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Crush Acrostic Poems

These Crush Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Crush. These are the best examples of Acrostic Crush poems written by international poets.

Fake vs Reality
Fighting between fake and reality
The first day when I sign up in Earth
With the vast terms and conditions, now I’ve lost
Terms were issued in hospital...

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Categories: crazy, creation, crush,

You are the first one
You were the first girl,
to whom i was open

You were the first girl,
to whom, i thought i was taken

You were the first girl,
from whom, I...

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Categories: 12th grade, abortion, abuse,

Inner inspiration ingress insight,

Lucent living levitates life,
Obsequious observations overflow oceans,
Victory’s’ vivaciousness vestiges vision,
Exuberant expressions eradicates enemies,

Yammer years’ yowling yields,
Occasional oneness onsets oaths,
Unity unfurls Urania uptorn’,


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Categories: crush, cute love, deep,

A loner
He sits alone, dreaming of the masses who support his social addiction.
  Spending hours rehearsing the  entrance walk and antectdotes he will be...

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Categories: birth, birthday, boyfriend, business,


Keepsake from my dear kindhearted uncle
Abroad he travelled, absent for so long
Leading a fun life, loving his stories
Extravagant and eccentric he was
Idealistic, impulsive, that too

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Categories: crush, family, inspirational, niece,

In Turbulent Times
G-reat place in turbulent times
E-difies your true faith; 
N-o hurricane can crush the path toward heaven's gate.

S-trong fortress in turbulent times
A-ims to bring comfort; 

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Categories: birthday,

Fire in Soul
Fire in my Soul 
By Micah Sincere

Can you see the passion in my eyes Fire in my Soul...

I swear This Love I have for you...

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Categories: beauty, crush, desire, i

Premium Member Breathtaking
Bus stop was the place where the intrigued eyes met
Romancing the atmosphere without uttering a single word
Enacting a introduction to two lonely strangers that feels

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Categories: crush, destiny, feelings, love,

i don't love you
I didn't know what to say.
Diffusing those three words like a bomb,
Only i can stop the explosion.
Nothing comes out and you're stuck
Thinking, "why can't...

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Categories: betrayal, crush, goodbye, lost

a smile in the darkness draws me near
pull me in and we can disappear  

reading between the lines
on train tracks
in teeth
the way we smile


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Categories: crush, introspection,

Do not - with Nature
Do not F…. with Nature


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Categories: passion,

P erpetual swagger
I ntoxicating personality
Z ing to the zang of everything
A ttractively styling 
Z ealous attitude of royalty
Z enith of attributes

Constantly loyal to charisma. Alarmingly...

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Categories: class, crush,

Romantic Cravings
I live; to walk, between steps
Like life; dodge Mr Honda
It is small
For momentum, living, always
Crush the opponents and it’s all about you
Kiss and romancing
Love to...

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Categories: life,

Determined to crush
Every ounce of energy
Push to limits of sadness
Pressure built walls to isolate
Ripped from all pleasent emotions
Easing into your mind
Stealthy in its manipulation
Swearing that...

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Categories: depression

Rest InPeace Regan
Rest in peace my charming friend; lo your body is now asleep but you spirit remains with us always. With our constant lively action, everything...

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Categories: absence, death of a

do not judge me
take a walk in my shoes
feel my pain
embrace my beliefs
do not crush my dreams
limited are my options
and words fail me
do not judge me
life has presented

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Categories: character, hope,

do not judge me
take a walk in my shoes
feel my pain
embrace my beliefs
do not crush my dreams
limited are my options
and words fail me
do not judge me
life has presented

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Categories: character, hope,

the parlour of my heart was empty, no wheels in my cart,
sweet friends, you filled the gap~you filled the heart!
lifeless was my life ~no rain...

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Categories: friendship, heart, heart, life,

Wonderful enchanting creatures. Some can set you on fire, or freeze you with a look.

Often their greatest beauty lies deep within.

Ministers of great pleasure, or...

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Categories: love

Dazzle them with promises and blind them with lies.
Enter their brain and twist their way of thinking.
Corrupt their lives and let them think you are...

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Categories: people