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Fantasy Acrostic Poems

These Fantasy Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Fantasy. These are the best examples of Acrostic Fantasy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member FALL IN LOVE-
Fall In Love
Firmer handshakes started out as friends
Amatory infatuations fell.
Lunar bulges causing my blood hearts flow protrusions
Logical fictions assail starting out liking yet,

Imperfect concord agree...

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Categories: analogy, for her, how

Premium Member The Great Escape

Grand dreams that weep from vaults amidst the rain

Rouge billowed cheeks bleed soft from twilight's hem

Each star bounds heaven's breast, one glistened gem

All birthed from...

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Categories: analogy, dream, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member GREAT ESCAPE

Grand aspirations simmer
Releasing cherished dreams
Escape the inner sanctum
And spread their wings
To roam vast open skies
Each fantasy launched
Stretches into infinity at large
Candid hopes and reverie

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Categories: dream, fantasy, freedom, future,

Premium Member Great Escape
Good night my playful heart, waltz merrily in fairy dreams
Reveling in memories of beloved blissful blossoming springs 
Engaging her wishes in music of gentle whispering...

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Categories: fantasy, longing, love,

Going on a journey to renew my mind
Ready for distraction from the daily grind
Everybody needs a chance to get away -
Activate their senses on a...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, freedom, holiday,

W - Where the sunrises and sunsets represent a new day
A - As water flows from the mountain tops, showing us the way
K - Knowing...

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Categories: change, fantasy, tribute,

Premium Member My Mind
May I provide a brief defense?
You have no right to your offense.

My mind is mine, not yours to touch.
Into this world, I came as such.

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© Pax Geist  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, anti bullying, confidence,

Premium Member TAKE ME NOW

Tantalize me within a rainbow trail of you!
Aqua, cobalt, magenta as any hue will do.
Kisses,warm,so moist as fresh dew,
Everlastingly draw me to so close to...

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Categories: body, fantasy, lust,


Denying the truth is deceitful

Evil and goodness cannot co-exist

Counterfeit is a substitute for the real

Erroneous information can be misinformation

Ignorance is neither blessed nor blissful

'Truth is...

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Categories: addiction, christian, eulogy, evil,

With bated breath
Detected overpowering odour ascending by degrees
Rational thought dissolved in fear
Animalistic unearthly roar transpiring
Gigantic mockery of every living thing
Oblique it’s huge amber eye surveyed
Nostrils twitching rapidly...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Phantasmagorical

Psychedelic beyond belief, a
Hallucinatory surreal feeling of wonderment. 
An incongruous juxtaposition of
Normal and extraordinary.
Tethered to euphoria
And amazement, while
Simultaneously maintaining credibility in a
Mesmerizing magical way.
A fantastical...

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Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, feelings,

Soothing and restoring
Lavishing energy for our journey
Escape in to fantasy
Elixor for reality
Powerful escape we must take...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, sleep,

Katikati ya pango la upweke, 
Najiona niko na wenge,
Kukata tamaa kuongezeka,
Fikra nazo kusononeka.
Natafuta pa kuponeka, 
Pango hili kulikwepa,
Matumaini kutoweka,
Pangoni Niko gizani.
Ghafla mwangwi watoka wapi!?
Mwangwi huo...

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Categories: dance, dream, fantasy, fun,

Premium Member CREATIVITY


posted on April 5, 2019...

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Categories: art, creation, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member Dream

D are to challenge life with something grander

R espect the fondest musings from your mind

E ngage the fancies as your thoughts meander

A nd stoke each...

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Categories: dream, fantasy, imagination,


Insipid mind soars high, floats on the sunburst crimson cloud
making painting of formless fantasy on crumpled blank canvas 
as with naive passion of a child...

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Categories: analogy, fantasy, flying, imagery,

A Three Word Poem


S urfing
E ves
A mazeballs

February 22, 2019
Contest : A Three Word Poem
Sponsored by : Bobby May...

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Categories: fantasy, sea,

Premium Member Surreal
School to wealth, then to power, a nice continuous wheel
Understanding nature to always make a good deal
Road map so short to great success without any...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, fairy, faith,

Let me not
Let me not to the married of true minds
Alter what thou love may seem to peace
As rivered lips at dawn
Shall it be less sharp as...

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Categories: 11th grade, africa, fantasy,

Rebecca a 1940 psychological thriller film,
Except the Rebecca is no superstar;
A lady she is there’s no doubt about it,
Ensured they told me, she is from...

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© Dedu Son  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fun,