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Rainbow Abc Poems

These Rainbow Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Rainbow. These are the best examples of Abc Rainbow poems written by international poets.

a personal tomorrow
when tomorrow
that never comes come 
when I witness
my kingdom come
when everyone
really worships his hidden chip
when you look
back how insane was the trip
when you realize
that believin...

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Categories: allegory, creation, culture, history,

Wild animal, shameless dog.
Naked beast , blood of death.
Evil eyes, bound by lust.
Biding his kind,holding his leash
Foolish virtue,
Fighting with vultures.
Stupid light,
Shining in darkness.
Proud pig,
Dancing ...

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Categories: introspection,

Like my motherland
At a strange land
Alight alone,
puzzled and perplexed 
tried to step gingerly, 
Wheedle to settle
But this alluring land,  
Soon shunned all my myths
Felt cozy and...

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Categories: care, love, missing, mother,

you were always alone
missing was the realization
sadness and complaint
when the skies are grey what good is rainbow paint
you can either faint or patiently eye ...

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Categories: art, change, character, deep,

dream birthday
once you lay eyes upon lalinia 
it's emotional mania
a forehead sized sun
two eyes sized green moons
perfection finally in tune 
she's a universe by herself
it's the...

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Categories: angel, anniversary, birthday, care,

Dew Drops
Heavens blessing on earth
Raining on an eve mood
A little girl dancing 
Like a peacock steps
Shadow of rainbow 
Coloured eloquently
If this pour can wash my heart

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Categories: 2nd grade,

Approaching your vast nothingness
Even as I worry about half accomplished obligations
My wishes I plan to let you know
Are many
I wish to become the eight colour...

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Categories: art, assonance, august, autumn,

It's about time we talk of ruins.
So, let us talk, for you never know,
How long ears of hope will remain receptive.

Your lips are missing, and...

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Categories: age, allegory, allusion, angel,

In the hills of seven huts
In the hills of seven huts,
Where war is either a place or surname,
And dreams are translated into numbers,
And a number became a gambler's sad song,

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Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation, art,

Every colour has a melody,
Every song has a hue,
Every kiss has a story,
Every scar is true.

A soldiers strength,
A lovers tenderness,
A mother’s love,
All warriors true.

All endings...

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Categories: color, cute love, love,

My Beautiful Sister
On the day she was born
The sun shined so brightly across the horizon
A vivid colorful rainbow stretched across the sky
When my sister took her first...

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Categories: dedication, heartbreak, inspirational love,

Tears Of Grace
Cried shed tears..  Tears of sadness of which is..
Pain an aching heart, broken hearted and torn apart in shreds.
Shreds scattered..  Unbearable it is.....

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Categories: deep, feelings, inspirational, surreal,

you built me a castle
buried in the sand
standing tall
she smiled proudly
knowing she had done it
and that it would never wash away or fade drifting with...

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Categories: allusion, america, autumn,

Roses are Red
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
my Mom Is the best,
I hope your is too.

She is easy to talk to,
Fun to be around,
sometimes she is silly and...

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Categories: children, mother daughter, roses

what do you know about me

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, boy, boyfriend,

What if clouds are on the ground?
Not, so funny it sounds?
I would sit on them and glide across the sky,
and the rain would come from...

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Categories: fantasy,

Broken Rainbow
Broken Rainbow

I have to go, because my patience is low, I don’t play tic tac, I got three in a row, you won’t understand, that...

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Categories: art, boy, change, cheer

The Stela epic, PART 1 of 8
The Stela Epic by DR. Mohammed F A Alrazak

The grains of sand, the drops of rain, makes the stage for souls to play 
The prints...

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Categories: culture, freedom,

We survive
Life is a knife of knight
That stab a human heart 
without being humane
With a pain
That move slowly as a coal train

Humans burden burn to become...

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Categories: blessing, life,

Easter egg
Easter Egg
I remember many moons ago
getting a big Easter egg my eyes
lit up lips moving from side to side
I opened the egg and all colours...

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Categories: easter,