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Addicting Poems

Addicting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of addicting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for addicting.

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Premium Member 1440 Minutes
I could talk to you for 24 hours straight;
Just talk. Try me. 
1440 entire minutes; 
No stopping, barely breathing;
No awkward eye contact
leading to a lingering kiss;
Make no mistake, I’ve told you before; 
Yes, your eyes are perfect; 
But 8660 total...Read More
Categories: addicting, joy, longing, love,
Form: Free verse

The Sun
The sun vanishes over the horizon,
Leaving tear drops of light in the sky.
I watch it sink -
Somberly -
Past the mountains.
Daylight is your face.
I am in the dark now,
Trying to thrive 
While you are not here.
Your glow is addicting...Read More
Categories: addicting, 12th grade, absence, beautiful, sad love, star,
Form: Free verse
letters to my grown up children
To my son’s….
The world will tell you to be so many things.
Your boys want to hang with a guy so fly
      he drips women off with casual disregard.
Media will tell you women want a man...Read More
Categories: addicting, love,
Form: Free verse
Computer Crack
All those warnings you heard about A.I.?
You should listen to them, I’ll tell you why,
remember that whole day the net was broken,
that was an artificial intelligence.

I know because I was an engineer,
working that project for over a year,
and I was...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, computer, creation, drug, fear, power, science
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Food Chain
necessary, nutritious
satisfying, fortifying, energizing
vitamins, minerals, cholesterol, trans fat
fattening, addicting, sickening
poisonous, toxic


Sparkling Diamonds Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Joseph May...Read More
Categories: addicting, food,
Form: Diamante

Rest For The Wicked
Enamored with addicting, seething pain
I do not rest, I do not sleep
In tears, does she entrance and reap
The back alleys of the mind insane
At day, the constant monotonous train
That is the crushing struggles too steep
Kills industrial counting of sheep
Awakens the...Read More
Categories: addicting, analogy, angst, animal, anxiety, art, beauty, poetry,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Cup of Coffee First Thing
Cup of coffee first thing
   Old habits die hard
Too easy just to cling
   Impossible to discard 

Old habits die hard
   Coffee's got a special zing
Impossible to discard
   It gives my day a...Read More
Categories: addicting, drink, morning, tribute,
Form: Pantoum
There's something, there's someone
There's something about her smile
There's something about her eyes
Something about her adorable cheeks
Something so addicting to look at

There's something about her laugh
There's something about her eyebrows
Something about her adorable little nose
Something about that look in her eyes

I don't like to...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, appreciation, beautiful, for her, i love
Form: Carpe Diem
When Life Knocked
My second chance in life came after my first.
I failed miserably, feeling defeated and cursed.

The start of my second go-around came unexpectedly. 
It happened out of the blue, unpredicted and randomly.

It all started on the day life knocked on my...Read More
Categories: addicting, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
The Howling Wintry Wind
Cold air whistles acquainting
me with Arctic Blast, when
roundly forcing acquiescing
into half foursquare corner, activating
most recent spate of

     ideal linkedin warm weather
ah...,my favorite sweet
     spot for read ding
partially secluded from
   ...Read More
Categories: addicting, change, creation, earth, health, humanity, planet, winter,
Form: Free verse

a needle
charcoal-slathered and
dripping dreams into a river of broken skin

Cameron holds my hand
says I can squeeze 
but the violence is addicting

the pigments 
bleed into my pores

I taste like venom and ash
the mirror above my bed

George asks if I’m...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, art, pain, sensual, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SecularExperience v SacredTheory
Experience v Theory,
like Both/And inducted feelings v. Either/Or deductions,
like Internal Information v External ReConstructions,
like Memory v ReImaging,
like Cause/Effect v DNA of causal-effective nest 
of resilient Golden WinWin Theory

Western nature v spirit theories v Eastern nondual experience  
Like LeftEgo without...Read More
Categories: addicting, caregiving, education, environment, green, health, philosophy, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
His prescription
Stress is like a self inflicted wound.
Causing pain to ourselves
By choices we all choose.

You can cover with a bandage to keep from showing to.
Those you trust the most
The ones judging you.

Its highly recommended to seek professional care.
Which in every case...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, christian, god,
Form: Rhyme
Success.  By definition, it means a favorable or desired outcome.  Funny, that doesn’t denote a positive or negative act.  It only states a favorable outcome, the accomplishment of an intent.  Good or bad, attainment of a...Read More
Categories: addicting, philosophy, success,
Form: Prose
My habit started with candy cigarettes,
a whole pack — my first bought by mom.
Smoking those cool white sticks addicting.
Did she never receive advice
from Dr. Freud and Dr. Spock?

...Read More
Categories: addicting, food,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member M and M Power
M and M's candy, my Achilles heel
By far the best treat in the land
The way they taste, so addicting
And look, they don't melt in my hand!

They aren't in my hand long enough
My pie hole keeps sucking them in!
It can bring...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, candy, desire,
Form: Quatrain
Buy It, Try It
                                       ...Read More
Categories: addicting, appreciation, beauty, blessing, character, god,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Love Times Three
My Love for you 
Fills my soul 
From top to bottom
And side to side
Not only filling every crevice
But permeating all that is me
Ever present and ever wondrous

Your Love for me
Source of comfort
Nourishing like mother’s milk
Strengthening me
Addicting and intoxicating 
Joy like...Read More
Categories: addicting, appreciation, blessing, i love you, love, passion,
Form: Free verse
Recalling moments stored in memories with people I miss
Staring at a star-filled sky sometimes it's nice to reminisce
Seems like it was yesterday if only a short while
Cruising along my own time machine with thoughts that make me smile
Each moment dancing...Read More
Categories: addicting, life, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Heart stopping Habit
Can't place my finger on it, no I can't quite figure out what it is
There's just something about that boy that makes me want to be all his
Feelings washing over me that I can't really quite explain
Got me second guessing...Read More
Categories: addicting, feelings, heart,
Form: Rhyme
Addicting yet Contradicting
Love can be so addicting
Feelings can be so Contradicting
While love may be felt by one maybe lust is felt by the other
Make sure you both share the same genuine feelings for one another
While you may be struck by love at...Read More
Categories: addicting, conflict, feelings, love, lust,
Form: Rhyme
Dearest Lover
It’s addicting.
You pull me back in again and again.
I need you.
I try to run
And you grab my cut up wrists,
Pulling me back under.
The words pulse through my weapon as I lay it down.
The pain rips red through my veins.
The sting...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, dark, depression, mental illness, pain, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Hearts Addiction
You are the opium of my heart,
Making me crave more

So perfect our bond,
Like we’ve know each other before

Our bodies so intertwined,
Souls merging at our core

So blessed to have found you,
The partner that I adore

We fit so well together,
You...Read More
Categories: addicting, addiction, blessing, desire, feelings, love, romantic, true
Form: Quatrain
I Have Sinned, Mother
I'm a dirty woman
I've never killed a man, but it felt like it
The moment I have that knife in my hand
It felt like I'm invisible
Forgive me, mother
I am not being a good girl, am I?

I was innocent enough until I...Read More
Categories: addicting, sad, sin,
Form: I do not know?
Avina Netu's Spell
Caught by the seduction of Crimson and Ivory
The mind goes blank by the sight of ebony garment
Majestic eyes and a simper brings grace, like a gem
A scarlet corpus is a captivating view
I can picture her aesthetic blowing through the air,...Read More
Categories: addicting, lust, romantic, sexy,
Form: ABC