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Accessory Poems

Accessory Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accessory poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accessory.

New Poems

Hyundai Sonata malfunctioning brake caliper blues
tweaked to pass inspection broadcast on the double
(alternately titled snafu: ma bell heave hubble
vehicular repairs (prohibitive)
finds me bleary eyed stupefied
and countenance grizzled with prickly stubble
collapsed amidst virtual rubble).

Best sung courtesy rotten dull liver:red worst
after words which, I gotta quench mine...Read More
Categories: accessory, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Hyundai Sonata malfunctioning brake caliper blues
(alternately titled: ma bell heave hubble
vehicular repairs (prohibitive) 
finds me bleary eyed stupefied 
and countenance grizzled with prickly stubble 
collapsed amidst virtual rubble).

Best sung courtesy rotten dull liver:red worst
after words which, I gotta quench mine thirst
whereby think Botox lips zipped...Read More
Categories: accessory, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, angel,
Form: Free verse
Verizon router won't connect to internet blues
Verizon router won't connect to internet blues
(alternately titled: ma bell heave hubble
telecommunications gone south).

Best sung courtesy rotten dull liver:red worst
after words which, I gotta quench mine thirst
whereby think Botox lips zipped and pursed
hence impossible linkedin mission Mary Jane
and Buster Brown...Read More
Categories: accessory, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Footle Fest 2
Below are 6 footles, separate and distinct, with their own titles in bold font.  A continuation of my footle fest!

Small Bee Farm

Meat Juice Allergy
Au jus

Last Ride
Off in

Bright Lad

Took off

Matell/Amazon Accessory
Ken doll
...Read More
Categories: accessory, fun, word play,
Form: Footle
He was off again managing 
Someone else’s chaos
when she stood looking up
at impossible elegance,
rounded into ruby perfection, 
dangling from the twisted branches.
There’s a pull from the forbidden
that’s hard to deny.  
She knew the moment he 
told her “No,” she...Read More
Categories: accessory, bible, identity,
Form: Free verse

How I Looked on You
I was your favourite accessory
I could even claim- a necessity
But you gave me away at such low cost 
And now I am sitting here in designer lip gloss

These pumped, red heels won’t make me taller
On the contrary, I am becoming...Read More
Categories: accessory, dedication, devotion, fashion,
Form: Rhyme
I Hate Cottage Pie
I Hate Cottage Pie!

I hate cottage pie.
It sits under lights gelatinous and unappealing,
Its smell pervades my brain and hits my throat already thickened by grief.
The duplicitous potato, pretending to offer the ill and injured a culinary delight,
only to disappoint.

I take...Read More
Categories: accessory, death, faith, goodbye, grief, love,
Form: Free verse

Some men (and women too) have chins
not unlike the pouch of pelicans
which serve a practical purpose –
a shopping bag to carry fish.
On humans, and I’m very sorry,
it’s just a sagging accessory....Read More
Categories: accessory, humor,
Form: Light Verse
It is used in a figural speech
It is used as a carrier object
It is used as a storage system
It is used as a everyday accessory
Gosh, you have to love it

Different colours, choose your desire
Different makes, choose your category
Different brands, there...Read More
Categories: accessory, appreciation, confidence, fashion, how i feel, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
They escape 
Through a small opening 
On the side of my head 

Liquid skin becoming cellophane 
An accessory to suffocation
Tries to trim the threats
Of an unfurled canvas 

In my pocket
Artauds’ anguish
Stitches together absurd reasoning 
One kiss tooled the empire
Only the...Read More
Categories: accessory, society,
Form: Free verse

my poetry defines me
Shower of autumn leaves and acorns,
And rustling sound as I stroll.
Those mesmerising bubbles all-round,
As I dive in the pool.
And also, when, looking into his eyes,
Silently, I can walk thousand miles.

Yes! This is the poetry to me.
The power to see the...Read More
Categories: accessory, boyfriend, creation, first love, poetry, soulmate, true
Form: Free verse
Sinister Side Of Social Media Platforms
Though discriminatory asper discerning
legitimate information TIME
Magazine considered
a reliable trustworthy,
and valuable source to this rhyme
stir, who perused cover story, sans

January 28th, 2019 issue as prime
material to concoct
more serious than amusing
poem mindful not to spoil mealtime
sharing insightful ruses not so sublime
utilizing underhanded...Read More
Categories: accessory, abuse, betrayal, confusion, dark, fate, freedom, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Free at last
A rush of force hits my face 
As bare skin touches bare skin 
And all feeling escapes from my now raw cheek
The stinging subsides but now my heart is pounding hard and loud
He will hear it, he won’t want to...Read More
Categories: accessory, 12th grade, abuse, child abuse, confidence, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Arizona Desert Magic
Mother nature’s gentle way of breathing her loving essence into the landscape is a sweet surprise.
Periwinkle slivers across a smoky lavender sky with occasional orange exudes joy of a day well-lived.
A glimpse of heaven, this Arizona desert, as the night...Read More
Categories: accessory, america, environment,
Form: Verse
Fazer mais com menos
Fazer mais 
com menos esforço
se não é um poema
é uma música.

Mulheres apoiadas pelos companheiros diariamente realizam 76% mais.

Homens apoiados pelas mulheres realizam 55% mais!

Pesquisa completa realizada nos EUA, na Europa e no Brasil testou as hipóteses mostradas a seguir: 

1...Read More
Categories: accessory, business,
Form: Free verse
The value of her name is fading,
Oh mother Ghana, mother of beauty and richness.
Every sector in her government is creating hopelessness.
A place attained from the sweat of passed souls within nationalism and confidence,
Today has appeared in darkness.
Showcasing old treasures with...Read More
Categories: accessory, africa, angst,
Form: Political Verse
forged noble thread
guides a knife to cut or trace
sewing as you slumber
belief is a place right here
inside the very outline
to the scar on your face
time has not erased
the momentary recall
planted in the center
holding tightly to regret
humbled by the force
an energy...Read More
Categories: accessory, art, butterfly, conflict, hope, life, loss, truth,
Form: Free verse
At last, the truth came out.
I was an accessory to her outfit.
The many plastic bands that dangle against her wrist.
She was into fashion.
The appearance of how things look.
She placed more above me.
The beginning. 
Lost in the reflection they'd give.
This false...Read More
Categories: accessory, black african american, depression, imagination,
Form: Free verse
You are more than what eyes can see
You are not what they think of you,
Your heart doesn't change when your hair gets hue.

You are not the fashion trend you follow,
You are above perceptions which are hollow.

Your bright lipstick is just an accessory,
It shouldn't change due to sarcasm...Read More
Categories: accessory, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: ABC
Hearts Displayed
wearing my heart on my sleeve is a common accessory

12-21-17...Read More
Categories: accessory, clothes, heart,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member A Girl and A Boy
The music more or less acts as a sequel to the poem. 
Please click onto the music when cued in the poem and continue enjoying it. 

The Girl
She looks down at her shoes, they’re nice
An extravagant splurge a bit overpriced
Her...Read More
Categories: accessory, anti bullying, anxiety, love, romance,
Form: Rhyme

You all stay in my memories

I wonder if my family and friends will remember me
And if not, then I'll just let it be

To you all I'm sending out positive vibes and energy
For the span of the century
Bless you all and...Read More
Categories: accessory, poetry, rap, word play, words, work, write,
Form: Rhyme
Much to my consternation,
I see poems, lacking punctuation!
It would seem my poetic friend,
the latest and modern trend
is to write without indication,
of a poet’s true inclination.
Pray how, ask I, can we
understand what we see,
without capitals or colon,
full stops - the list...Read More
Categories: accessory, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Names with Attachments
I'm an African, with an American attached to my name,
a lot of cultured people like wearing nationalistic, hyphenated accessory
My people arrived on a no-class ship when they came,
ashes and sackcloth are a part of every country's wardrobe history

A lot of...Read More
Categories: accessory, black african american, confidence, political, truth,
Form: Pantoum
Love Puddles
Is the first breath you take still your or have your stolen a piece of me

Way the wind blows do it holds or curl to way you seat

How do pattern form of rights and wrongs of love and relationships

Do money...Read More
Categories: accessory, art, lost love,
Form: Free verse