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Absorption Poems

Absorption Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absorption poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absorption.

New Poems

Premium Member BLACK AM I - -

Am I
I am… result of absence of
I am complete absorption
Instill yet instills voids of light
Is it right?
Black Am I
I am invisible yet seen
I am colored without hue
Is this truth
I am like white yet what is it
What’s this?
Black Am I
I...Read More
Categories: absorption, america, analogy, endurance, engagement, identity,
Form: Free verse

The genuine of simplicity is the wishing will,
arouses the splendor in content of still.
The scattering stories are matter of a baggage,
becomes the chant proclaiming the stage in savage.
Those torn loose ends to know by the breathe,
finding pleasure in the cruelest...Read More
Categories: absorption, 12th grade, integrity, psychological,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Open One Ocean
Screams at an azure ocean
bounce back in waves to me.
Egos spill over with frustration
of wants never meant to be.

Let go of self-absorption
awake in epiphany.
Rise above the commotion
reach a new reality.

Oneness is revelation
life's persistent mystery.
Droplets see some solution
while water moves consciously.

Drops...Read More
Categories: absorption, fear, me, mystery, ocean, sea, self, water,
Form: Rhyme
Onerous anus complex number 2
cuz poisonous toxins sting like scorpions
severely crimping ability to sit down absorption
radiating throughout every
cell guaranteeing abstention
against hidebound contract, no

ifs, ands, nor but tucks
whereby mood linkedin
to nihilistic abstraction
particularly as quasi pincers jabbed
like sharp serrated knives acceleration

guaranteed, where bum rapped cheekily
prospective hemorrhoids...Read More
Categories: absorption, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Unicorn Walks Into A Bar
He walks into the bar 
Like a movie star

With swagger 
Out pouring the lager

Topped by a mop 
Of such mythical proportion

It hushes the crowd 
With its absorption

More adorn
Than a unicorn

Waving a pompadour 
As big as a brontosaur


Swagger Poetry Contest
Sponsored by...Read More
Categories: absorption, cool, hair,
Form: Light Verse

Sonnet 50 'The Beauty of the Sky, Is like I've Dreamed'
The Beauty of the Sky is like I’ve dreamed,
My heart is filled with rays from Morning’s Star!
And you are now beyond all that you seemed,
To those, whose hearts were nearsighted, and are…
For self-absorption misses Beauty’s ray!
But I was given the...Read More
Categories: absorption, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, love, wife,
Form: Sonnet
Replete with Colonial Army spirits
Two hundred forty two
(12.1 score) years ago
countless stripling soldiers
strapping farming homeboys
healthy agrarian lads
raised among generations

in summer re:
offspring original settlers heirs
family acreage encompassed
wide uninterrupted forested swaths
across sprawling vistas
sparsely populated enclaves,

now heavily industrialized
lovely bones occupying
unmarked never known graves
buried amidst avast 
cleft rapacious...Read More
Categories: absorption, 11th grade, 12th grade, america, conflict, death,
Form: Elegy
No Matter Papa Repents
No Matter Papa Repents...

Every blasted acrimonious misdeed
aye indelibly perpetrated
affecting ye and the Punim for life
hounds me doggone soul night and day
venomous wrath torments, strangles, racks...
every bone in mine entire body

suicidal ideations haunt every
waking and sleeping hour,
perhaps previous attempts to communicate,
(albeit...Read More
Categories: absorption, abuse, anger, depression, emotions, forgiveness, grave, journey,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Laughing Lunatics Lounge
Within my psychedelic psychosis divided by hell’s malignant mitosis,
Navigated by narcotized neurosis absorption through opiate osmosis…
Within my lunatic leverage of will, I needed to miraculously madly mill,
The negligent neurons of my ill amidst a faltering fragment of my spill.

My eyes...Read More
Categories: absorption, identity, mental illness, solitude,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Jesus Is Great - The Linked Style

~ Jesus  Is  Great ~

Great is His name
Name so  Holy
Holy  is  He!
He, Son of  God
God, our  Father
Father  Almighty
Almighty  and  true
True and  awesome
Awesome, He's King
King ...Read More
Categories: absorption, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse

Over the hill
We’re born explorers
Eager to grow
Balance the borders
Go with the flow

Untouched, untainted
Unacquainted with time
Yet to be painted
A wide open mind

Our canvas’ bare
Possibilities, endless
Play without care
Virtually, senseless

But then, a swift shift
Abrupt and unforeseen
Leaves us quite miffed
Awoken from a dream

Puzzled by distortion
Vexed by...Read More
Categories: absorption, age,
Form: Rhyme
Dew Drops from Heaven
Partial transcendence though a small sliver of heaven on earth.
Condensed droplets of dew, 
Crystal gold, diamond refraction. 
Needs no help, accomplishes purity by merely being, 
Transcends touch,
Refreshing rivers rush over red eyes,
purity melds with the impure offering as rain spills...Read More
Categories: absorption, peace, rain, water,
Form: Free verse

There are many thoughts that envelope your inner voice
There are many scenarios that do and do not give you a choice
There are many fears that grip your heart and very soul
There are many changes that were not part of your...Read More
Categories: absorption, change, depression, encouraging,
Form: Acrostic
dear God
dear God:

my self-absorption
leaves me

limp as rain.
my thoughts are lonely –

like a bathtub
full of ice

but your love
diminishes introspection

and is more
real than earth.

Your grace
dances into my heart

in complex
and beautiful patterns.

You are the treasure
of my heart....Read More
Categories: absorption, religious,
Form: Prose
The Language of Poetry
I don’t know
that poetry has a language
before written?
I think not:

Sort of like
trying to capture 
a moonbeam,
by some mystic attraction
bending it our way
with no guarantee
whether absorption
or fly-by--

a writer 
like a big sponge
when juices flowing
the weight of creation
pressing down
squeezing out
till a steady...Read More
Categories: absorption, creation, emotions, imagination, inspiration, poetry, words, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Through Thick and Thin
I think it might be John Rawls
who writes about
thick and thin justice sandwiches.

Thick justice
may be more deeply embedded, richly spread
in regenerative pursuing time,
producing and serving healthy wealth relationships,
often digestively motivated
to achieve nutritional communion goals,

While thinner justice
lies closer to today's contemporary...Read More
Categories: absorption, analogy, culture, health, integrity, judgement, rights, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Opposites Connect
The opposite
of egocentric perpetrator
is ecofeminist victim

The opposite
of conservative perpetrators of Win/Lose retribution
are liberating wounds of WinWin absorption
enchanting green restorations by mindful day,
ultra-nonviolet by not not night.

Another way of thinking about my personal manifest destiny
and our manifest destiny as a community,
as...Read More
Categories: absorption, community, destiny, education, environment, health, humanity, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Dr Ford and Judge Hyde
Why do we feel increasingly difficult conflicts
create strong-rooted energy?

And depressingly BusinessAsUsual
distracted by runaway toxic chaos?

on my way to a deep rooted tree and shrub nursery
half-way across Connecticut's Route 1 made-over shoreline
my youngest NativeAmerican RightBrain son,
on the other side of...Read More
Categories: absorption, bullying, conflict, destiny, earth, health, love, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Go West Old Woman
A transportive
sacred with secular pearl
of Eastern multicultural virtue,
measure of ecopolitical peace,
values of creolic absorption,
extended family blending,
dialectal democracy
co-operative co-lateral formation
incoming informative uracil with cytosine,
ultra-violet with green,
exflowing through past DNA co-memories
of love and regenerative lust
of death and degenerative dust.

Go West
could mean
Grow a...Read More
Categories: absorption, health, humor, paradise, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Nothing Between

So full of empty between the ears;
void breeze reasoning,
zero thoughts a-blowing

Banished to the barren cornfields,
multi-grain years of accumulated wisdom
bear no pleasant, golden-age yield

Black sky intellectual famine
was lost cause shuttered-in, 
by a blight of self-centered locust feed

Constant dry spells of self-absorption:...Read More
Categories: absorption, dark, perspective, sad, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lone Wolf
A lone wolf, I prowl at night, feeding on other’s fears, glorying in my self-absorption.  Choose myself over others.
Honor my primal needs. Drumming and stomping. Snarling and baring.

My primal howl is wanting out. I can feel her, chomping ready.
Not...Read More
Categories: absorption, animal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Why cannot we see
Why cannot we see

The sun will shine brighter when…
     we appreciate shadows as a generous reflection of truth
          embrace the dazzling display...Read More
Categories: absorption, love, peace,
Form: Free verse
The Magnificance Of Christ
God's power works best in my weakness
God pours out himself by the holy spirit
my faith makes me whole in spirit, soul & body
I empty my mind of all thoughts except for the thought of God

God's infinite love and grace is...Read More
Categories: absorption, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sacrifice

Sacrificial solitudes traumatically trapped thru out time
Sabotaged souls subservient to the Necronomicon night
A selfless surrender sanctioned with a calamitous climb
Penal punitive pondering of the marauding mind's abyss
A slave seducing deviation from the mantra morals amiss
For infinities infraction the absorption of...Read More
Categories: absorption, philosophy, self,
Form: Rhyme
Gray Area
I live in the gray area
Where there exists no right from wrong 
Only observation, absorption 
The vain attempts to make something profound 
Of the myriad of opinions shoved in your face
To contribute something to a society 
Charged with opposing views
A...Read More
Categories: absorption, perspective,
Form: Free verse