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Marriage Acrostic Poems

These Marriage Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Acrostic Marriage poems written by international poets.

She knows from an early age, her mother’s hand upon her shoulder, she
Understands what is expected, what is right, what her role is: to be

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Categories: emotions,

Marriage Episode



Topic: Wedding of Dennis & Mercy (August 31,2018)
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Put On The Wedding Ring
E-ach day, put on the wedding ring, 
D-on't hide it from the sunlight; 
W-ear it wherever you are, 
I-n the middle of the
J-ust put on...

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My dearest love, why do you cry in the morning?
Are the sharp rays of light hurting your eyes?
Remember times when we were young, spry, full...

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Categories: cry, love hurts, marriage,

Premium Member Juneteenth
June weddings, white, lacey, crisp, pure, 
Under starlit canopy, soft wispy materials
Nestled into the crook of her true love’s arm, a bride
Ever glowing, celebrating her...

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Categories: love, marriage, relationship,

From The Bride's Perspective
White dress upon my frame, white rose holds my young, nimble hand,
Escorted by my father on this journey to Beulah land.
Delicate blue bells and baby’s...

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Categories: feelings, husband, marriage, wedding,

Marriage is a Shelter
 May you remember this note
 Always close all the windows
 Rest inside as the wind blows
 Really hard to shake the roof
 It's dangerous...

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Categories: family, love, marriage,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

So many marriages now end in divorce
Innocent children are hurting of course
Gone are the happier days in their life
Now their parents aren’t husband and wife


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Categories: divorce, marriage, relationship,

Premium Member Him Improvement
To husbands who are mystified
We offer here this marriage guide.
You'll have the finest union yet
If you accept this alphabet.

A  dopt a female point of...

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Categories: for her, humor, husband,

Premium Member SOCKS

Satisfied as a pair,
Oft caught cuddling.
Close knit.
Knotted together as one in marriage — 
Symmetry of opposites. 


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Premium Member H U S B A N D

He's a soul I feel I discovered.

Under no circumstances does he complete me, as we both know

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Categories: husband, marriage, romantic love,

Nuptial Vows And Bliss
P-erfect nuptial vows and bliss
A-re approved neath the heaven; 
B-ride and groom are one, 
L-et their hearts be


P-ure nuptial vows and bliss
U-se the words of...

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Categories: anniversary,

Premium Member ROMANTIC
R emember that night we first met,
O ver by the fountain in the square?
M y heart skipped a beat seeing you there.
A lready in love...

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Categories: boyfriend, marriage, romantic love,

Dented Cans
Divorce may come and rip a marriage apart
Engulfing with sorrow a human heart
Nonsuccess nicks us with hurtful dings
Tarnishes the spirit that once had wings
Everything is...

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Categories: abuse, analogy, divorce, god,

Bonds Of Marriage
B-onds of marriage 
U-se the words of the Almighty; 
K-eeping the promise alive, 
L-ove works in matrimony.
O-ne organized couples' group edifies the husband and wife;...

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Categories: anniversary,

Marriage Zone
R-emain in the marriage zone, 
O-n early June twenty-eighth; 
E-ndless love lives within, 
L-ife is happy and great. 


W-edding zone shares a blessing, 

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Categories: anniversary,

Marriage Contract
E-ndless marriage contract 
R-eminds them of the promise; 
I-n sickness or in health, 
C-ouple share the bliss. 


F-or better or worse, 
E-ach one shows...

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Categories: anniversary,

Marriage Shadow
Meaningful conversations of elations aim								
amores light, embracing echoing stamina								
relegating through a tumultuous third year,							
regrets of white lilies lining walls of despair								
incandescent kisses, loving trips to...

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© Sona Wilae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anniversary, blessing, care, destiny,


Hungering to help those weaker than self

United in our hopes for peace

Marriage of ideals, reaching for a dream

Acts of random kindness without reward

Nurturing a legacy...

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Categories: humanity,

Faith fortitudes beyond fail
Optimistic springs so tell
Rejoicing love taking sail

Best friends secrete wails
Evoking past pain not for sale
Talk freely love of sunny days
Talk freely love...

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© Sona Wilae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, beautiful, blessing,