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Courage Abc Poems

These Courage Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Courage. These are the best examples of Abc Courage poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Salt City Syracuse
Salt City Syracuse, You dwell in Mid State,
You are used for testing new products,
Rebuild, rebuild where you are,
15th Ward East, Southside of town,
81 came it...

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Categories: absence, change, conflict, courage,

Ask your self
Thinking you top of the world 
You boogie
Think you untouchable 
Entitled you feel... 
Smart know who to try 
Think money buy love
No self-worth 

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Categories: confidence, courage, divorce, encouraging,

For a Glimpse of your eyes
Brave men fighting
Knights crawling
Strong men dying
Life fading
People perishing
For that wish that should be dying
Sooner or later it shall start crying
Kings crying
Emperors imploring
Kingdoms falling
Empires collapsing
Poets writing

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

The Way up is Down
Being Desperate to succeed,
Means desperate to foresee.

To foresee the rudiments of success,
On steady look and not on swift races.

Though sense organs react to tranny's pains,

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Categories: allusion, anger, blessing, books,

A great man
You've worked so hard to make ends meat 
You've sacrificed a lot to make sure that we got an education 

You've made many bad decisions...

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Categories: dad, family, father, father

Growing Amid Thorns
Timely, a rapid germ enters a rich soil,
Grows into a plantlet all green to admire.
Enraged thorns obstruct its growing tall.
Old it will grow, no matter...

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Categories: anxiety, confidence, devotion, hope,

Trust you
I can see the light beyond the clouds
I can see rain beyond these drought
I can see blessings of all sorts
Still i want to cling to...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, anxiety,


               Sometimes through life

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, bullying, caregiving,

I'm drowning
I'm drowning deep within my thoughts.
My heart tries to reach out to the mind.
Yet the blood circulation cant reach the mind.
There's rain in my eyes,...

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Categories: baptism, beautiful, best friend,

Eyes dark brown
Hint of opulence
Deep stares
Eyelids pose no indulgence
Mascara projecting a bold persona
Sometimes too intimidating to bear
Coy corner of vulnerability
Crumbles courage without care
Stone hearted countinence

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Categories: march,

Blazing Parody
An answered prayer for those opportunists,
Stealing valued objects on their lists!
To make money out of what’s left and danger,
The goal of every human-scavenger!
Fire shocked the...

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Categories: 4th grade, 6th grade,

I opened the door and found all the wounds that I pretended that they did not hurt right in front of me
I had sealed the...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Street sign
Street sign

A walk through life
Is a wake up call to reality 
I walked many paths 
Most of them without any direction 
But still I walked


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Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, change,

Premium Member S - Self
Soak into your senses 
Stop stepping down your standards for someone's satisfaction
Your skeptical because selflessness sent you staggering 
Stumbling and succumbing to something you are...

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Categories: courage, feelings, growing up,

I found God
I found God

 I was lost, alone, and hurt
But never forgotten.
I cried tears of pain and tried to reach out, but everyone seemed so far...

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Categories: allah, art, courage, faith,

Promised Life

You promise life
But how do I hang on?
I strive daily
To make the right choices
Only to see how
I’ve failed you...
One.... More...Time
Yet you forgive me
But again...And...

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Categories: betrayal, courage, dark, depression,

The Night
The Night

It's 2:17 am I am restless and unable to sleep.
I peer through the curtain of my small room,
Wow, the moon is well defined,
The sky...

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Categories: blessing, courage, good night,

Forgiveness after RAPE
I remember screaming "stop! " I could only yell  
You  drug me upstairs and raped me  putting me through  utter h...

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Categories: abuse, anger, christian, courage,

On My Way
On My Way

If I may, just focus upon today, bid farewell to delay, yet seemed to find his way, never five to deceive and strive,...

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Categories: absence, addiction, angst, conflict,

love so far
the love I feel for her 
Is a love so great 
shes so far but our love 
is a picture to paint 
a story of...

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Categories: april, courage, crazy, flower,