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Spirit In The Sun

I can feel my stomach growling and my spirit crawling
The pain in my back begins to grow and my heart begins to glow
The muscles in my chest are inflated, and my adrenaline starts to swim
Bitter tasting saliva is springing up in my mouth, and it makes me want to shout. 

Take a good look at the sky above you and the ocean dancing around the wind, observe the particle from my breath moving around the mill. It’s Sunday for heaven sake and nature is crying out at your gates, the sun is rising on top of the mountain and water is bashing against the makeshift door and the people are crying out for more .I gazed upon the distance sun and the rays running above, and the subtle message that lies beneath it’s telling me that destiny will soon be complete.

Something is moving up and down in my chest spewing venom in my flesh, and the fiddles on the violin is orating a sensational melody and punctuating a familiar rhythm. The air is circulating around and the wind is moving up and down   the town with a speed that has never been witness before. Everyone gathered around embracing the mystical wind
emboldened with a sense of dignity binding  them within.

The earth worms are creating havoc in my stomach, and I can hear my
own heart murmur,  it’s starvation and hunger  and fire is burning on the church  altar. They are filling up their pots and pans and spreading out the plates on table and playing merry go around in jacket and ties and slick gowns. They are waiting on the dinner prayer before they assemble for dinner.
There is a strong spirit in the sun moving around the earth, it embodied elements, and has a high impact on me and you. As water drains from the moon, the sun heat the earth, the wind supplies the energy, the fire wood cook the food, and the star is your guiding light .There is spirit in the sun.

Copyright © Christine Phillips