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Philosophy Acrostic Poems

These Philosophy Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Acrostic Philosophy poems written by international poets.

In Celestial Limbo
I  Into the void my eye peeks,
N  Never faltering from it’s path.

C  Cosmic dust
E  Exudes etheric bliss, as I float
L ...

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Categories: philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological,

Premium Member Having Integrity

Having strong principles and core values and living your life 
by those principles, always. Not when it's convenient and 
never at the cost to be a people pleaser.


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Categories: character, philosophy,

African minds in a box
African mind thinks in circular shapes in a box
Freedom of expression cut in miserable pieces
Rights deleted from the hard drive discs
Children offered fish in schooling...

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Categories: africa, allusion, philosophy,

I   If all the world, in total peace,
M  May let all anger cease.
A  Aired grievances would depart;
G  Great becomes the...

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Categories: happiness, imagination, inspirational, peace,

Stephen W Hawking 3
Goes On?

*Noosphere - the sphere of human thought, from Teilhard de Chardin

(In Honor of Dr. Stephen W. Hawking, 1942 - 2018)


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Categories: endurance, faith, hero, hope,

Stephen W Hawking
Show us!
Tell us,
Insist, and
Newton, too, on

(Goes to show, that even Hawking's great mind made mistakes!)


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Categories: atheist, death, god, irony,

Premium Member Innocent


In the game of life, filled with sin

Not all will win, some will lose

No one can choose their hand

One learns to play the

Cards dealt by...

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Categories: 10th grade, destiny, fate,

Why I'm Writing

I write to be a beam of light
for Christ.

I write to inspire 
those like me, filled with fire.

I write to be a voice for the...

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Categories: people, pets, philosophy, planet,

put a groovey bass behind it that say bump:bump
one definition used malice in defining
socialite, saying it was a first amendment right
of certain people to be socialites.
this is crazy aint it ?
we are people...

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Categories: freedom, guitar, leadership, motivation,

Premium Member Patience

People practice patience
And it is the only way

To become a patient person

Is what the experts say...

Expecting to be patient and 

Never practicing

Can be like...

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Categories: encouraging, life, people, philosophy,

The school life
Tears in the eyes
When my school began
Willing to go to home back
That time, the only place of heaven
A small child doesn't know much
What are books...

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Categories: 10th grade, pashto, people,

God's Own People
"God's Own People"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Great are those who Accept And Honor Faith
Only His Love Has The Power To Keep us safe
Damnation from sin...

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Categories: bible, encouraging, faith, god,

Premium Member S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Sensing entities angels, and guides
Physically unknown, but clearly found,
Inheriting Traits of ancestors, and remembering the past,
Reminiscent of knowing without knowing how you know,
Illuminating a part...

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Categories: feelings, me, memory, peace,

Premium Member Not Happening: Got Everything
E-njoy success         N-ot happening   S-ee how tough it is
N-oted writer     ...

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Categories: desire, emotions, introspection, philosophy,

Harmonious co-existence vexes as
Ugliness of spirit overrides all sense:
Man, woman, young, old - locked in constant conflict.
Antagonistic leanings destructive, but
Nations are split by doctrine more...

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Categories: adventure, destiny, humanity, philosophy,

Premium Member Humanity

How thin, the veil that wraps us, tenderly, in life -

Unseen filaments of energy, cognition and mass,

Made enduring by the weave of a hand, divine,


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Categories: humanity, philosophy, spiritual, wisdom,

Without you the house seems so quiet
Ended now is the wait
Love you babies the point is straight 
Come let me hug you chocolate  is...

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Categories: appreciation, innocence, journey, missing

Inner peace
Unerring and truthful I ever remain
Never thinking or denying my fate
But rather thriving to accomplishment
Right or wrong, that is my resolve
Ephemeral or not that is...

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Categories: anxiety, i am, love,

No One
Visions an

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Categories: art, change, dark, endurance,

Charlie Clark
Charlie clark.
Huron high school has Randy as a coach.
Animal. What my dogs are.
Randy, the coach for huron.
Lebanon is a country.
I like pizza. 
Eat pizza everyday.


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Categories: dog, food, me, philosophy,