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Thank You

Thank you for being rock solid for me
Allowing me to simply be
Give me space to come crashing down
To sing out of key to smile or frown

Thank you for being willing to stay
Each time I tried to run away
Hold me, kiss me till it passes
When I stare through gloomy glasses

Love me cos I'm yours to keep
Hold me while I fall asleep
Let me go so I can move
Marvel when I'm in the groove

When my brain and heart short circuit
Read the manual on how to work it
When I'm rushing slow me calmly
Be my strength when I go barmy

Understand my every act
No matter how the odds are stacked
And when I want to run and hide
Open your heart I'll climb inside

When I am loving sweet and tender
Welcome me, reflect, surrender
Give your life right by my side
And love each second of the ride

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Memoirs of a Gay-sha

When I was 10 my world was fun
Filled with friends and joy & laughter
I didn't know what was to come
Who I'd become thereafter
11 came and I changed schools
With all my friends and aspirations
Along came homework and more rules
A pretty rigid education
Walking down the corridor
My arms around 2 friends
They said "stop!" they'll think we're gay
And right away, my innocence ends
I knew that word could not be good
Not something I should be
So I agreed and shrugged it off
After all, what had that to do with me?
First they started on and off
And then became relentless
Shouting Fag, fairy, queen and poof
I was just a kid, alone and defenceless
I felt humiliated, but you see
I thought, this can not last!?
And then my friends turned their backs on me
I felt my spirit shrinking fast
8 hours a day, 5 days a week
Was more thank I could take
For 7 years my prison grew
If I was going to survive, I had to escape!
The bullying got worse you see
I couldn't speak of this at home
My mind became a safe place to be
And I got "I'm not normal, I'm alone!"
When they laughed and passed pictures of me around the room
And the humiliation started
My face turned red, I felt despair and gloom
Then into my head I departed
I knew from now on that I was doomed
Life could never be the same
Because in the background something loomed
The voice in my head said I was to blame
I couldn't understand when I screamed out inside
Why nobody could ever hear me
No one helped when I stood and cried
No one came to rescue me
As an adult I found it bizarre
Why can't I let anyone in?
I couldn't see the prison bars
That kept me safe, but trapped within
I was pretty smart I guess
This prison I created
Kept me from harm, keeps in the mess
Whenever I'm humiliated
I ask you please consider all
When you see "Leave me alone"
Hear me shout from behind my prison wall
Don't Ever leave me alone!

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Wait a minute, in my dream last night
I met the guy who fit just right
Vivid memory coming through
Of me finally meeting you

Golden purple dreamy haze
Moments caught inside your gaze
Touches, kisses, magic, whole
In this dream filled time we stole 

Laughing, grinning, soft caresses
Holding hearts and healing stresses
Exploring childlike what we bring
Playful Fingers wandering 

I've held your hand inside my mind
Now it's warmth is real this time
I've seen your face and your eyes staring 
And now I feel their gentle caring

Your taste your touch your look and smell 
Tantalizing treat, all is well 
Electric senses, heart pounds like thunder 
Kiss your body with gentle wonder

Legs and arms like tree roots twisted
Sweet sensations, bodies misted
Grinning wide with tickled feet
Outrageously perfect and complete

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Blown Away

Stand here crucified with sin
Pummeled by the howling wind

Arms stretched wide, just you and me
Thrown to the mercy of the sea

Torn open to the blackest ocean's
Hypnotic, murky, moody motion 

Pulled to the edge and feeling small
Drawn here by your ghostly call

Rooted there on ancient stone
Petrified, I'm not alone

Through violent waves I search for calm
Trusting you'll do me no harm

Souls screaming, shattered space and time 
Take back what's yours, give me what's mine

Tortured surf, I feel your pain
I will not sink in you again

Jet black water, purple skies
Stung my ears and pierced my eyes

Primal, raw, bathed in your song
Part of you, though don't belong

Your ice cold breath whipping my face
It's time for me to leave this place

I turned my back in to the night
Stare up at your guardian light

Black hounds descend and steal the day
Pounding heart, I'm blown away!

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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One More Time

What could I say that you don't already know 
One last word to share with you before you have to go

After 9 years of being loved and loving everyday 
Was there really anything at all that we have left to say

I loved you every second, every moment since we met 
You had the strongest sweetest soul I've come to know here yet

I think my greatest comfort since we met until you passed 
Is I know I spent my time with you as if it were my last

It really didn't shock me that you didn't stay so long 
The angel wings you flew in on have always fluttered strong 

It's funny when I think of all the things I did, and see 
If I was here to care for you or you to care for me?

And so it's time to say farewell I'll do the best I can 
Until we're reunited my soft, sweet, bossy little man!

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Knot In My Stomach

Annoying knot right in the pit
Of my stomach, please stop it!
You twist and churn with fear and dread
Echo voices in my head

Have you any clue who I am
What I'm up to as a man?
What's your job, why were you hired?
I think you suck, that's it, you're fired

Here's your pink slip, now be gone
You been here now for far too long
Sorry there's no space for you
I've simply too much left to do

I wish you well,  it's been a blast
Redecorate your room at last
Dust the Cobb webs, walls are painted 
Furniture's been re situated 

Loving life, this brand new space
Without you up in my face
Happy feeling at peace with me
At home, in love, completely free

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Cream Cake

Little cream cake on the train from France 
Lit a fire in my mind and my heart began to dance 
Memories buzzing through my brain 
Thanks for the visit, I'm glad you came

Filled with fondest memories
Of days spent with you, heart full, carefree 
Loved and adored, my moment in the sun 
No doubt in your eyes that I was number one

Long ago you and I made a pact you see
You said, if you could, you'd come back to me 
It's been a long time, didn't know how long you'd take 
And just right then, you jumped out of my cream cake

I know love has no end cos yours is still with me 
Whispering I'm here and will always be 
For you I live my life like my life is at stake 
Thanks Nan for your visit and for my cream cake

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Heart-shaped crystal, hanging
On a rusty, dripping chain
Bright white light is shining
Like a spectrum once again

Twisting, turning faster
All the colors clash
The crystal falls into a pool of water with a splash

Its solid casing melted
Light and power gleaming out 
Long lost heart repented 
Remembering what love's about

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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You Gave Me God's Gift

I stood in front of you
Scared little boy, yet so brave
Admired what you do
Not yet knowing what you gave

Been with you but a moment 
and still I let
Your arms wrap around me
Though you hadn't touched me yet

The feel of your hands sang out
With laughter and smiles
Washing away doubt
I'd been with a long while

As we lay there together
A little flame burned
And I wondered whether
I could have what I yearned 

If there were nerves now 
I couldn't tell
Eyes wide and aware how
I felt your warmth, smelled your smell

Blessed hands touched each other
As we played and explored
Safe with you my Brother
Feeling loved and adored

Silky warm skin
laying still in your grace
My chest on your chest
Tears rolled down from my face 

The flood gates burst open
Emotions poured out
Been held in for years
With fear, pain and doubt

Let it go,  release 
Was all I knew to do
In the space you gave me
When you said, "I've got you"

Beautiful Heart
Sweet, soft soul, like no other
Sacred to me forever
I love you big Brother

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014

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Gonna stop, and think a few
Expose what I'm committed to
Take a closer look, and see
What it is that's running me?

Let me introduce myself
Fun and friendly, hooked on health
Generous as you could wish
And considered quite a dish

Mostly happy, at times insane
Turn my back, so you can feel my pain
Hold you close when I hear thunder
Let you gaze, admire and wonder

Want me, just enough to know
You'll be there when I let go
Love being right, and, not to mention
Dammit, I adore attention!

Hopeful, sweetheart, up for fun
Tease me and I come undone
Dreamer, dancer, storyteller
Feeble, frantic, fearful fella

Peaceful, calm, warrior Prince
Get my way, judge and convince
Pretend to listen, so I can speak
Creative genius, attention freak

Worship, cherish and adore me
Scared, I let your love ignore me
Desperate, I hunt your heart down
Humiliated, foolish, clown!

Beat me up, make myself wrong
Sounds like a familiar song?
Stick in the knife, twist it around
Hold me under, gasp and drown

Soul sliced by every incision
Cuts with surgical precision
Charming, witty, eye for fashion
Stone-faced, steel eyes, no compassion 

Conniving, scheming, love control
The framework built around my soul
Open-minded, guarded heart
Made self-destruction in to art

Cunning mind, I grow, and know
To deal a devastating blow
Move mountains just to help you shine
Align your goals and thoughts to mine

Love, torment, enjoy the latter
Find fault, just so I can matter
Beam in like a crystal, bright
Scare the darkness from the night

So peek inside a little more
To see who lives behind the door
Lift my mask, I'll let you see
Needy, greedy, ego feedy, me!

Copyright © SCOTT HARRIS | Year Posted 2014