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Abeyance Poems

Abeyance Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abeyance poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abeyance.

New Poems

Sleeping Dogs
North Jersey woman,
South Jersey heat

Your past in abeyance
—dark memories to sleep

(Dreamsleep: February, 2020) 
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Categories: abeyance, dog, sleep,
Form: Rhyme

The World, The Storyteller
In-between the babel of a troubled soul
In abeyance, the thought of neglection arose
The blood boiled, the body cooked
The figure fell in flat command
The jurist justified themselves unjust

multitude babbled, the wise bundled
Oko-Oloko dun Pokete
Prita Iyalaaje, Aloo apaamo
The world, the storyteller

No baccalaureate...Read More
Categories: abeyance, abuse, betrayal, conflict,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Burning Bridges
There was a time with raging blaze

          when suspension lost track

                    in...Read More
Categories: abeyance, love,
Form: Free verse

A man of some years with a face of little value,
Had a raggedy satchel and a beat up tackle box,
Both of which, were worth more than a face,
It set next to an opened cooler exposed to sun,
Therein, sat a jar...Read More
Categories: abeyance, allegory, anger, fish, fishing, nature, old, river,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member ABEYANCE

Grief stricken spirit;
          Heartfelt depthless soul; tear ducts
filled yon banks hold; spreads

          o'er a vast steep creek; thirst trails
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Categories: abeyance, anxiety, cry, emotions, imagery, life, sad, sympathy,
Form: Tanka

The Cost Of Truth And Love
Who comes with a self sustaining fire
To hold inside the heart for our survival
For you and I there is no gravity
Between the stars there are no secrets
No place to hide from truth and love

There is only love and us contained
Stars...Read More
Categories: abeyance, appreciation, heart, life, love, truth, universe,
Form: Free verse
FYI Poem under construction

I have waited for the New Age--that Tranelike return to my Mediterranean Sundance Always and Forever missing the  journey of the Caravansary of old.
Hence, Only Time and the touch of the Rio Ancho, its opaque Stratus can yet
decide to...Read More
Categories: abeyance, analogy, conflict, destiny, society, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Staring Into the Abyss

Lachrymal layers within the Abyss of love’s laments that reminisce
Upon the edge a barbarous bliss which began with the eternal kiss
Where serpentine shadows swell and the jaded jackals joyously yell
Riding the conundrum carousel an elliptical obliquity of their dwell

Spectrum colors...Read More
Categories: abeyance, conflict, deep, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Embers of My Past
Embers of My Past
Written: Tom

On this cloudy winter day
Smoke, taking on the characteristics 
Of a ghost from embers past,
Floats the evening zephyrs,
Filling nostrils
With infidelity’s stench;
Their place of abeyance,
A hillside just north of town;

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Categories: abeyance, angst, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Fearless affection
Romantic abeyance
evokes such strong emotion
that leaves one flooded
and renders the heart motionless.

The heart is a lonely hunter,
nagging and urging my body,
then leaves a constantly fixed mark  -
perhaps emptiness…

Marooning my softly mourning mind,
with divine appointment:
a velvet-smooth caress
absolves my fearless affection....Read More
Categories: abeyance, appreciation, desire, kiss, longing, passion,
Form: Lyric

Invisible man
I am your invisible man,
Who is weary of revelations.

Warmth from a rub,
A cry, and the tremor
Are all within sight except your love,
Which remains defiant.

I drag a corpse
Whose funeral
Is kept at abeyance
Until you see my face
Every time you unbotton yourself
For your...Read More
Categories: abeyance, adventure, age, allegory, analogy, angel, animal, anxiety,
Form: ABC
Happiness and Health
Lift the foundations of happiness; let it manifest within! 
O how I’ve grown weary for the ceaseless battle to feel ____
There is no superior love than amid myself and my piece of mind;
My nutrition and happiness finally appear aligned
Here lie...Read More
Categories: abeyance, 8th grade, confidence, emotions, happiness, health, life,
Form: ABC
Life's Greatest Curse
To be loved but not liked…
  the greatest curse of all

With joy in abeyance
  so near—yet so far

(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2018) 
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Categories: abeyance, joy, love,
Form: Free verse
Me. What beauty catches one's eye?
Echo. May I?
Me. Please do elaborate my friend.
Echo. My friend?
Me. The beauty all around us,  all life.
Echo. All life?
Me. From unseen with the naked eye!
Echo. Naked eye?
Me. A microscope opens up a new world.
Echo....Read More
Categories: abeyance, beauty,
Form: Blank verse
Awkward Alliteration
Admissible adage abridge archaic ability about
Audit acrid admission artistic artificial array
Arrive anyplace, anywhere ardent atmosphere attraction
Apprehend apiece apparent artless atomic appearance
Adorable awkward admittance align ad-infinitum alienating anti
Activate acquittal addictive acreage administration
Attune audience's aspired aspiration assay alliance
Anxiety anybody's admittance approximate appropriate...Read More
Categories: abeyance, allegory,
Form: ABC
Between Life Spaces
Poet:  Ken Jordan 
Poem:  Between Life Spaces
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan 
written:  June/2018

There’s an abeyance between
the spaces of life -

where one can rest for a while.

A place where all outside noise 
is suspended.

Thus the rush, and bustle...Read More
Categories: abeyance, blessing, easter, inspirational, life,
Form: Prose Poetry
Five Generations
No one is smiling
as if the photo was taken years ago
when exposure was long
with movement held in abeyance
like dreams on the frontier
when great-great-gran was young
younger than the one she holds 
in the crook of an arm,
propped on the chair that...Read More
Categories: abeyance, family, old,
Form: Free verse
Between the Tick and the Tock
Between the tick and the tock
time is held in abeyance.
Marvelous things can happen
in that endless, timeless place.

Time is held in abeyance
in that endless, timeless place.
Marvelous things can happen
between the tick and the tock.

 Form: Ungalino...Read More
Categories: abeyance, time,
Form: Verse


Nature waits not for humans to repent,
Time, premium to right all ignorance.
Its broom sweeps clean, it cannot, won't relent.
Wounds gape, the world health still in abeyance.

 Ever diligent, nature strives to make right.
 Her deeds intense, she...Read More
Categories: abeyance, nature,
Form: Sonnet
Ribbons of Light
Looking North, an evening sight,
undulating ribbons, gleaming bright, 
pierce the gloom of darkest night.
Constantly flashing red and white,
snaking slowly till out of sight.
Eager for haste, anxious for flight:
yet held in abeyance, this evening rite,
no longer a commuter’s delight.

Southward bound -...Read More
Categories: abeyance, travel, urban,
Form: Rhyme
Love yourself to know, memories all of your very own.
Memories of the moment,  my one love has lost her way.
Christmas day, boxing day, done, new year happiness and fun!
Winter garden looking worse for wear,  hedgehogs fast asleep.
One more...Read More
Categories: abeyance, philosophy,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member McKayla The Magnificent
The runway runs into her trained eyes
like a roadway that rushes red
into the dreams of her electrified soul,
she's so pretty in her disciplined perfection
a young body that knows years of rigor and ritual
with a mind measured for acrobatic ambition, 
she's...Read More
Categories: abeyance, america, beauty, , cute,
Form: Epic
What goes around comes around, ya all
Let me be clear with no fear 
an atigent of disagreement of any future tense pretense configuration that needlessly resends a sociomatic sick sentiment catalyst unbeknowingest clause to a comma, plagued prism contentious albeit forlorned, bilateral, incompetent un pleasured coexistant...Read More
Categories: abeyance, conflict, divorce, freedom, new year,
Form: Free verse
My UnFlamenco Loins in Xexual Abeyance in Fm Unfilfilled
Had I, been I, would I have been born in the all time of all of things positive Spanish, esp the Flamenco fragrance of all things love, life and flourish casting all pertinent fate to a tortured wind. Cassanova to...Read More
Categories: abeyance, beautiful, confidence, emotions, lonely, love, passion, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lessons From Ants
In the world of ants, 
It's language of silence. 
In caverns, soils and on trees, 
It's their realm of pleasure. 
Even to distant places, 
They move like soldiers. 
Their words unheard, 
But united they are. 
Their works, man's wonder. 
They...Read More
Categories: abeyance, devotion, fantasy, wisdom,
Form: Free verse