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(F)EATURED (F)ORM (I)NVITATIONAL SERIES no 1 haiku - Brian Strand's Blog

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English experiential poet of open verse& creator of the FOOTLE (singular form)&EMAGI digital reverse ekphrasis.A regular @PS since 2007 ,with 9500+ poems posted&sponsor of 1260 contests ( Amazon books- (500+) reviews)GOOGLE my POETRY BLOGS @ an Ekphrasis e-book for free @








Blog Posted:9/16/2019 11:38:00 AM

I have missed the contact with Psoupers from sponsoring contests(but not the admin associated therewith).Sooo..As an experiment I invite 'entries ' to a Featured form blog ( via soupmail to me to include a pasted link therein to the poem ).I will read the poem just once,and if it appeals*will feature it here and  post the name of poet+poem and the link as part of this blog for others to click on.

Each featured form wil remain open for entries  until the blog drops off this PS  mst recent list of blogs 

FEATURED FORM no:1 haiku (show don't tell is my take thereon)


Wilshkobi ode.

John Gondolf

Wendy Watson


Tania Kitchin


I will not judge the technical aspects of the form.

Placings Podium  or  HM a appropriate

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/26/2024 MAM- MA Sonnetmother,
2/26/2024 do -do - DO-DO-ITSU Dodoitsuword play,
2/26/2024 NOUVEAUISTA morris ensor Didacticart,
2/25/2024 PURPLE Verseart,color,
2/25/2024 PERPECTIVISTA francesca uccello Didacticart,
2/23/2024 PERFORMISTA klein beuys Didacticart,
2/23/2024 SPONTANEITY Bioart,poetry,word play,
2/23/2024 KINETICISTA gabo calder Didacticart,
2/22/2024 LIBER VERITATIS Versebible,christian,
2/22/2024 EMBROIDISTA boetti Bioart,
2/21/2024 PHENOMISTA riley appel Didacticart,
2/20/2024 LANDISTA long gormley Didacticart,
2/19/2024 I AM poetry Bioword play,words,
2/19/2024 FANTASY a wordplay Imagismfantasy,
2/19/2024 RELIEVISTA donatello Didacticart,
2/18/2024 RUBENISTA watteau titian rubens Didacticart,
2/17/2024 SPUMATISTA leonardo Didacticart,
2/16/2024 SFUMISTA da vinci Didacticart,
2/15/2024 CERAMISTA cliff leach Didacticart,
2/14/2024 BROKEN MONIKU short beards Epigramfashion,
2/14/2024 FOUR by FOUR a quaternion Lanterneseasons,word play,
2/14/2024 SUPREMISTA malevich mondrian Didacticart,
2/13/2024 BROKEN MONIKU 2 DISINGENUITY Epigramfashion,parody,
2/13/2024 BLOTISTA cozens Didacticart,
2/12/2024 C T Alliterationword play,
2/12/2024 BROKEN MONIKU 1 CERTAINTY Epigramfuture,word play,
2/12/2024 CLERIHEW Leighton Clerihewart,people,
2/12/2024 PASTELISTA degas chardin Didacticart,
2/11/2024 REDAMANCY defined Biolove,
2/11/2024 DIVISIONISTA degas signac Didacticart,
2/10/2024 DESIGNOISTA zuccaro Didacticart,
2/9/2024 MUSINGS Versememory,
2/9/2024 CONCEPTUALISTA koons hirst et al Didacticart,
2/8/2024 ROCOCOISTA gardi hogarth Didacticart,
2/7/2024 GOTHICISTA martini nothke Didacticart,
2/6/2024 PENCILISTA leonardo verrocia Didacticart,
2/5/2024 BAROQUISTA lanfranc rubens pozzo Didacticart,
2/4/2024 NEO-SCULPTURISTA canova giamcometti Didacticart,
2/3/2024 REALISTA bellows country guttoso Didacticart,
2/2/2024 ENCAUTISTA rivera sensor johns Didacticart,
2/1/2024 ORPHISTA apollinaire delauney Didacticart,
1/31/2024 SGRAFFISTA dubuffet Didacticart,
1/30/2024 QUIESCENT Didacticpoetry,
1/30/2024 CONSTRUCTISTA pevsner tatlin Didacticart,
1/30/2024 QUEST -that is the question Rhymelife,
1/29/2024 FIRST DRAFT Versecolor,
1/29/2024 ILLUSIONISTA mantega Didacticart,
1/28/2024 ART POETRY Jesus and me Bioart,christian,poetry,
1/28/2024 FUTURISTA broconni balla Didacticart,
1/27/2024 ENGRAVISTA durer goya Didacticart,
1/26/2024 INTIMISTA Vermeer etc Didacticart,
1/25/2024 TACHISTA tobey wols et al Didacticart,
1/24/2024 PORTRAITISTA observations Ekphrasisart,
1/23/2024 DADISTA Arp Duchamp Picabia Didacticart,
1/22/2024 MINIATURISTA Hilliard Holbein Didacticart,
1/21/2024 IMAGINATION -half American cinquain Lanterneimagination,word play,
1/21/2024 PRECIOUS MOMENT Biofirst love,wife,
1/20/2024 STILL LIFE MODERNISTA 20-21 century Didacticart,
1/19/2024 RENAISSANCISTA michelangelo et al Didacticart,
1/18/2024 Fibonacci MIRRORED Fibonaccidream,summer,
1/18/2024 STYLISTA kirchner klimt modi Didacticart,
1/17/2024 TACTILISTA rodin hepworth epstein Didacticart,
1/17/2024 IMPRESSIONISTA monet manet etc Didacticart,
1/16/2024 EKPHRASISTA FIBONACCA Fibonacciart,
1/16/2024 LEAR the LIMERICKEER Clerihewhistory,poetry,
1/16/2024 LIMERICK the histoire in VERSE Didactichistory,poetry,
1/16/2024 EXPRESSIONISTAS munch blake et al Didacticart,
1/15/2024 Here we go A SIJO Didacticnostalgia,poetry,word pla
1/15/2024 ENIGMATISTA hopper macke Didacticart,
1/14/2024 SURREALISTA picasso at al Didacticart,
1/14/2024 IMAGINATION a definition Imagismimagination,word play,
1/13/2024 ABSTRACT art an INHALATION Didacticart,education,
1/13/2024 BLITZ of coloured words Listcolor,word play,
1/13/2024 BYLINY the form Biochildhood,nostalgia,
1/13/2024 CREATIVISTA klee matisse Didacticart,
1/12/2024 QUATERNION explained Didacticpoetry,seasons,
1/12/2024 IMAGINISTA rothko newman wols Didacticart,
1/11/2024 ABSTRACTISTA pollock kandinsky Didacticart,
1/11/2024 I SAW THE LORD 4 line song Biomusic,
1/10/2024 SELF PORTRAITURE art AND me Bioart,
1/10/2024 POP ARTISTA Ekphrasisart,
1/9/2024 EKPHRASISTA- pointillista Didacticart,education,
1/8/2024 ADELAIDE CRAPSEY imaginista Didacticimage,poets,
1/7/2024 WILLIAM SOUTAR cinquainista Rhymepeople,poetry,
1/6/2024 END TIMES SONNET Rhymechristian,future,
1/6/2024 A VERTICAL HIKU the form Didacticpoetry,word play,
1/5/2024 TIEN the form Didacticpoetry,word play,
1/4/2024 CREATIVITY- 4 TENETS endword Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 CREATIVITY-PARTICIPATION tenet 4x4 Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 CREATIVITY-PUBLICATION tenet 3x4 Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 CREATIVITY-PARTUATION tenet 2x4 Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 CREATIVTY- PERCEPTION-tenet 1x4 Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 CREATIVITY-4 TENETS preface Didacticeducation,poetry,
1/4/2024 POPE the QUATRAIN FORM Didacticpoetry,word play,
1/3/2024 MY LAST N-A Prose Poetrypoetry,word play,
1/3/2024 MY FIRST N-A an american cinquain Cinquainpoetry,word play,
1/3/2024 ODYSSEY Rhymelife,spiritual,
1/3/2024 TRISTICH PARALLEL the FORM Didacticpoetry,word play,
1/2/2024 END WORD maranatha Biochristian,word play,

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