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Hate Acrostic Poems

These Hate Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Acrostic Hate poems written by international poets.

Insulting As it can be
New contest acRostic
To demean an arChbishop
Our arcHbishop is our spiritual 
Leader same as a raBbi or an
Eastern clerIc
Remove this conteSt
And don't...

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Categories: hate, judgement, religion,

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness in
Opulent hues that color our lives as we age and
Journey through changing circumstances and 
Obstacles that crop up unforseen,...

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Categories: inspirational love, journey,

Welcome to Trump Land
I name call.  Berate.
Manipulate.  Dictate.
Pressure.  Bully.  Fabricate.
Endlessly lie and discriminate.
Accost.  Harass.  Intimidate.
Cackle loud as I Twitter hate.
How else will...

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© Deb Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, bullying, corruption, discrimination,

Sonorous Voice
L-et the sonorous voice of faith
E-xpose the lies of the devil; 
N-ever let the good act turn
I-nto deed dark and

D-on't let the sonorous voice of...

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Categories: birthday,

Now after Nobel Prizes for Insulin ... now Gangrene
We owe it to our grandchildren, to reverse
The "ILL PILL" industry and psuedo-education:
Diabetes is "metabolism of...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anti bullying, business, drug,

Premium Member IMPEACH THIS
It’s sad just how low, American leftists will go,
Mentally ill by the thought: TRUMP WINS—two in a row.
Pelosi—their Jesus, decrees moral high ground,
Enter Schumer, Nadler,...

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Categories: anger, angst, hate, jealousy,

Premium Member Hate Is Not A Pretty Thing
H ate is not a pretty thing
A ll who hate miss many joys
T hrills with friends, elated songs that ring
E ven their children caring, sharing...

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Categories: discrimination, hate, people, poems,

Alzheimer’s is the devil incarnate secretly waiting in the wings to violate
Lovely people who are unaware this evil disease is in hiding somewhere
Zigzagging silently through...

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Categories: evil, hate, heartbreak, smile,

Dr Martin Luther King
Dreams do not die with the dreamer
Resisting nonviolently is a powerful weapon

Mission minded people must stay focused
Armies make wars, but people like King make peace

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Categories: america, christian, community, freedom,

Share The Gift Of Love
S-hare the gift of love, 
A-iming to please the Almighty; 
N-either hate nor anger
D-oes offer praise and glory.
R-ight now share the gift of love with...

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Categories: birthday,

Share The Gift Of Faith
S-haring the gift of faith
H-as let man understand
E-very message of truth, 
E-very Lord God's command.
N-ow share the gift of faith, receive the Lord's blessing; 

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Disgust
 Disappear from view, and remain...

 Invisibly out of sight. You're foul to me, and you...

 Stink! The mere sight of you makes me sick


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Categories: anger, evil, feelings, hate,

Premium Member Diabetes I Hate You
Dishearten me if that is your will
I have seen countless others dance in your shadows
Abandoned, alone within your grasp
Bested through your touch
Exhausted they fell
Too tired...

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Categories: sick,

Say The Sweetest Sound
S-aying the sweetest sound
H-as always made one smile; 
E-arly morn eighth of July, 
R-age is left all the while.
Y-ou say the sweetest sound to turn...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Diversity
Diversity thrives today and
It takes many forms.
Very nearly extinct once, It’s returned.
Each time it’s experienced,
Reveals more of it’s value.
Something brand new, of good, in this...

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Categories: appreciation, discrimination, emotions, fear,

Right Decision
R-ight decision is made,
H-aving pleased the Almighty;
E-vil deeds are left behind,
A-cts that are good give glory.

C-orrect choice is reached,
O-bliterating the wrong ways;
L-et hate and anger...

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Categories: birthday,

Evil And Malicous Souls
Hatred is evils product,
And the malicious souls, hah!
Hating both is not hatred

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, hate,

Premium Member King
Morehouse grad who reached the heights.
Activist for civil rights.
Rhetor, rebel, reverend.
Toiled to segregation end.
In nonviolence believed.
Nobel Prize for Peace received.

Lincoln's words inspired his theme
Uttered in...

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Categories: america, celebration, courage, leadership,

I use my imagination with,

Lovely words and rhymes
On paper, to captivate and
Vigorate and stimulate
Every part of my soul!

Telling secrets of my subconscious
Or  what's in...

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© Alexis Y.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: feelings, love, poetry,

Premium Member Bumptious
Breath sounds as loud as a gong
Ultra-aggression so young
Match this act, the bee has stung
People’s ideas, next to dung
To others, dry is their lung
Importance, made...

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Categories: abuse, character, crazy, evil,