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Abused Poems

Abused Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abused poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abused.

New Poems

"Do what you have to do the lame police officer
Uttered to the abusive man standing beside me
"Speak to your JP she said to the man who has abused me. I still cannot get over the shock of the abusive man
Standing...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse, betrayal, business, character, devotion, endurance, environment,
Form: Narrative

COVID-Nineteen in Twenty-twenty
Everyone's quarantined, I'm out of Thorazine
Stuck in the house, me and my spouse

When we woke up today, no lights on Broadway
It was shut down, my New York town

Stores out of toilet paper, stuck in a skyscraper
For fifteen days, stay six...Read More
Categories: abused, allegory, community, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Such a short distance,
As Time has now Run Dry;
On a world so abused,
even God begins to cry.
A world we now have, that continues to betray;
The innocence of our children and the smiles they display...
Forced into the evils of a man's...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse, pain,
Form: Rhyme
The show must not go on

Dark and mischievous clouds of deceit hang over the palace of the pharaoh's 
The people once again 'in their 'droves gather 'call out and speak what has been placed into their tired and abused souls .

The uncaring potential rulers each...Read More
Categories: abused, allegory, analogy, conflict,
Form: Blank verse
Do not say it is not your country

I know that corruption has slept cheerfully in the arms of our home 
Beautiful teenage girls have been raped 
on a daily basis 
School-going boys have been sodomized due to job vacancy 

I know that Liberia has lost its charming...Read More
Categories: abused, 12th grade, 9th grade, africa, art, beautiful,
Form: Free verse

I Won't Let My Guard Down This Time
I shut down
I'm broken down
But, I will rise
You'll soon realize
With your starlit eyes
That I am not afraid anymore

I won't let my guard
Like I did before
I know life can get hard
My wings will soar

We are shimmering bright like pretty stars
Will someone...Read More
Categories: abused, endurance, moving on, muse,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member INVITATION
Sometimes I feel like Cinderella.
Like I’m used and abused by folk 
that’s supposed to care.
Like I’m the ugly duckling that 
didn’t turn into a swan.
But at the end of the day, I realize 
I don’t have the typical outward 
beauty.(...Read More
Categories: abused, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Slide Into The Abyss
Abused and vaporized

The two village clocks
Point their hands at me
While I spiral down an empty well

Nauseous and waiting to burst 
I point my eyes upwards 
Into the blackness

Where is that candle 
That flashlight 
That hint of bright
Everyone talks about

When...Read More
Categories: abused, character,
Form: Free verse
The Gamble

Of all the men who gambled there on the hill that day,
I felt I’d be the winner when I began to play.
And sure enough, it happened!  I shouted out for glee
When all the lots were cast there, the...Read More
Categories: abused, religious,
Form: Rhyme
Does Anyone Care
Does anyone really care about the homeless on the streets?
Does anyone really care about the drug addicts that are looking for peace?
Does anyone really care about the abuse that children endure?
Does anyone really care about the chance for medical breaks...Read More
Categories: abused, absence, abuse, addiction,
Form: Rhyme

Faded pain
I've been detached from reality, I can't hear Earth's Melody. foe and friend are the same in the end. the sky is blue but yet the lie is still not true. far from that field of green I wonder do...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse, addiction, allegory, allusion, anxiety, dark, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Slimmer Than None
Arguing with the Muse,
spirit abused

Arguing with the Muse,
always refused

Arguing with the Muse,
soul to confuse

Arguing with the Muse
—destined to lose

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2020) 
...Read More
Categories: abused, muse,
Form: Rhyme
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
I know why the cage bird sings
She sings nostalgic melodies of the jungle
Where she flew along , on the wings of the dawn without the restrictions of her cage 
A beautiful place designed for her, a wage 

I know why...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse, discrimination, gender, society, violence, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lazies
The “Lazies”
Written: by Miracle Man

As bleeding heart liberals crusade for open borders,
Illegals bring their customs, and now reshape our country.
Some show moral probity, but many become hoarders,
And socialist's dare say, “it's all elementary”. 

The lazies knocking on my door seeking...Read More
Categories: abused, how i feel, money, sin, work,
Form: Lyric
My baby is shy
It pains me to know that my baby is shy
Afraid to speak up, she lets her tears dry
I’ve been that little girl, mild and meek
Offended, abused, but dare not speak

I grew up ashamed, to be anything less
Or anything more than...Read More
Categories: abused, anxiety, child, mother, my child,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Defenceless
Against cruel taunts repeatedly uttered
In scornful tones one might use to a dog,
A sensitive child may be defenceless.

At school there may be damage done by those
Who do not wish to show themselves as week,
They do not wish to appear defenceless

Ill-treatment...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse, animal, child, emotions,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Kindness is The Key
"How is it so easy for you to be kind to people?" He
asked... milk and honey dripped from my lips 
and I answered," 'Cause people have 
NOT been kind to me."   Rupi Kaur


My path in life has been...Read More
Categories: abused, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Baby Jesus
They had to run
hide in the brushes
of the Syrian country side
rains showered from above
no child should ever be hunted, abused
migrants on the run
they had no band
to champion a cause
rulers saw only weakness
unknowing the plans from the almighty
the comedy of tyrants...Read More
Categories: abused, child, evil, humanity, perspective, usa,
Form: Blank verse
Jim Crow's Demise
Hello. I was born after the Civil War. My name is Jim Crow.  I was not a real individual, but rather a caricature designed to berate, distort, and ridicule an entire race of people. I represented a system, behind...Read More
Categories: abused, america, history, race,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Footnotes

Over the head of each metatarsal
you can see 
where each has been pounded;
some are more abused than others.

Over the years 
new prominences and depressions
form and reform.
Surreal faces appear 
within the lines of the skin,
features that now seem 
to look inward
as...Read More
Categories: abused, poetry,
Form: Free verse
How Can I Forgive
How Can I Forgive?

How can I forgive?
The thought tormented me.
How can I erase
This haunting memory?

Seems I just relive,
The way that I was used,
And I can’t forget,
How I was abused.

My mind like a film,
Keeps playing o’er and o’er,
All the wrongs and...Read More
Categories: abused, anger, forgiveness, god, hate, heart, hurt, love,
Form: Rhyme
The curse of public opinion,
feigned history of the truth

Generations of self interest, 
freedom—time abused

(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2020) 
...Read More
Categories: abused, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Border Line
Turbocharged you refuse to stop at the sentry

Full speed ahead on the racetrack of manipulation

Safety belt suspending the breaks in free flight

Airbag punctured long ago in rapid disconnect

I put up traffic lights for you at so many T-junctions

Set boundaries and...Read More
Categories: abused, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Beware When you answer your phone
Oh! Be ware whenever you answer your cell,
or land line phone. I received a call from the 
Everett's Marriott Hotel.  And did not answer
my cell phone. My personal friend, told me. 
It is a place for prostitution. And I...Read More
Categories: abused, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Bio
Premium Member 'Heroes, they ain't'
They're great scorers, undeniably true
   So many thrilled to their game-winning shots
Made millions off the game, and Nike shoes
   Projected diplomatic personas ---
             ...Read More
Categories: abused, basketball, hero, sad, truth,
Form: Rhyme