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Dog Abc Poems

These Dog Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Abc Dog poems written by international poets.

Wild animal, shameless dog.
Naked beast , blood of death.
Evil eyes, bound by lust.
Biding his kind,holding his leash
Foolish virtue,
Fighting with vultures.
Stupid light,
Shining in darkness.
Proud pig,
Dancing ...

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Categories: introspection,

My People
My people, good people bad people
Try them, have a taste, 
How do you like the sweet aloe Vera?

My people are black, dark
Not that it bothers...

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Categories: africa, character,

How my dogs greet the morning
Early in the morning
Everybody is yawning
I hear my dogs bark
But still it is so. Dark
The light slowly arrives
The city comes alive
My dogs r abuzz wth...

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Categories: dog,

Trust you
I can see the light beyond the clouds
I can see rain beyond these drought
I can see blessings of all sorts
Still i want to cling to...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, anxiety,

Diary of a street Dog
They call with a whistle
“A friend” I smile
Only to deform at sight of the   "duka"

They whistle instead of my name
Or they think I...

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Categories: animal, betrayal,

The Mistress
Finally, I would have a good night's sleep
In this big mansion I always have dreamt of
The mansion that once belonged to a man
To whom I...

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Categories: desire, evil, horror,

               THE INNOCENT HEART ? 


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Categories: abuse, anger, emotions, heartbroken,

Suffering in Silence
The sun had been courteously shining,
But disappeared progressively.
The clouds became dark and rushing;
I heard several thunderous thunders.

Small and scattered drops of rain started falling.
Then, it...

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Categories: break up, character, confusion,

The Price of being a Woman
In da Cameroon by da light of da moon,
The mothers iron their daughter breasts,
They put hot rocks to stop the shocks,
Of unwanted pregnancy.

In Bangaladesh when...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Puppa goes on a Yacht
Puppa, is a Jack Russel Terrior,
He is white with tan markings.
One day the hole he was digging in the yard
was big enough for him to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The Accusation
I accuse you. You are a man. You have blood on your hand.
You are the one who bashed your wife to death,
I accuse you.
You are...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The beast
Anger is an alarm to the inner beast,
With clenched fists and teeth,
Slowly drawing hefty breaths,
Biting into words and stamping the floor beneath
He’s deformed and blind,...

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Categories: anger, angst,

The Train to Treblinka
It was a glorious day in 1943,
The kind of day you wish to hug your children carefree.
The frozen Polish Winter winds were almost dying,

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Categories: 10th grade,

Love can kill you
Love can kill you

Sometimes love is not
what you think 
It comes like a dog
Waiting for that moment
To be on your lap
And never leave.

Waiting like
A child...

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Categories: allusion,

My wallet and I
My wallet,
Made of shining black leather.
I bought it a decade ago,
From a Lacoste shop.
It fitted well in the rear pockets
Of my blue denims.
It was happy,

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Categories: anniversary, anti bullying, april,

In the hills of seven huts
In the hills of seven huts,
Where war is either a place or surname,
And dreams are translated into numbers,
And a number became a gambler's sad song,

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Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation, art,

needing a tow
I'm trying to breath but it's hard to, living 
in this world like being trapped behind d-
oor  corner. Seeking for a light but still...

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Categories: adventure, africa, america, baptism,

Thoughts inside those walls
as i lay here and wonder how many times i went wrong
i realized i have lived the drug life way to long 
i lived day...

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Categories: addiction, drug, prison, solitude,

Premium Member A Normal Day Down Brylee Way
An apple a day
down banana way
one takes the car for a run,
the dog stays home.

An elephant in the
fish tank?
Someone left the gate open
the horse escapes.


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Categories: fun,

Zinc Adulating

Abominable holiday season greeting to the have-nots me and you
Bombshell tabloid sleigh bells got those ear holes ringing
Cut the tax gift wrap ribbon, only good...

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Categories: metaphor, parody, slam, word