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Innocence Acrostic Poems

These Innocence Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Innocence. These are the best examples of Acrostic Innocence poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Blue Dress
Blissful innocence on her face
Lustful designs on her mind
Undulating body parades grace
Enticing many followers behind
Divine form in the blue dress 
Ravishing looks to stun all...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, blue, color,

She walks like thunder and laughs like a child
Cries like the rain and smiles like the sun
Loves like diamond and breaks like glass
Talks line an...

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Categories: muse,

She knows from an early age, her mother’s hand upon her shoulder, she
Understands what is expected, what is right, what her role is: to be

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Categories: emotions,

Premium Member Winsome
Weighty is the charm in its fulsome
Irresistibly well and wholesome
Never short of radiance so fearsome
Soft, sweet and gentle, all is her sum
Of this rare beauty,...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, girlfriend, i

Premium Member Time-2
(Acrostic on T-I-M-E)

Time is the being of eternity
Innocence touches its veins
Men walk with its activity
Evaluates entire in its reign

-October 18, 2018 Chattogram...

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Categories: time,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Bountiful goodness of squash, pumpkins and gourds decorate hay bales
Elaborate labyrinth of vines dried by August suns lean against twilight fences
Autumn colors of browns reds...

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Categories: seasons,

open up
If only

Even though the world betrayed him the masters plan was already made

knowing mans sin would lead to death

sacrificing his son for us is spared...

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Categories: visionary,

Premium Member JUNETEENTH

Juneteenth… Justifiably they say ignorance is bliss. 
               No, it’s nothing...

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Categories: america, angst, black african

Premium Member Lickety-Split

Love grows lickety-split
in the fertile hearts of
keeping innocence alive,
especially in
the very

Some altruistic
people believe
is truly
the soul of humanity.

Apr.9, 2018
Lickety Split - Poetry Contest
Debbie Guzzi

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Categories: beautiful, child, emotions, feelings,

Initially you were fragrance
Wind used to give me your address
Then you became a name
Streets were known by your footsteps
Then you became eyes
It penetrated my days...

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Categories: baptism, basketball,

Without you the house seems so quiet
Ended now is the wait
Love you babies the point is straight 
Come let me hug you chocolate  is...

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Categories: appreciation, innocence, journey, missing

Premium Member Touched by terrorism
Touched by terrorism

T ortured, traumatized touched by terrorism
O utrageous onslaughts obliterate innocence
U nprecedented Ultra-extremist atrocities
C auterized consciences create cataclysm
H emorrhaging  humanity hopelessly held hostage.


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Categories: anxiety, courage, humanity, violence,

Forgetting you seems so difficult for me
Everytime I remember what you did to me
And now I cry so hard in bed
Regretting all the things that...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, heartbreak, innocence,

I am black and I am beautiful 
I know they like me not but I am meaningful

To why they like me not, I careless
For I...

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Categories: africa, art, beauty, color,

You, as far as I can tell, are 
On as many paths as I am pills; but even
Under the influence of both you and the...

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Categories: youth,

Being Human
Being human is a most fantastic gift from the Lord of all creations, never
Ever does a human soul be made of darkness, rather,
In each and...

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Categories: humanity,

Premium Member Being Human
Being Human

Birthed to the world through a woman’s womb
Experiencing the trials and joys of growing each day
Individuality and identity take place along the way 

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Categories: character, childhood, humanity, life,

Finally, feeling fine and flourishing like a flower in comfortable creativity - I go cerrrrazy off of being cool and clever in Poetry Wurld! Hope...

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Categories: faith, words, perspective,

Premium Member Words To Live By
Weave a glittering tapestry
Of wisdom for youths of the world, so they
Resoundingly reject peer pressures that often
Drain their innocence. Words of wisdom would
Spare them the...

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Categories: inspirational, meaningful, mentor, teenage,

Love hates heartbreak
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??"Baby I'm Here" ...that's all I wanna hear.??
??The resolution to my...

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Categories: anger, conflict, confusion, devotion,