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Chocolate Acrostic Poems

These Chocolate Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Chocolate. These are the best examples of Acrostic Chocolate poems written by international poets.

Christmas Globe

Beautiful snowfall

Lights in all the homes

Tall dark green tree in the street

Ice rank for the kid in us

Hot chocolate 

Candy canes 

Christmas Globe is where...

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Chocolate Appeal


Topic: Birthday of Elize Masagca (May 14) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: birthday,

Without you the house seems so quiet
Ended now is the wait
Love you babies the point is straight 
Come let me hug you chocolate  is...

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Categories: appreciation, innocence, journey, missing

Premium Member - CHOCOLATE -

Cute as an angel
Heavenly - Oh, gosh
One of a kind
Chubby hands, love the hair
Only one little bite
Lovely magical moments
Amazing pleasure
Tasty - but a little sticky

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Categories: angel, child, chocolate, simile,

o-over joy

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Chocolate Hills In Bohol
R-ise of the sun begins, 
U-nderneath the blue sky; 
T-uesday twenty-first February
H-as met the cloud up high.

A-llow the rain to stop, 
N-ight chill fades away;...

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Premium Member Sustain Ate Manna
A for Ahira not an Apple was found at the tree of life, Sustain ate Manna;
B for Band bananas Black beans in stride;
C for Corianders...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, character, christian,

Premium Member Spring Is Coming Soon
Sweet you look in warm rain
Peeling the soil for chocolate chains
Recalling Vincent van Gogh
Inklings of green mailbox
Nestling molecules of paradise
Greeting us in the melting ice


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Categories: spring,

Another Birth To Celebrate
A-nother birth to celebrate, 
N-egative notes have gone by; 
G-ood greetings come to you, 
E-xpressing hello, not goodbye.
L-onely tears have turned
I-nto a one sweetest smile;...

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Categories: birthday,

Kid At Heart
K-id at heart sometimes, 
R-unning around the circle; 
Y-oung playing in the rain, with
Z-estful eyes that twinkle.
E-ach one is kid at heart, eating chocolate and...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Silver Poem
White and black sounds all around
In snow and frost your silver poem
Night and day the snowfall goes on
Toffee from Santa and the baby in Bethlehem...

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Categories: chocolate, red, snow, winter,

Premium Member In My New Years Resolution I Vow
In My New Year’s Resolution I Vow

I solemnly declare under oats on the libel to walk

N aked with only a bellow with fellow utopians 


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Categories: satire,

Premium Member Hot Chocolate
(H)olding a cup
(O)f hot chocolate
(T)oasty warm inside

(C)omforting peace
(H)aving quiet time
(O)n the recliner
(C)overed with an afghan
(O)utside, blustery bouts of snow
(L)iving room woodstove heat is cozy
(A)ll sweet...

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Categories: appreciation, chocolate, peace,

Premium Member Sleigh Bells Ringing
Sleighs decorated ‘n pulled by horses.
Leading to a meadow deep with snow,
Evergreen trees lined up in a row.
Inviting all, a perfect tree to find
Garlands to...

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Categories: christmas, travel,

We Will Party Like Theres No Tomorrow
We Will Party Like Theres No Tomorrow

Weekend is here, there’s
Excitement in the air,

Well-wishers all about,
Illuminating lights of colors bright, 
Literary elite ready for the night,...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, celebration, dance,

Premium Member Ecstasy
Emptiness inside my gut is easily ebbing.

Consumed by my lust for food, I devour a quantity of scrumptious calories

Spoonful by succulent and savory spoonful,

Thrilling my...

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Categories: food, passion,

See through lies
See Through Lies.

S weet lies are often seen in relative ties,
E nough of the share of pizza cake,
E mma ,if I don't lie,would'nt accept.

T ransparent...

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Categories: children, feelings, life, love,

CHOCOLATE melts in my hands,
so I eat an OLIVE instead.

While smelling the pungent scent of LAVENDER
ORCHIDS soak up the sun.

Reflected off an ULTRAMARINE sea,
the evening...

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Categories: color, nonsense, poetry,

Premium Member Breathtaking
Beauty walked six feet tall and slender into the store where I was working one day.
Raptly I watched him as he sauntered down aisles until...

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Categories: beautiful,

Premium Member Valentine Delicacies
Velvet kisses for your longing lips
Ample treats I've lined on curve of hips
Luscious berries, chocolate tipped for taste
Each to linger on, not one to waste

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Categories: love, passion,