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Miracle Abc Poems

These Miracle Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Abc Miracle poems written by international poets.

Unpreparation life
Now is raining.
Now am eating headbone and it also great sorrow.
As this rain is destroying this whole road.
Because on this road, there is no brige...

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Categories: education,

Fire Earth Water Air

All are born in blessed Fire as was the world,
Two wishes mesh  and the ballet dancer is hurled. 
Thrown into an unknowable bleakness of...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The ONE you
You are so beautiful..
That sparkling smile
That heart-wrecking tears
That bursting anger
That glowing idea
That sickening freight
That widened exclamation
That thrilling surprise
That skipping-heart crush
That spell-bound love
That out-of-world romance
That contagious...

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Categories: confidence,

The Miracle
Let me sleep now, with the blue bells in flower,
I would like to rest with beauty in my eyes,
All their subtle sweetness will never sour,

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Categories: 10th grade,

Let me sleep
Let me sleep now, while the blue bells are in flower,
I should like to rest with their beauty in my eyes,
All their sweetness will never...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Hear the sabre voices clash between children,
Watch the birth, the creation of dread,
Look closely at the glow about the fire,
Lost is the miracle of wonder,

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Categories: 10th grade,

Let me sleep
Let me sleep now, while the blue bells are in flower,
I should like to rest with their beauty in my eyes,
All their sweetness will never...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Premium Member God's Good Week

After God had set the worlds to spin
Below the splendid canopy of stars
Cyan skies to let each breath begin
Dangled o'er an orb of earthen spars


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Categories: analogy, animal, creation, earth,

Premium Member A Normal Day Down Brylee Way
An apple a day
down banana way
one takes the car for a run,
the dog stays home.

An elephant in the
fish tank?
Someone left the gate open
the horse escapes.


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Categories: fun,

A beautiful tale
A lady with brighter face 
One morning clearing the darkness and haze

A fairy without wings
Set all to rule the ordinary world with extraordinary traits 


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Categories: angel, appreciation, art, beautiful,

Crying for my light
I write this across my heart
I'm tiring myself to reach higher places
One step forward, 10 step backward
How life is unpredictable
But the air is always still

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Categories: light,

Premium Member - Lily Pond Blooms -

Amazing white lily, beautiful as the sun rises above the horizon

Beauty like a delicate water lily is a passion deeply admired

Cherry lips and elegant high...

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Categories: beauty, nature,

love connection
Love is you,my dear, you are mine,
My heart and heart are you mine.

You are only my every moment,
I know that you know it.

The love of...

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Categories: love hurts, memory, middle

Simple Truths
You've been making some big insights, telling me how you see and view me living my life. I respect what all you have to say,...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, health, truth,

Man in the mirror
The Man in the Mirror walking past the mirrored glass,
I take a timid peek, I see a man staring back,
I'm too choked up to speak.

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Categories: age, anti bullying, anxiety,

The Keeper Of My Heart
Chapter I: The Seeking

If i were an invisible ghost
I would often fly away into furthermost
just to wonder and think about
a miracle that is called love


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Categories: love,

Keeping faith
I cannot boast of a life of piety

But always I try to do my duty 

To myself and to all life

Yet no matter my strife


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Categories: life, longing,

I wasnt lost, i just didnt know where to go. Ive been up & down, Like skyzone.I have to think with my mind & not...

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Categories: art, dream, miracle, mirror,

The pain of ignorance
Oh! My half soul..My best friend..
Thought you were my sunshin...
Left me in the midst of darkness..
Thought you were my moonlight...
Proved me there was no moon.....

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Categories: feelings, friendship, heartbreak, loss,

Confused Key2
It seems life just gets harder. 
But through overcoming obstacles 
The mind gets stronger.

That's what many explain to me. 
I seem to recognize the concept...

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Categories: abortion, anger, best friend,