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Actualize Poems

Actualize Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of actualize poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for actualize.

New Poems

Premium Member Be not what you think you are But who you are

Faith is conceptual belief
and like heaven itself 
it needs no proof
as it transcends time, place,
history, culture and space.
Yet, as faithful as we may be,
we are not of heaven
but are beings of the earth—
Unable to divorce ourselves
from the experiences of time,...Read More
Categories: actualize, allegory, analogy, faith, inspirational, introspection, metaphor, simile,
Form: Free verse

Pleasant spring like day January 12th, 2020
Pleasant spring like day January 12th, 2020

Courtesy climate change
(think global warming),
I would never wish to exchange
unseasonable temperature
way out of range
far to balmy, undoubtedly
ole man winter
weather did shortchange.

Once thermometer readings rise
even smidgen one moost not minimize
Earth way out of balance,
I haint...Read More
Categories: actualize, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member A Viennese Waltz

A Viennese waltz, seamless and sublime...
We move as one, adrift on heaven's floor;
and, though my knees go weak, sky-high I soar!
Each measured stride defies a need for time.
Within its reign, we actualize our climb...
impassioned flames, no longer keeping score, 
now...Read More
Categories: actualize, dance, imagery, longing, loss, love, poetry,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Trumps Feeble Limp Rox Zilch State Of Emergency
Trumps Feeble, Limp, Rox... Zilch State Of Emergency

H.G. Wells..., there
without dark shadow of a doubt,
in my (myopic brown) eyes,
a prolific writer hooked hood accessorize
the English language, and captivated

populations, sans "The War Of
The Worlds" to realize,
with an assiduous presentation
convinced listeners,...Read More
Categories: actualize, abuse, america, anti bullying, crush, discrimination, grief,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
An Average Schlepper
This fool doth not consider himself wise,
writing paltry poetry difficult
to read and/or actualize
methinks perusers of great literature
snub nose how I miserably advertise,

laughable attempt to aerobicise
fifty plus shades of gray matter
lobbying showy words agonize
zing effort perhaps best to cauterize
near petrified glob...Read More
Categories: actualize, absence, anti bullying, atheist, character, death, grave,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Porpoise in Life
What is that one purpose in life why am I here on this big blue spinning marble
Wherefore why for and what for am I a sentient being draped in consciousness

Quite possibly it will suffice to understand those questions prior to...Read More
Categories: actualize, life, light,
Form: Free verse
Time To Grow Up, Time To Let Go
A no brainer, my darling, to continue playing games
Steaming hot one moment, next moment blowing cold
As though cold water couldn’t quench love flames
When like a rogue driver brave braking action you withhold

Hoping a head on collision you can so prevent
With...Read More
Categories: actualize, poems,
Form: Free verse
Glare Of Success
The beginning is always the imagination 
The thought been organized and layout into plans
For every single mind is a mental workshop 
Where you can draw and forecast your wish 
Success begins with fellows will
It all in the state of mind...Read More
Categories: actualize, success,
Form: Free verse
Common Sense Casserole
Common sense, larger than life
Encapsulated in minds that appreciate sanity’s value
To actualize and revitalize purposes more precious than strife
As people of goodwill enable diverse dreams to come true.

Common sense, invaluable ingredient
Couched in determined discourse
To set matters on the right gradient
And...Read More
Categories: actualize, poems,
Form: Free verse
Times Of India A Source 1
Whenever there are cold cruel cries
Times of India appears in full-size
For help of common to criticize
All unjust, biased  and unfair ties.
All articles or poems to visualize 
Are supplied freely by the Wise.
We feel after reading it energize
Quench of knowledge...Read More
Categories: actualize, encouraging,
Form: Monorhyme

Permission to hate you
I don’t know what happen that we ended this far
This far is our hearts so far apart
Apart from all there is no longer a room to enjoy your beam
And once upon a time your beam was my reason for my...Read More
Categories: actualize, absence, anger, anxiety, betrayal, break up, change,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Depression is not a tidy string of letters,
it is not this, not darkness, not sadness,
neither an emotion nor a poem, nothing
as easy as pain, nor the idea: 'melancholia'...

it is neither a sapphire nor a raven's quill,
nothing tangible,

nothing as perfect as...Read More
Categories: actualize, depression,
Form: Free verse

There existeth a realm
on the face of the earth
where immortal and mortal
compete for glory..

what is a mortal
if not a god clipped
to submission..
on a path of remission...

what is man and the son of man..
bit lower than angels..
crowned...Read More
Categories: actualize, angel, creation, god, heaven, paradise, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Mother luck shine on me
Like the sun on a steel
Make way for me in the desert 
Let them know i come not in vain
In this world but to impact
On my generations not to watch in vain
Shine greatly on my face...Read More
Categories: actualize, age,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member A JAMES PHRASIS recited
Art,a universal spirit with
many distinct manifestations
with spontaneous productions.
The human genius of inward
attraction sheds divine splendour
with infinite riches,to generate
a ray of activity as an idea or
conception in the mind.Art is
positive,a substantive majesty,
an inmost soul aglow.Served
by nature,the menial...Read More
Categories: actualize, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Wake Up Oh Africa
With the heavy load you suffer
a substance not needed
yet drags you
cushioning your efforts
and deterring your pace, forgetting that
the Train is already moving
with passengers determined
for this journey.

Why get so distracted
by passers-by focused to catch up?
Why are you tossed side to side,
putting...Read More
Categories: actualize, africa, dark,
Form: Epic
I have a dream
It’s bigger than my status quo
It’s more authentic than I can fathom

Should I go or stay?
I was there
But now, am here

I just need one more step to my dreams
Just need one more flip to the other side
Need...Read More
Categories: actualize, autumn, inspirational,
Form: Verse
The Bitter Truth
~Heart opens, Legs close~

If only 'lover' of nowadays could actualize 
What real love is and not that type they play second fiddle to.
If they could stand on their toes to solve relationship puzzles
By being rational in their approach (to it).
Then...Read More
Categories: actualize, baby, beauty, desire, family, love, marriage, sensual,
Form: Free verse
As The Road
Outside the group that's outside the box
seeing inside the outside Im shocked
how you shape our fate as it knocks
on imaginations and what they concoct

My dream craves standards, but they take work
here efforts actualize ideals
tough labors haunt tall morals that lurk
conscience...Read More
Categories: actualize, business, dedication, fantasy, on work and working,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Want to make You laugh God
I want to make you laugh God
Have you ever laughed so hard that your belly hurts?
I want you to enjoy my poems because you deserve it God
God you know we earthlings always think we know what we are talking about
But...Read More
Categories: actualize, faith, time,
Form: Free verse
The life of the poor
There were days I went hungry,
And nights I went to bed high on imaginations of food
This was my life
This was my burden
My Mother worked _______ jobs, fill in the gap
Just so we could eat
We had to...Read More
Categories: actualize, family, mother, woman, hope, universe,
Form: Verse
curtsy to the past 
tip my hat past my eyes 
as time flies, as virtue waves 
goodbye- averted glance to such 
a grandiose sigh 
from father sky who can't help but feel 
let down- his crown lies broken 
pieces confused...Read More
Categories: actualize, allegory, angst, introspection, life, loss
Form: Free verse
You are a Gift
You raise us up
You raise us higher than we know
You raise us to meet you
We want to sit next to you
Spend time, get to know you
You bring us up in justice
In Truth, Light, Rightousness
You see the uniqueness in us
You see...Read More
Categories: actualize, faithme,
Form: I do not know?
Our Thoughts...
Our thoughts are as powerful as our words. When you commit to a negative thought process, you actualize a derogatory subconsciousness....Read More
Categories: actualize, philosophy
Form: Monoku
fury is merely my
fur, applauding,
standing for the 
rage of the unknown.
every emotion is
a motion towards
the journey. the
spiral that works
inward, that falls
with each day we
stay. isn't it worth
it though? to feel so
real so long, & then
to experience, surpass,
& actualize. the secret
is...Read More
Categories: actualize, allegory, life
Form: Free verse