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Growing Up Abc Poems

These Growing Up Abc poems are examples of poetry about Growing Up Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Growing Up poems written by international poets.

As I reflect on my past and remember things that happened over the years
I often stop and think about the problems I caused. I can...

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Categories: christian, death, emotions, growing

Art works of Sovereign omnipotence are the stars
Beauty to behold…midst darkness-gloom
Creation-masterpieces crafted by the supreme Designer
Delights of the eyes for all seasons 
Extolling the awesome...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, encouraging, faith,

A mothers unconditional love
If I could pick a memory of my precious only beautiful daughter. I would have to sit for a while for there's lots that I...

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Categories: beautiful,

My Life
I am nothing in this life
but a tool to be used when ever you like
I feel nothing but shame but I only have myself to...

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Categories: cry, depression, growing up,

Growing up in govan as a wain
Growing up in govan as a wain
We didny have much in they days 
But we'd wid never complain .
We were happy way wat Yeh geed

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Categories: childhood,

Strong lass
I'm really glad that I'm a strong lass
To get through all this pain from my past.
Each day something new comes along
And it hits me with...

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Categories: strength,

My angel
If I could pick a memory of my precious beautiful  daughter
I would have to sit and think for a while
For there's lots for us...

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Categories: absence,

Rough Childhood
Growing up was tough
This isn't a bluff
I only made it with persistence
It would have been easier with assistance

My Dad wasn't a Dad
He was violent more...

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Categories: 10th grade, abuse, child

From birth to a toddler 
As a toddler to teenager 
From teenage to adolescent 
And as I grew up 
I knew I'm weird
I knew am...

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Categories: deep, i am, inspirational,

You are the one that I love
Thank you
For caring me 9months through thick and thin
For staying with me and supporting me even when I failed
For watching me growing up, guide me...

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Categories: missing, mother son, thanksgiving

Greed love
Greed is your feeling that 
every weakness has told to me.
That is why you were left alone today 
even after you found me.

When the love...

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Categories: abortion, adventure, allegory, angel,

Depths of young souls
The Depths Of Young Souls 
If we look into the depths of our soul, What do we see? We see a picture of who we...

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Categories: age, baby, childhood, children,

Mommy's words of wisdom
You are growing up right before my eyes, no longer the little girl, always on my thigh.
I have implanted a foundation as your parent to...

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Categories: life, my child, truth,

How time flies
How far tomorrow seems in our eyes, 
How fast  it lands in our  hands. 
How hard we take the issues of life, 

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Categories: age, career, character, growing

Lionel Derbyshire

Sister when I euphoria
ponder on you
my bridge you were
in our days and stages.
I ponder on pillows
we slept on 
and consoled by
memorys of yesterdays
fences we...

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Categories: adventure, care, childhood, family,

Premium Member Father's Day
What does Father’s Day mean to you, sons and daughters?
I was raised without a father. I don’t know how it feels to have a father,...

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Categories: father, father daughter, fathers

What happened to that little girl
What happened to that little girl?

Whatever happened to that little girl?
The one that was carefree and happy?
It seems as though shes lost.
Swallowed by life and...

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Categories: abuse, angel, angst, anxiety,

As a little girl growing up 
Things havent been so easy 
You walked out when i was three 
Oh i could never forget that day...

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Categories: how i feel,

my generation
My Generation
My generation had nothing but imagination 
Growing up on the outskirts of Dublin city
working families all around bound to 
make the best of every...

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Categories: graduation,

In the forest I began small and new
I could not move for a year or two
I slowly made my way trough snapping 
Branches to...

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Categories: growing up,