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Ablution Poems

Ablution Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ablution poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ablution.

New Poems

Premium Member Corona The Mad Scamper
It is a mad scamper for food and grains,
These are often people with less brains,
Fill up their trolleys with things they don’t need,
store up their kitchens for generations to feed!

What is it now about this greed for toilet rolls?
Buying hundred...Read More
Categories: ablution, 10th grade, 4th grade, age,
Form: Rhyme

Onerous anus complex number one
Pain in the ass devoid of dreck
inapropos poetic material what the heck
more unbearable than crick in neck
shiver me timbers, I feel like total wreck
the (see) Edmund Fitzgerald, si?.

Spasmodic cramping imposed
automatic rhyming abbreviation
comeuppance (analogous to daggers
stabbing derriere courtesy constipation
far worse fate...Read More
Categories: ablution, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, fate,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member No
Let me tell you a story, do you want to listen?
As this is a story. Stories are not fact.
He left.
She left
They left.
I thought about Haiku, Limerick or Free-verse.
For the little one.

I found, I am getting ready, for ablution.
...Read More
Categories: ablution, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I never saw Him with my bare eyes
I never saw Him with my bare eyes, I pray that I shall, on one day, indeed
Through every pain and sorrow, there will be wisdom and peace, splendid.
Bare-footed subjugation with humility, declaring the oneness of God, faithfully.
A gentle wash from...Read More
Categories: ablution, allah,
Form: Free verse
Your love to bathe 
  in words rephrased

With hearts not young
  —or old

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2019)

...Read More
Categories: ablution, love,
Form: Free verse

Liquid Shelter

I toss fire down your throat
pour you your bullet, goblet to gullet

glass-jacketed explosions 
line my wall like church organ flues
ablution for absolution from desperation 
libation-liberations for exaggerated exhilarations
bottled fevers for believers

kneel your mind
choose your raptures

you’ve come to my altar
now your...Read More
Categories: ablution, drink, metaphor, night, people, wine,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member they fed us lies
they fed us lies
and contradictions
confronted us
with interventions

for we lived our life
without solution
asking no one
for guilt’s ablution

hard thoughts they fed
concrete consensus 
we chew and shred
alone defenseless

ideas hiding
beneath the clutter
humming birds
soft wings aflutter

argue with
lie’s roaring voice
this is our world
we have a choice


Food...Read More
Categories: ablution, growing up,
Form: Rhyme


I love my morning ablution
A cure all, my solution
Rids me from pollution
One long steady motion

Sit and read the news
While my bottom spews
Food I haven’t chewed
Flowing thru and thru

Sweet relief comes quick
A movement surging slick
Newspaper stories I pick
This ty world is...Read More
Categories: ablution, fun, giggle,
Form: Rhyme
New Melody To Learn
A chorus of enlightenment….
  she’s woken up again

With sheets still warm, my heart she bathes,
  ablution wet within

Through steam I see her message clear,
  the mirror does confirm

My words now washed, fresh thoughts to dry
  —new...Read More
Categories: ablution, music, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Candy's Mountain
Candy’s Mountain

It all started quite innocently in maculate conception
		consumed in a blip of passionate shivers or full of
violent rage a negligible delight of drunken distraction

One of dream children of hundred and a half nightmares woven
		into threadbare fabric of once delirious...Read More
Categories: ablution, grave,
Form: Free verse

Peeps of chum
To carry on the affection ,
     Came by enemy's appreciation.
And deed to afford , 
      To measure the ford.
Who take cleansing ablution of volley,
      For making...Read More
Categories: ablution, emotions, fantasy, feelings, friend,
Form: Verse
Success rains every morning
With the smiling Fajr to the East, I remember the clipping of toes from side to side with the solemn recitation of the Holy Quran. The imagination of Allah’s mercy boils in my heart, the fence of success glows the...Read More
Categories: ablution, pride, religious, thanksgiving day,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Catharsis

Please free me with fervent purification

purging life's pain for my soul's liberation;

clear up my mind with your blazing lustration

and shower my heart with sterile ablution.

Oh, healing catharsis, your expurgation

will mend me whole with ensured absolution.

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Catharsis
Sponsor: Nayda...Read More
Categories: ablution, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Genesis incorporation a litter ray tion
4 ablution 4 acclimatization 4 adulation 
4 benediction 4 biotransformation 4 blastulation 
4 concatenation 4 conception 4 configuration 
4 declaration 4 dictation 4 differentiation 
4 ejaculation 4 emancipation 4 erection 
4 fascination 4 flagellation 4 flocculation
4 gastrulation 4 glamorization 4...Read More
Categories: ablution, angel, baby, birth, child, creation, happiness, love,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member My Pregnant Wife
In front of her body is a baggage
counting through the months she pray
the child kicks in its watery garage
creating its own bond and wanting to play
mama loves him, though to her, he is blind
fertility prepares in ablution
more great seeds in...Read More
Categories: ablution, adventure, child, life, mother, mothers day, mum,
Form: Sonnet
A faded voice, lips sweet 
In rain, a fragrant shaped 
In beauty.
When dusk is full, darkness
Warms your breath, coming in 
A whisper.  Bright star,
Moving sleepless, 
Paradise weaves so
Let me sleep.
Where I still see pure,
Ablution, awake forever,
Upon a snowy mountain,
Dauntless...Read More
Categories: ablution, love,
Form: Free verse
The Lord has tore me down.
My knees lick the dirt;
spiraling, I crawl from a high trench
dug with a rodomontade mouth.
The rocks stacked in insolence are now rubble
and are lapped by kneeling blood.

Although I am made low
and my fingernails scratch the...Read More
Categories: ablution, appreciation, blessing, faith, god, growth, howl, pride,
Form: Sonnet
Before my anchored Cinderella hem 
Her herbaceous gift on this solemn altar
Let a default oath resumes 
Our erotic sentence and union
Do not chuckle on, or any more of fellatio 
Only let the seed sown yesterday die 
And pray not for...Read More
Categories: ablution, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Wrong, wrong, WRONG
A butterfly becomes a pest.
A flower turns into weed.
A kind gesture turns into a test.
Every scratch tends to bleed...

Could this be fair?
As my story looks dark and desperate.
A surprising Typhoon, turning all hopes into despair.
My lifeless being equals less than...Read More
Categories: ablution, life,
Form: I do not know?

                                       ...Read More
Categories: ablution, philosophy,
Form: Senryu
Our decimation is no news no more,
And brothers swam the sands of the desert
For our heads - as tears became thicker than blood;
Hell has found its place amongst us.

The morning and night are against us.
They conspire with the bulb of...Read More
Categories: ablution, death, dedication, deep, fear, horror, imagery, writing,
Form: Burlesque
Reflections Of The Lake
          Reflections Of The Lake

Mirrored by a morning light
Rendered thoughts upon the water
Service of the bank reflects the day as cast
I study the smooth dark structures beneath the surface
Suspecting they are...Read More
Categories: ablution, beauty, creation, imagery, life, light, nature, water,
Form: Free verse
11 Eleven Types Of FACEBOOK Users Muslim Version PART TWO
Eight: The sinning
show-offs who love
to brag -
They’re sinners as
they have bad
They post updates
and photos of their
And loads of albums
of their vacation.

Their bad motive is
to show to their
That they have so
much wealth and
so-called feats -
They seek people’s
love, not Allah’s
pleasure -
They love...Read More
Categories: ablution, internet
Form: Rhyme
The Caliph's Son
Heading to a cauldron in the dry sea of sands
Far afield the Sahara shores devoid of life
With an array of dexterous army riding further North
Our horses neighs as honed swords beholds Amir al-Mu'mini's hands
Death on battlefield is an honourary worth
Even...Read More
Categories: ablution, adventure, africa, war,
Form: Epic
A Morning View

A day comes with a
morning dew,
For the words, less
to cope all few,
The breezy wave and
tweeting eyes,
Of rising sun, view
the Himalaya highs,
The trancing
eclipses and
faltering trees,
Held me there,
caught me freeze,
And the prevailing
dusky downy haze,
To falling cascade
of ivory rays,
Where I hied to let
it...Read More
Categories: ablution, art, beach, butterfly, day, garden,
Form: Couplet