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Short Ablution Poems

Short Ablution Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Ablution by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Ablution by length and keyword.

Your love to bathe 
  in words rephrased

With hearts not young
  —or old

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2019)


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Categories: ablution, love,
Form: Free verse

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Let me tell you a story, do you want to listen?
As this is a story. Stories are not fact.
He left.
She left
They left.
I thought about Haiku, Limerick or Free-verse.
For the little one.

I found, I am getting ready, for ablution.

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Categories: ablution, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
New Melody To Learn
A chorus of enlightenment….
  she’s woken up again

With sheets still warm, my heart she bathes,
  ablution wet within

Through steam I see her message clear,
  the mirror does confirm

My words now washed, fresh thoughts to dry
  —new melody to learn

(Court At KOP: February, 2016)

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Categories: ablution, music, words,
Form: Rhyme
A faded voice, lips sweet 
In rain, a fragrant shaped 
In beauty.
When dusk is full, darkness
Warms your breath, coming in 
A whisper.  Bright star,
Moving sleepless, 
Paradise weaves so
Let me sleep.
Where I still see pure,
Ablution, awake forever,
Upon a snowy mountain,
Dauntless you as art, 
As a patient in my arms. 

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Categories: ablution, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What Easter Means to Me
Reborn am I, grieve not.
As comes the dawn reborn.

Through idolatry, dichotomy, solution.
Reborn am I, grieve not.

Through afterbirth adorned,
womb of wonder formed.

Arise, alive, reborn through chaos and confusion.
Arise, alive, to a new and bold conclusion!

A clarity of love and ablution.
Reborn are we through Christ’s absolution.


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Categories: ablution, faith
Form: Rhyme

All week I watched them
Grotesque faces in the glare
Of stark red mayhem

Some false ablution
Not enough to cleanse us all
Self fails us again

Twitching on spikes
Smoked eyes dim blurring the cross
What purifies night?

What makes us like stars
When supernovas explode?
This fire's not enough.

All week hell stutters
Across white pages of pride
Mayhem stalks our dream....

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Categories: ablution, visionary,
Form: Senryu

                                            washing of body
                                       if done with dirty water
                                        there's no refreshment

                                            Total ablution
                                   means cleaning all kinds of dirt
                                       from  body mind heart 

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Categories: ablution, philosophy,
Form: Senryu
Peeps of chum
To carry on the affection ,
     Came by enemy's appreciation.
And deed to afford , 
      To measure the ford.
Who take cleansing ablution of volley,
      For making them holy.
Now making us delight ,
      Who never get them in sight.
Now what? The life get commotion,
      Getting always inanimation emotion.
Fantasy, fantasy deviates aisle in a day,
      Still unacquainted! Whence elapse in a dark day....

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Categories: ablution, emotions, fantasy, feelings, friend,
Form: Verse
Premium Member they fed us lies
they fed us lies
and contradictions
confronted us
with interventions

for we lived our life
without solution
asking no one
for guilt’s ablution

hard thoughts they fed
concrete consensus 
we chew and shred
alone defenseless

ideas hiding
beneath the clutter
humming birds
soft wings aflutter

argue with
lie’s roaring voice
this is our world
we have a choice


Food For Thought Poetry Contest
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Categories: ablution, growing up,
Form: Rhyme
Tick tick tick tick flea
Tick, tick, tick tick flea
Said the sheep as she did her ablution
These pesky things get everywhere
Is there really no final solution
With just one haircut in the spring
Followed close, by our annual wash
We’re girls you know, it’s not the thing
How on earth can we ever be posh
If only we were human, we
Could bathe when we wanted, what bliss
We’d have bath time, spring, summer and autumn
But in winter we’d give it a miss

© John W Fenn  18-09-2009...

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Categories: ablution, animals, funny
Form: Light Verse