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Activists Poems

Activists Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of activists poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for activists.

New Poems

Man, who wrote his inner story
Who remembers subway token, 
Nickel, penny, silver dollar
Man who wrote his inuner story
Was he stranger to the glory?

Moonlight dust and darkness blurry
Lipstick lost its cherry color
Love transformed into tradition
Havoc mirrors intuition.
Acts of God correct translation
Means the end to Man...Read More
Categories: activists, anti bullying, destiny, history, leadership,
Form: Elegiac Lyric

Do not say it is not your country

I know that corruption has slept cheerfully in the arms of our home 
Beautiful teenage girls have been raped 
on a daily basis 
School-going boys have been sodomized due to job vacancy 

I know that Liberia has lost its charming...Read More
Categories: activists, 12th grade, 9th grade, africa, art, beautiful,
Form: Free verse
February 29th, 2020
alternately titled: 207th leap year since 1582

the year Pope Gregory XIII world leader
(i.e. essentially paterfamilias among
Roman Catholic flock)
timely maneuvered around calendrical rock
and hard space implementing
viable system tracking years ad hoc

out of sync and lock
step by one day
with astronomical calendar,
slated more'n...Read More
Categories: activists, celebration, february, humanity, march, people, religion, tribute,
Form: Verse
February 29th, 2020
February 29th, 2020
alternately titled: 207th leap year since 1582

the year Pope Gregory XIII world leader
(i.e. essentially paterfamilias among
Roman Catholic flock)
timely maneuvered around calendrical rock
and hard space implementing
viable system tracking years ad hoc

out of sync and lock
step by one day
with astronomical...Read More
Categories: activists, 11th grade, 12th grade, conflict, confusion, destiny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reflection On An Aging Nomad
I finally finished retiring four years ago,
a process that started in my mid-fifties
due to late adopting kids with special needs,
including needs for me to be home
to personally walk them on,
harness them in,
and wheel them back off, their diverse buses
and robotic...Read More
Categories: activists, age, health, integrity, relationship, religion, retirement, river,
Form: Political Verse


This place she calls home
They preach about women's rights
Yet, they're fed with rape twice a day
While sexual harassment has found a 
place to dwell

This place she calls home
Activists placards read 'Say No To Rape'
Sadly, at every corner of the streets
A...Read More
Categories: activists, 12th grade, 5th grade, 9th grade, africa,
Form: Free verse
Dress and Redress

The brazen way some women dress,
I swear they’re in need of a redress.
With swarths of fresh skin exposed
decency demands they wear more clothes.
Activists for women’s rights (men mostly)
claim a redress is far too costly.
And at a time when a woman’s...Read More
Categories: activists, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Hear Our Children's Plea
A world tormented by impending doom,
Where children rally in huddled throngs,
Their lives polluted from the womb,
How now to right their parent’s wrong.

Corals fast bleaching,
Forests torn down,
Activists preaching,
While pastures turn brown.

Sea levels fast rising,
Yet drought now abounds,
Politicians all shouting,
Their inaction astounds.

Confusion...Read More
Categories: activists, anxiety, children, earth, future, grief, hope, nature,
Form: Quatrain
No world class historic buildings 
will you find here.
No historic Trevi Fountain.
No Arch de Triumph, no!
No famous bus lines either.
No major parades seen on TV.
No zany activists with signs nor
drums or harming others will you 

You can walk here without...Read More
Categories: activists, america, beautiful, patriotic,
Form: Rhyme
I am just getting started to venture… 

… feasting sumptuously, satiating my cravings midst well-being’s fullness

... feeding the malnourished kids toward physical and mental fruitfulness

… featuring myself along my twelve-month color scheme of saintly fashion

… flying over Mt. Everest, then...Read More
Categories: activists, blessing, character, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

If I weren’t afraid, I’d…

… feast sumptuously, satiating my cravings midst well-being’s fullness

… feature myself along my twelve-month color scheme of saintly fashion

… fly over Mt. Everest, then trek at its pinnacle with my gratitude flag

… free all biblically righteous...Read More
Categories: activists, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, fear, god, jesus,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Liberation's Pride
I wonder if fully liberated consciousness
can only focus on integrity

If partial consciousness
and unconsciousness of left with right awareness
is the default of dis-integrity,
of wandering through detachment
of unwanted apartheid
and mutual apathy
about integrity's personal
global governing pride,
organic capacity to know
and appreciate
with active listening
and non-violently...Read More
Categories: activists, freedom, health, imagination, integrity, passion, pride,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member We are Nasty Women
We are Nasty Women

When we hear haughtiness, we name it
When we see bullying, we blame it

We are Nasty Women

We do not daintily defer
For selfish whims of a saboteur

We will not walk three steps behind
We will not sheathe our sharpened minds

We...Read More
Categories: activists, character, confidence, courage, strength, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Contract Against Greatness
In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"
she paints a nationalistically wealthy saint
where also lives a monochromatically utilitarian narcissist,
sucking on attachment to fame and power
for bought and sold ZeroSum accounting Souls.

If the perfectly powerful pure patriarchal patriot
were your own Atlas father,
you might feel...Read More
Categories: activists, culture, health, integrity, mental illness, peace, philosophy,
Form: Political Verse
The Last Noel
Twelve accusers hoping
Eleven charges pending
Ten summoners summoning
Nine lawyers proselytizing
Eight defendants screaming
Seven protesters protesting
Six reporters reporting
Five ambulances on call.
Four morticians digging
Three activists sitting
Two clergymen preaching
One hangman salivating
And zero politicians waking
from their dreams.
...Read More
Categories: activists, christmas, corruption, death, innocence, loss, political, sad,
Form: Free verse
The womb of a woman
the womb of a woman
after God I fear women 
they are special 
they are made powerful
so why underestimate her 
remember her womb 
was your first world 

the womb of a woman
after God I adore women 
if am a real man...Read More
Categories: activists, africa, courage, deep, inspiration, love, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Premium Member China Spies and Lies
China Spies and Lies

Concentration camps in the north
disappearing book sellers in the south
Chinese spies hunt one and all
Army of thieves , worldwide

Zhao Ziyang, where is he?
erased from Chinese history
where is the brave young man
who battled one thousand tanks?

Xu Jiatun, where...Read More
Categories: activists, abuse, art, corruption, political, racism,
Form: Free verse
Other People's Freedom, Part I
Autumn though of herself as a kind soul,
and she took great pride in her compassion,
she believed things could be made perfect,
and her voting reflected this fashion.

She was to see that the wealth was shared,
and that people were nice in their...Read More
Categories: activists, betrayal, dark, evil, freedom, political, sad, truth,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A silly season
A silly season
Written: by Tom Wright

March and hold your signs,
I give no ground to demands,
Made by activists;

...Read More
Categories: activists, bullying, silly,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member StoryListening Proposal
I would like to hear and see
how and why you live,
when and where you prefer to die.

I would like to touch and taste
who and what you think and feel
is your greenest dreamed sanctuary
without imagined ultra-violet capital limits
and with secured and...Read More
Categories: activists, children, culture, earth, environment, green, health, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member View from a Sanctuary
He retired to his sanctuary
on the Eastern shore of the Thames River
three years ago,
an often frustrated permaculture organizer
for building cooperative social health
by creatively communicating climate wealth
growing ZeroZone positive multicultural tao-energy.

This proves reclusively frustrating
in large part because non-taoist neighbors and family
are...Read More
Categories: activists, age, america, change, health, integrity, longing, love,
Form: Political Verse
November 6th 2018 election day
November 6th 2018 - election day

Later today after
     all votes get cast
post final countdown,
     the winning candidates
     ought to be known
     way before break...Read More
Categories: activists, 12th grade, anti bullying, fire, happy, judgement,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Just Now, I Started To Feel
Just Now, I Started To Feel...
All Stopped Up With Writer's Block

Thus lack any idea about
     what to type out until aye
reach the end, and
     even then cannot
     make...Read More
Categories: activists, 9th grade, adventure, encouraging, funny, grief, magic,
Form: Free verse
Man Will Know War No More
We are an ignorant, foolish species.  Unaware of our potential and unwilling to love each other unconditionally.  We are infants in the grand scheme of creation.  We are children among men and women from other planets and...Read More
Categories: activists, faith,
Form: Blank verse
Theres A Pedophile In The House
There's A Pedophile In The House...
(ah...ah...ah...ham eye white...???)

OMG,... and he looks...
     SAY WHAT??? just like me???,...
     absolutely NO WAY!!!,
would this sensitive,
     respectful, "FAKE" veejay
quiet-natured, mindful,
   ...Read More
Categories: activists, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, flower,
Form: Elegy