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Accentuates Poems

Accentuates Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accentuates poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accentuates.

New Poems

Misery accompanied haltered tethered tattered web
Misery accompanied, haltered, tethered... tattered web

This health conscious lx year
roam'n, hoodwinking hoodlum doth wear
two pair bullet proof underwear,
(which confession rarely trumpeted),
plus yours truly admits unclear
why tibia long in the tooth fellow,

prevaricates with tongue in cheek oh contraire
good n plenti humor...Read More
Categories: accentuates, 11th grade, 12th grade, creation, dark, earth,
Form: Political Verse

Imagination or Reality
"Your brain can be schooled,
Perhaps even fooled 

To believe what you imagine,
So maybe even love can happen

But that would require the heart,
To get into the act at the start

How do you get love,
Is it a blessing from God above

Can we...Read More
Categories: accentuates, emotions, faith, god, growth, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member my flowers grow two feet
My gardens have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to incredible amounts of
rain in the past two days; every piece of vegetation seems taller, and healthier.
The green of the grass accentuates the yard in such a glorious way that even...Read More
Categories: accentuates, flower, garden, rain,
Form: Haibun
Nobel Lionized Matriarchy
Freely forming metrical mainstays
poetic occasion to phrase
the fairer and gentler sex,
thus the following turns of phrase
to bestow acknowledgement

regarding wonderful wise ways
of collective she who assays
to create safe/secure home/ hearth
as bedrock and fount of ample
maternal duties tiredly sashays

with keeping house receiving...Read More
Categories: accentuates, angel, appreciation, celebration, inspirational, mother, mythology, spiritual,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Sariputra and Void
Once Sariputra was attending a sort of book event: a dozen of young writers, men and women, met up on Wednesday of every week and read each other texts upon an actual literature. Sitting across a very open, a very...Read More
Categories: accentuates, beauty, humor, literature, writing,
Form: Narrative

Aloof Waft Ting Thru Spiritus Mundi
While rummaging, mining,
and distilling me gray matter,
stoking mentality activates
oft time surprising me,
where unexpected novel

cognizance never abates,
I experienced becoming
linkedin with cosmic fates,
sans collective unconscious
soul of the universe,
and chanced to espy,

(albeit only a trimmed speck),
the spirit of William Butler Yeats
considered one of...Read More
Categories: accentuates, adventure, allusion, appreciation, celebration, crazy, dream, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Encouraging A Smile

An aura accentuates your life,
your presence has a magic effect.
And your wit's sharper than blade or knife,
never dulling from age or neglect.

You share life's gleanings with one and all
subtle truths you offer up with pride.
And lift me should I stumble...Read More
Categories: accentuates, 10th grade, emotions, feelings, friend, i love
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Feather Flame Firecracker
Feather Flame Firecracker

Sparkler to Suncatcher
I opened a soul treasure box 
She glowed as a sparkler that transformed into firecracker
Where her light did not dissipate
Instead became a watercolor rainbow
Worthy of museum honor
Her beauty a constellation…
Her mouth a milky way while her...Read More
Categories: accentuates, appreciation, confidence, dedication, fire, mother, sun,
Form: Alliteration
Serious Sibling Subluxation
Serious Sibling Subluxation... 
Rapprochement Somewhat Salvaged Dislocation

This trademark ungainly, unsightly,
     and unwieldy title essentially
     huzzah mask queer aid,
and accentuates tendency
     (mine) to administer
     reverent...Read More
Categories: accentuates, 8th grade, deep, growing up, jewish, magic,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Silence Encourages
Silence Is Encouragement

Desmond Tutu: "If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressor".

A very appropriate quote to describe the significance of apathy....
When silence is not golden, and one stands accused of...Read More
Categories: accentuates, abuse, angst, betrayal, community,
Form: Free verse

Eachother's Everything
We have just finished our first leg of an Olympiad.
That's what I call our bodies tangled in motion.
Moisture mingling from sweat and satisfaction,
As our crazed senses long for more of what we just had....

The fading candlelight flickers on our wet...Read More
Categories: accentuates, i love you, love, lust,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member My Heart Will Go On
POTD 30th August 2018 

The gently swaying branches of the old oak should elicit calmness
And yet a sense of foreboding permeates the midnight air
Wild imaginings?  Or did shadows flit across the leaf strewn path?
No time to dwell ~ She...Read More
Categories: accentuates, grief, heartbreak, lost, romance,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Music of the Night

With the tremulous dark vista so far and yet so near
Abandoning my defences ~ I stand in awe ~ not in fear

 Virtuoso Maestro unleash 
       a Composition Grandioso
     ...Read More
Categories: accentuates, desire, music, night, romance, storm,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Pleasingly Plump Praiseworthy Princesses
(a quid pro quo plug for zaftig women)

women that tip weigh ling needle to spin vicious circle
     akin to puppy chasing her/his tail
     or require digital scale,
at the extreme alt right registering...Read More
Categories: accentuates, 11th grade, 12th grade, firework, friendship, paradise,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Humility Vs Ego
"Humility Vs Ego"

Humility is the Master Trait,
Controlling all the rest.
It minimises the lesser
And accentuates the best.

If ego is taking center stage,
Then also is ego fed pride.
Where these too are prevalent,
Humility cannot co-reside. 

Humility enables a person to 
Admit when they...Read More
Categories: accentuates, character,
Form: Rhyme
Soft Shades Of Blue
Scattered the droplets splay 
a sheen not really seen 
soft shades of blue filter 
from the form that is you 

azure streaks of summertime bliss 
electrifying my sky 

a mere twining in your eye 
accentuates and erupts 
feining the sun...Read More
Categories: accentuates, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The True Knight
POTD 9th April 2018

Synopsis -
A story of selflessness without jealousy or rancor that is often evident through the ages in all walks of life, even in modern times. 

She’s a queen who sees her lover for himself only and does...Read More
Categories: accentuates, love, romance, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Pleasingly Plump Praiseworthy Princesses
women that tip weigh ling needle to spin vicious circle
     akin to puppy chasing her/his tail
     or require digital scale,
at the extreme alt right registering heavy loads   
  ...Read More
Categories: accentuates, 11th grade, 12th grade, crazy, destiny, hello,
Form: Elegy
Daylight Bids Farewell
The sun pauses briefly then slowly drifts from view;
The sky fills with  magenta, orange, red, and golden hues. 
Forest shadows begin to creep along the forest floor,
And melodious music is heard no more.
Along the meandering brook a grey mist...Read More
Categories: accentuates, nature,
Form: Narrative
Hollywood Starlet
Your ship will sink and your star will fall
So you'd better be prepared
I hope you're well seated when you hit that wall
And the spotlight dims its glare
You step from your car like a debutante
You have everything you could ever want
Have...Read More
Categories: accentuates, vanity,
Form: I do not know?

Tall, dark and handsome,
First impressions are good.
A lovely accent accentuates his lips,
this man who loves my sister.

Two families joined as one,
As white and dark wrist circles
celebrate at their wedding

With aromatic arabic melodies
Fe Sehetak
A lovely cup of love


He...Read More
Categories: accentuates, faith, family,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Confused
She asks him if her butt looks Big
In last years summer dress
My dear you look Hot in that 
It accentuates I must confess

And are these streaks too brassy
On my mousey shade of brown
My dear you pull it off with style
You...Read More
Categories: accentuates, feelings, humor, i love you, love, parody,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member A Gentle Giant
An innocent soul feels unwanted 
alcohol attacked his brain pre-birth.
And he flips from normal to daunted 
for confusion guides his thoughts on earth.

He stands six foot five with eyes of blue
and a smile that permeates his space.
And curly hair with...Read More
Categories: accentuates, character, confusion, emotions, feelings, how i feel,
Form: Quatrain
You know wine, comes from the vine.
No, Gosh! What a travesty, are you quite sure? What's she like?
Good question, can be very young, often complicated, dominating, best when mature,
Doesn't ring any bells you say, what a pity, a real shame,
Me?...Read More
Categories: accentuates, wine,
Form: Free verse
Amidst the mist, perchance!
The besieged me, accentuates..
gamboling at that ephemeral glance,
The demure Soul for a moment, eluates. 

Defying every dulcet wrath,
with my erstwhile prudent..
eking out, what I ever hath,
ineffable! yet a halcyoninan incipient.

I ride astride now, towards then..
from what is...Read More
Categories: accentuates, identity,
Form: Rhyme