely appreciate until later
I took my paints and walked to Kynance Cove
I had seen it from afar of course, but never up close
It was inspiring to the point of making me cry with hope

Breeze off...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, art, nature,
Form: Lyric

I stand there, poised, a statue,
holding my paintbrush to my temple;
waiting for the lightbulb of sentiment to wash over me.

Then, like a distant star shooting across the cosmos,
or an injection of adrenaline into an arrhythmic heart;
my thoughts become as clear...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, art, beautiful, beauty, inspiration,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member A poem forms in my heart
A poem forms in my heart
   A notion born, a place to start

It murmurs now inside my brain
   Sound waves spread into my veins

It presses hard against my lips
   Radiates down to my fingertips

Gushing...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, growth, poems,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Casualness Of Casualties

In the intimate interlace of chance and fate, in the ultimate interplay of time and place, and with the consummate checkmate of my human dignity, all that is -- is over, in the stormy, swarming space of mere moments.

turbulence rises
as...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, death, evil, family, fate, life, love, violence,
Form: Haibun
2 Dog Caught
2 Dog Caught
There was no more playing
Or being seen by the locals
One man saw the dog
He made a plan and acted
He stole and kidnapped the dog
Taking him to his house
To cook alive and eat
A nice meal for him and his...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, death, dog, evil,
Form: Blank verse
Papa's condemnation of prejudice
Papa's condemnation of prejudice...

and subsequent grim statistic one
(among millions, or more)
tragedy with feted kiss
Yarraka Bayles darling son
hoop fully experiences bliss,
yet more vehement rage
against machinations (think 

with little effort cruel humans)
trumpets, tools, thrives...
wreaking psychological havoc -
case in point yours truly
wrenched, screwed,...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, 11th grade, 12th grade, cry, funeral, mother
Form: Narrative
I woke up for the 6th time tonight to the cry of the babe sleeping in our room
The mum tired, sleepy turns to breastfeed this lil monster

When I was in campus, the word companionship came without any responsibilities
It meant holding...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, family, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member On Tiptoe
Innocence confronts a world that’s corrupt
addicted to sin
and thrill of the win,
where suppressed emotions spew and erupt.
Although naught is said
innocence gets shed.
And as children prepare for reality
trading fantasy dreams for hyperbole,
time chases its shadow.

But adolescence’s adrenaline rush
sets you free at...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, 10th grade, 11th grade, age, anxiety, feelings,
Form: Rhyme
A moment in the life of a volunteer firefighter
As I am sitting quietly, with my family
Watching TV and enjoying the night 
Then comes the tones from my radio
Signaling something is not all right

Not knowing what the call may bring
My heart rate begins to rise
It could be a house...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, fire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Can a Fool Descibe Love
Can I describe Love?

A path of the fool,
Words expressing sensation,
Shimmering spark of sun, diamonds on a pool,
Red bird lifts head, water elations,

Thoughts emerge from where?
Whether image, pain, longing desire,
Reality skirts away, with a wide tear,
Smoky haze, warmth to the core,...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, dream, i love you, joy, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Your ABCs
Amazingly, your eyes gleam freshness from heaven.
Before you were seen, you were resting in God's heart.
Clinging to mine, it cannot cease to overflow.
Drawing meaning into life's every crevice,
Each given breath you take awakens mine.
From the moment I first felt your...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, baby, birth, blessing, family, father, life, mother,
Form: Abecedarian
untitled 6 of 12
You give me more of an adrenaline
rush than Holly fire alarms do;
You make my day brighter
on any rainy day!...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, adventure, art, funny, funny love, love, rain,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Teasingly Spoke
Listening to sweet melodies
sung on a gentle breeze
Dancing in the cosmos on 
this chilled winters eve
Gazing at the beauty, up in 
the night skies
Knowing starlights twinkle 
shown in your eyes

Breathless whispers echo of 
something so brand new
Telling of two hearts...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, poetry, sensual, spoken word, sweet love, word
Form: Rhyme
Ode to self
Wine tears
Flowing through the contours of cheeks
To reach these valleys residing in heart
Let the echo jump into this abyss
Until it reverberates like a suicidal cry
And breaks like a rope 
Adamant on giving second chance to life
Cloud covered skin
Akin to those...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, angst, anxiety, beauty, character, emo, emotions, gothic,
Form: Ode
My tired eyes keep opening and closing
And my body sways to and fro
But something enigmatic kept me on the ground
And my spirit keeps moving up and down
A sudden indecisive feelings creeps inside
And all of a sudden I start feeling breathless
And...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, animal, community, confidence, courage, emotions, endurance, farewell,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member O fair Adrenaline
O’ fair Adrenaline
Oh, powerful you make me strong;
I can’t do wrong
Beautiful Adrenaline
You got my heart pumping
Got my breath in my chest
I’m just sweating
Biceps protruding bulging;
I stand next to you Adrenaline
You secreted me
You’re stress,
You take my breath
Excited exertions do you brew
I...Read More
Categories: adrenaline, analogy, appreciation, engagement, for her, how i
Form: Free verse