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Aching Poems

Aching Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aching poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aching.

New Poems

Woken up from sweet daze
Opening his eyes
To the woman
He is in love with

In his embrace 
She is in peace
Beauty he ever have

Soft light 
Into the room
Definte their own forms
Another level of intimacy 

Her lashes lift up
Looking at him
Blushing in silence

Gazes...Read More
Categories: aching, appreciation, beautiful, emotions, fantasy, feelings, heaven, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member I Have Good News, Mom
With all the bad-   I got good news,
for five months I have had the blues;
all my thoughts tangled up with muse,
to despair I said-  I refuse;
just worked on hobbies to amuse.

My mind went to awful places,
I...Read More
Categories: aching, happiness, health,
Form: Rhyme
This old redneck now runs naked out on the farm.
No goats to be found, all hidden from harm.
I've used my shirts and my new sponge bobs.
My aching hemorrhoids are beginning to throb.

My neighbors are scared I've lost my head.
The skeeters...Read More
Categories: aching, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ARIA
A radio aired an awful auld aria,
Astounding all my aged aural edifices 
In eerie aura of araucaria trees
Aching angrily in a loud typhonic breeze.

My brain wanted to burrow to escape the pain
Of sounds as a warren of rabid jackrabbits
Digging to...Read More
Categories: aching, angst, emotions, music, storm, tree, weather,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Colors of Anger
Reds and purples swirling in my brain
My neck hurts now and I am irritated
Ha! So much farther than that.

I can taste all the foods I despise the most
In my mouth is a slimy mushroom
Ugh! Is that liver? I see the...Read More
Categories: aching, anger, sad,
Form: Free verse

Life is a menace
It makes me think on and on
I keep on repeating the same things
On and on
If I am depressed then why doesn't Allah find a cute
To take care of my aching feet
I hope my senses don't dwindle
Sooner or...Read More
Categories: aching, allah, america, art, beautiful, blue, care, city,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Sand Art
Sand Art

The measures from sands margin,
Mixed whiffs aching, laced within,
Patterns outline o'er drift wind,
Tendered perceived lucid mind,

Form naught comprise oral words,
Desert relinquished planned girds.
Per element consequence,
Echoes nature importance,

All-caused and effects pronounce,
Ere sand declared wind renounce,
Cast gifts of puff, enhances,
Outside, sand...Read More
Categories: aching, art, muse, wind,
Form: Jueju
15 - Beeuty

Humble wasn’t a pretty bee, nor was he what you would call ugly,
But somehow he did ok with the ladies.
He got the eye, lots of smiles and feels,
But he never knew how to seal the deal.

So on he went, a...Read More
Categories: aching, beauty, friend, insect, lonely, love, sad, sad
Form: I do not know?
14 - Friday night will bee our night for dancing
Friday night will bee our night for dancing

Humble was exhausted after his first week of work.
He had helped people before, here and there,
But today it seemed like on his back he carried the Earth.
His body was aching, there was no...Read More
Categories: aching, dance, friend, insect, life, lonely, love, work,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Deep as first love, wild as all regret - Alfred Lord Tennyson
Deep as first love, 
   and wild as all regret - 
               Alfred Lord Tennyson

There is an aching in the heart
 slipping into tears...Read More
Categories: aching, analogy, first love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member On the Precipice
The mountains rose in its climb
 tall and dangerous outcrops created over time
the images imagined of earth and weather unrefined
 and hovering along the cliff's ledge
clung the vision of dismantled countenance and its edge.

A soul longing for solutions
 easily ignorant,...Read More
Categories: aching, analogy,
Form: Rhyme
No Way To Go
I see a road lined with toads;
And they’re poisonous at that;
There are signs posted so all can tell;
This road of toads goes straight to hell;
Men have traveled it from ancient times;
Why they choose it is hard to reason or rhyme;
I’ve...Read More
Categories: aching, abuse, addiction, death, drug, evil, pain, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shantelle
Just a stone's throw away
from where I lie in despair,
my car, a grieving shade of gray
once chauffeured a pair.

Now I flop upon this stone,
aptly inscribed with her name,*
eager for each aching bone
to surrender the same.

Enclosed by silent stone rows,
years ago unfolding...Read More
Categories: aching, angel, death, heartbroken, life, loss, missing you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Flying Friends in the Firmament
In the midst of a quiet summer day, while the sun is peeping
And the gentle breeze brushing everything, dancing and passing
Our hero, an ant, seen sweating and puffing, but still climbing
Like a soldier on mission, to the top of a...Read More
Categories: aching, butterfly, friendship,
Form: Narrative
Alms for the poor
Alms! shouted the beggar, 
as the royal carriage went by,
But just then, an arrow flew past,  
piercing the kings eye,
Killing him instantly, 
it penetrated his brain,
Beggar is still mumbling,
“lucky sod felt no pain.”

Perception can be misleading, 
changes all the...Read More
Categories: aching, allegory, deep, destiny, humanity, life, perspective, poverty,
Form: Rhyme
Another rainy day too dreary, lacking sleep, eyes still bleary;
head still hurting in pain aching hastens me for the waking.  
Whiskey, rye, and rum are speaking, to the wisdom I’ve been seeking,
I ask myself, beg, beseech me, “Will I...Read More
Categories: aching, drink, drug, love,
Form: Verse
You Never Come
You never come when I need you
You never come when I am thinking about you
Your never come when the sun is hot
You never come when I am gallivanting in my pretty frock.

I saw someone today wearing a hard white hat
And...Read More
Categories: aching, absence, anxiety, city, confusion, cry, encouraging, gender,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Nights without YOU
Love is sad and lonely~ an aching heart is hungry~ Nights without YOU...Read More
Categories: aching, true love,
Form: Monoku
Love is unpaid street cleaner
Love is unpaid street cleaner
It removes stress from aching hearts

Laughter is fresh summer rain
It brings new life from winter drains

Sleep is sweet voluntary death
It resurrects body from life’s dearth

Mourning is early morning breeze
It drains dirty dew from evening wreak

Exercise is...Read More
Categories: aching, love, metaphor,
Form: Couplet
Yes honey
Where's daddy?
Daddy will come to see you soon baby
Soon baby
How soon?
It's a suprise!
Oh tell him to suprise me quickly then!
I'll let him know honey
I miss daddy...
I miss him too baby
Are you crying mommy?
No love I'm okay, now go back...Read More
Categories: aching, absence, family, father son, missing you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member only me
moonlight eclipse shadows each beat,
it’s time to fear not what we are-
turn the lights down low, 
be discreet
love me tenderly from afar,
for you are my ivory star-
i shall fall back in your arms and retreat
touching you with ease...
  ...Read More
Categories: aching, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Newest Limerick
Newest Limerick

There was a  young lady from Macon
Who cooked up a big batch of bacon
Her boyfriend ate some
And so did a bum
Now both of their bellies are aching

4 February 2020 For the contest sponsored by Tania Kitchin...Read More
Categories: aching, funny,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Swimming in the Water of my Own Making
Swimming in the water of my own making.
Waiting to be found out, body quaking.
Thinking I have a few extra minutes snaking.
My co-worker in conspiracy is also shaking.

The stress has our bodies up and aching.
Give me an instant of easy leaf...Read More
Categories: aching, 10th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member A Moon Year
January Joy Moon
moon steams with snowflakes 
her feather heart falls freely 
opal dusk dances

February Flower Moon
moon buds through soft sky
petals promise pearly prose
leaves linger in light

March Magical Moon
moon mist twists timeless 
spring sprinkles spiral rebirth
jade ocean forests

April Awaken Moon
moon masks...Read More
Categories: aching, celebration, moon, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Youth Forever Gone
I woke up this morning with a tale to be told
I looked in the mirror and realized I am old
My mind is now trapped in sore muscles and scars
Days of my youth I wonder where you are

These days will be...Read More
Categories: aching, age, humorous,
Form: Rhyme