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Acknowledgement Poems

Acknowledgement Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acknowledgement poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acknowledgement.

New Poems

Make it to home
Pushing last strength left
Removing shoes
Head forward
Being first to the finish line

Flush cheeks
Wandering mind
Sense of relief
Being safe
Dropping everything

Dive into comfy clothes
Brew tea
Double cups
To keep warmth
After cold air outside

Slowly sipping
Melting memories today
Forgotten and done
No longer bother me

Acknowledgement to myself
Trying...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, deep, emo, how i feel, jobs, motivation,
Form: Free verse

True friendship is rare
It’s one in a million
A mirror image, a twinning
Mutual acknowledgement
In knowing
She’s the one 
Who pays attention
Listens with intention
Can read your thoughts
Before you think them
With whom you share
No conditions
Sometimes critical
Even reproachful
But always understanding
Who keeps you in line
Before you...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, appreciation, best friend, feelings, friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Souper Tuesday
Happy Souper Tuesday
To my buddies on the Soup!
Despite our different backgrounds
We’re united as a group.

We put our thoughts in writing
Hoping other souls will read,
Acknowledgement the one reward
We really want or need.

If we could meet in person,
Very few of us would...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, appreciation, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Thank You
You give a gift and you expect
Acknowledgement, at least,
Yet somehow, in this current age, 
The thank you nod has ceased.

No note, no phone call - it gets worse -
No words when face to face.
To me, this lack of manners
Is an...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, thanks,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Discipleship Is
Discipleship is giving unconditionally
Expecting no acknowledgement or thank you,
Hoping the person or people will understand Jesus' light.

Discipleship is listening without criticism
Not suggesting, not commanding,
Learning and sending light like the Holy Spirit does.

Discipleship is introducing rather than leading
Discipleship is inviting rather...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, christian,
Form: Free verse

Waking up, in a light gray four poster bed.
With flowers and ribbons, painted
on the ceiling above my head.
Satin slippers and a robe, so soft.
A young girl, I feel when I do recall......
Those decades ago, those tender memories 
that are never...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, child, emotions, house, me, memory,
Form: Free verse
the boy who lives next door
everything I've ever written
these pieces of torn paper in my hand 
all this has only ever been
an ode to my silence
not for the boy who lives next door
who smiles at me sometimes in the corridor
who comes over in the middle...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, 10th grade, beautiful, boyfriend, crush, cute love,
Form: ABC
January 17th, 2020, a moost memorable outing at Collegeville Diner
January 17th, 2020, a moost memorable outing at Collegeville Diner

A hardy acknowledgement yessiree
to the blessed sister Amelie worthy
of such beloved, devoted,
feted husband Rich truly
bestowed predicated upon
random chain of events

i.e., accidental, biological,
and genealogical happenstance prithee
applauding, apprising, and appraising key
kith and kin...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Silly girl
Oh baby, oh baby, I love you
Oh baby, oh baby, I know that you do. 


Not an I love you back
Not a thing
Just an acknowledgement 
She tried to refrain the tears
But one drop escaped her

Still in his embrace 
He felt...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, anger, break up, hurt, i love you,
Form: Free verse
The Poet Speaks
Today December 27 two thousand nineteen

Start time: at sixteen minutes
after seven o'clock post meridian
End time: nine minutes after
nine o'clock post meridian.

Where the outer limits as Guiding Light
regarding twilight zone,
vis a vis edge of night
i.e. est gracia constituting caterwauling

doggone existential plight
punctuating...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Unspoken vitriolic wickedness woke
(alternatively titled eldest daughter despises us)

Eden (beloved eldest daughter) icy
flat tone of voice spoke volumes,
when she talked with the missus and me
courtesy cellular telecommunications key
December twenty seventh
two thousand nineteen
unwavering listless dull verbalization see
I subsequently told spouse, she
thy super smart self...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Spirit Animal Is A Zoo
Beware the morning tiger
Before his first coffee
  Look out for the afternoon lizard:
  Ectotherm on the sidewalk soaking in other people’s acknowledgement
    On occasion I’m a hummingbird
    Seeking life’s nectar while shying...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, animal, tiger,
Form: Free verse
Me creature of comfort Bah
Me... creature of comfort? Bah

Once again mine lock, stock
and barrel trade in balderdash
finds yours truly (i.e. me)
to type poem frisson a$$ off
as dentures chatter and gnash,
while still inside me gobstopper,
(the sole way to generate
plea for coveted heat),

which will moost likely
meet...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, august,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
The Heavens
She stands alone her head lifted towards the heavens,
At her feet wet sand so soft it feels like a carpet,
There is only the sound of silence but for the ripple of the sea,
The heat of the day has been subdued...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, death, destiny, dream, god, heartbreak, heaven, imagery,
Form: Prose
Doves Take the Sky
Doves Take the Sky

The spirit of the dying
Dances to the rhythmic flow of life
Snapshots capture memories of past times 
Kept alive and cherished in the heart and mind 

Loved ones gather ‘round
And pick up the broken pieces left behind
Forming a...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, blessing, christian, creation, death, destiny, fate, god,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Spiritual Challenges, Naturally
I have questions
about spiritual problems
with natural causes.

These questions
assume a metaphorical double-bind
co-passion in-between
Left with Right hemispheres
in Nature with Spirit bilateral dialogue

Informed, I hope,
by win/win historic experiential roots:

What has "nature v spirit" tension meant
in my life?

What have been my win/win
lose/lose experiences
with natural...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, earth, health, integrity, nature, peace, power, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse

     The Prize Called A Reply

Here we are and the holidays
I can vaguely hear the reindeer
bells in the air.
Kim Rodrigues started all this!

I don't know how she did it, but
indeed, she did.
I have a tiny ceramic...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, encouraging, love, poets,
Form: Rhyme

I ask for so little
You refuse to open up your heart
Refuse to let me in

You turned our love into a game
Still think it’s funny
With me as your puppet
Begging you for more

Your heart is cold
Your heart is stone

All I ever wanted...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, angst, heart, hurt, longing, lost love, sorrow,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Justice for All

If there is anything I want besides love, it is justice
Over the years, I have sacrificed a lot for justice
Not at all for revenge, but for truth and acknowledgement
Not so much for what happened to me, but for others
Losses came...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, life, patriotic, peace,
Form: Free verse
It under the nose
Its all coming together
Who would have thought

Never trust anyone
But yourself
Never seek acknowledgement
Give yourself that acknowledgement
Never poke a lion
When it in the jungle
Never go looking for war
If you are not ready for it

It should have been said
It would...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, change, character, courage, freedom, future, introspection, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rare Planet - SIX
With acknowledgement to Edward Lear for the first Line.
...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, earth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member All of this and more

As a child I was stuck, traumatized and silenced
By those in power who did the unspeakable
Many years later, the treacherous path of re-living it all
I pursued justice for myself and all others lost or hurting
The soul is not free until...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, change, endurance, life, voice,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I
I am soft spoken and patient child of God
I wonder will I see my love ones in heaven
I hear the voices of angels singing
I see face of God in the clouds
I want to see Jesus come back to earth
I am...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, analogy, appreciation, how i feel,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Hospital Note

The surgeon had successfully removed his libido,
then had fed it to the hospital cat.  Afterward,
a series of stuttering expeditions through mind-tunnels
condensed days into moments.
Corridors became tubes,
empty except for a memory of a pretty nurse, 
a few demented ghosts---their...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Operator Angel WHAT'S THE phone NUMBER to GOD 7 7 7 -7 7 7 -7 7 7 7
A inspired dedicated verse to Panagiota Romios

"I need His emergency number"
Operating, operator dear angel;
Please give me 
The number,  phone number to God
I need your assistance 
Operator  your emergency number is 7 7 7-  7 7 7 -7...Read More
Categories: acknowledgement, angel, blessing, devotion, relationship, words,
Form: Dramatic Verse