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Be of Good, Compassionate Courage

They flutter, now I see
Fiery lions…
They're dancing with me
Come out and shine down 
Shun out my darkened frown

I am the infinitesimal stars in the tranquil, terrestrial night
I am the scars minutes before the sunlit dawn 
You are extraordinary like the terrain in the sky of delight
Sweep away the darkest rays tonight and invite in cheery company of delightful, beautiful enlightenment, bright and zealous as a knights' might, but nevertheless, brought forth by His son

Lord, before I was born,
You did marvelous miracles in disguise again and again
I’m a fire within, so torn
Due to stressed-out resentment and impure, untamed sin

Tame my everlasting fires of wild desires…
They’re insane without a good name, a dried-up grain 
It tires me out, burns me out like wildfires
That ignite in my once-mild brain, hard to truly attain…

Terrified and petrified 
By being with you
I was horrified and cried,
Being around you too,
Darkness deep down, draining me so more or less
With daunting, damaging distress, left me hopeless
It drowns me drastically, 
Way too complicated to merely express
Freedom acted like captivity…
Reality got confused with fantasy I guess

Lord, You are my cure
From these impure sins I commit everyday
Must say, I will endure
These waves of emotions and dangers today

Who knows, who really knows
Where the wicked wind blows
Who knows, I may never know
Where the blessed breeze will blow
But, I know for sure…that, you know,
I will come to completely understand
The sun above will glow and grow
Like dandy lions, bravery almost at hand
Who knows, who really knows
Where the wicked wind blows
Who knows, who will ever know
How the shows of faith shall show
In the eyes of a benevolent believer…
Have faith, be not deceived
The future will return no longer a blur 
Sorry, I feel you, I grieved

The rain from clouds overhead
Will shower upon us pressure and dread 
The gravity might leave us dead

But, He will see us through and cut off doubts' thread
He will give us gracious evergreen to roam in instead

Wish I can be free, immediately
The desert knows how I feel immensely
The cloudy lake sparkles in bliss ecstasy
I need to rejoice to reveal radiance to many 
That, I will do and He'll make it happen gladly
The stars that twinkle, shooting triumphantly
Wish I prayed more to be mega-motivated vigorously

Lord, You look after me…
So grateful for Your watch that illuminates me most assuredly
Your very vigilant vitality
Your quietude is my spiritual interlude that latches on to me

Shadows and reflections
Taunt and haunt me with several battles and afterwards, harsh rejections
There are some exceptions
I have been appreciated, accepted and loved with all kinds of affections

You wander in my space of my embrace
You ponder what went wrong in the first place
It was all because of your rapidly difficult race,
Needed to overcome, being last place in disgrace

Your silhouette sweeps away the sorrow 
You motivate me to move on till tomorrow
Fade away the hours spent on worrying and grief
Dread drove me to bed, brought me a lack of relief

Entrenched in embarrassment, engrained in impulsive, inner-core glow
Because that inner glow can be as precious and ebony as a plum; although,
I believe that positive affirmations and notion-inspired memories that flow
Like a river of deliverance, reflecting radiant candlelight since forever ago 

I adored you, but not as much as I did before
You were my body, from outer layer to core
You rubbed my weary, hardened temples to paradise, genuine with no hidden lies
You felt me all over by your sensual gaze until we saw each others' beloved eyes

We are dandelions…
We are champions…
In our own silent wars
I need His cure for these scars..
I bear unbearably and terribly….
Tension-tainted passion, possibly,
Will disappear without a trace of horrendous fear
I cried myself to sleep, so I won’t let fall my tear

Vanish, oh anguish of awful scarce hope
A change that is of childlike, clever cheer – 
I need that to draw near and to hold me dear
All of these hardships, I find hard to cope

We are chickens, unchained from crowded factories
We are the feathers of a billion birds that flutter at ease
Release me from the cell that I know of all-too-well
Dance with me, brave and bright lions, 
In this den of dandelions and daisies in which we dwell
I find it swell that we remained champions
Sway with me and stay with me for a while and might as well
Grow and glow like iridescent and elegant shine 
I often wish, wholeheartedly, you were mine

Oh, it wasn’t meant to be 
Unfortunately; however, maybe, 
One day, I’ll come to see
My soon-to-be love of sincerity

Perhaps, she would totally uplift my mood
Uplift me when I feel madly misunderstood
Actually, it would be good to be understood
Instead of being taken advantaged of, 
No, that’s no good…one day, my love
Will explore with me in the wondrous woods joyfully
And will share with me adoration in exuberant ecstasy
And, lastly, give me everlasting encouragement genuinely 

That special day will come
When I will meet that someone
That will appreciate all of me 
For who I am and will be entirely

Yes, I'm clearly not the only one
Lonely without hardly anyone
Except you, acceptance in my mind
While my heart is gravity-bound, weighed down, 
Once ascending and one-of-a-kind
My delicate smile will never, ever be an ugly frown
We will be as one sun with His son
There's a great chance for everyone

Maturity in me
Will grow exceptionally 
God will maneuver dreams to reality
No longer shall we be like lambs that rove aimlessly…
I am a dandy lion in my Father's garden that I fancy 

Lazily lying with the sheep of weep-no-more 
Reap remedies of relief from shore to shore 
According to God's plan for us, eventually in store
So, drifting away will not be our problem anymore

Solutions soar…..
Climb up the uplifting stairs,
Leading to an open door
Of opportunities and possibilities with no worries or cares that were wretched barriers before broken down in order to have unlimited unity with our future freedom, flaring-up with fervor flames, scorching aflame more and more with splendid satisfaction, like airborne clouds above, unleashing passionately bespangled rain that will perpetually pour – have no fear, my dear, for our faithfulness flourishes forevermore

I am the strength-thriving dandy lion, brazen-sent,
Brutally resilient and never bewildered and oblivious 
Someday, I’ll be more courageous and magnificent
I won’t end up as a scorpion, vicious and temerarious 
I am dynamic, floating dandelion, ruthless on the contrary
Caught in the wicked wind of wonders of prosperous significance 
I could be brutal if threatened, but oh so bold, I must admit
Behold, I am incredibly legitimate with a bit of vivacious wit

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2018

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We Were Young Once Upon a Time

We spent time with each other time after time
Now, we're older now...looking AT THE TIME FLY...
We were young and happy that splendid time
But, we have grown out of it somehow...I'm gonna cry...
And I know the reason why
I wanna cry...we dreamt of spreading our wings and flying away, being one with 
the current of the aqua-blue sky

We were young once upon a time
But, our young heart never was one – if it was, that would have been sublime
This shame bestows woe upon my soul…because I wish upon a star and my 
wish never came true
My heart is scorching like coal...because I’m enraged of your heartless actions, 
but that’s nothin’ new
My heart is beating like the drums in the night
I know why I feel depressed – everything’s black and white now…I know the 
difference between wrong and right and I’ve fought the good fight
But I can’t fight the rejected of the departure that lead to my rue…but I won’t 
cry (boohoo)…oh no, not tonight…I wanna be as high as a kite & look at life in 
a different light

I will squander my time now and forever
(Are you an evil, fallen angel?)
Until I meet you eye to eye again
Our departure came to soon…our future’s a blur
(sarcasm: Oh you must be a sweet, beautiful angel –)
Come on & get out of the lion’s den!
Release me…I need to let go…
Believe in me…reflect on me…
Release me…let me go with the flow
Let me grow and see…the light at the end of the tunnel
There’s other fish in the sea…

Rejected departure (that reduces me to rue)
Won’t mess with me this time…I am as fresh as morning dew
I wear an upside down frown
Gravity won’t push me down 
I’ll Stand Tall and Give it My All
I feel like I’ve been kicked around like a ball
I won’t fall apart
God takes me seriously
He took heart
But, oh God – where shall I flee?
What if sin throws me into captivity?
I would be in chains
But, I have the brains
To unchain me from my fretful fate
I will get out in no time – I won’t hesitate
I’ve been trapped in this shameful state
Help me along the way
I need God’s sun-shining day
To shed relief on me
Ease the pain 
Scrub off my heart’s blasphemy 
Shower down your healing rain  
Now, I look at life in a different light
I feel no guilt – why should I when I fought the good fight with all of my 
perpetual, awesome might? My heart is doused in delight, no longer doused in 
dismay and ahhh-fright!

We spent time with each other here and there
We lived our lives without a single care
But that was once upon a time
It was just a dream all along, though it was crime


Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Village in the Valley

Village in the Valley left behind, and then it's a fine find
Mountain in the the dark alleys of my mind

You're a flashlight
In the night
You are a friend 
Till the end
Bite the bullet
You're the village in the valley
Ignite the regret 
I'm the flag on the mountain that rolled into a dark alley

Talking xo
Thinking ox
Dreaming xo
Sinking ox
Walking xo

Zleep with me, make love to villainous Heros like me, you see?
Excrete your exclamation points on me -
In other words, yell at me all you want
Your words, like castles in a nightmare, haunt and taunt
I felt the gravity 69 times harder this time 
I felt the gravity negative 37...I'm commuting a rhyme rhyme

Screwed up inspiration the moment someone calls me...putting up with mental and emotional silent fights
Scatterbrained the moment you tainted me with your poisonous venom of wrongs and rights...

I can hold my breath under above
I can hold on to death even when I live...reviving my will to live
Number 1 thing in mind - your love
I can be bold when I want to...for if myself to give,
Not take...
Human instincts has my life at stake
I ain't fake
Take away the phantoms of the nightfall...
Break away the fall leaves of the crumbled reminders of my free-fall 
Just a little busy with myself

Feeling myself
Feeling yourself 
Took so much BS
I'm such a fail success 

Razor blades in your eyes
Needle your way through me
Tattooing your love loath oaths on truth lies in our lives of highs
Fiddle with my strings, baby

Tear away the cheater in me
Steer away from the waters of wistful desires and errors
Acting like no one cares hehe
Munching on the chips of my secret admirers 

Troublesome liar...
Put out the fire
In me heart, oh lovely life cart
Take heart or I'll shatter apart

Shrugging away the words I speak
Peace be with you, cheating death 
Reap what you sow and patch up the leak
That let go of all of the Liquid of Lament in our busy lazy lives...take a breath
Into me
Into me...
Inhale destiny
Exhale reality 
Beat life into me 
No where to flee
We are Queen and King 
Of our despondent tragedies
Give me a Middle finger ring
Because I messed it up...our temporary, blissful relationship full of happiness and miseries

Back in time my mind turns to
Up late again, sick of being apart of this corrupted crew
Stone-hard love is what you gave, don't leave me to be with me...alown with my ghosts to a certain degree
In return, I gave you black roses, splattered with my blood, my plea of free me...I'm so worthless and dainty 

I acted like a bitch, I'm sorry
Fix me, I'm a backwards clock
Change my future to beat the failures of the past...that would make me dance in glee
Run the distance and be my rock

Classical music plays in my mind
Like a pingpong match all along
Pop and rock music made me blind
But, I love the ignorance...not fully understanding right and wrong 
Listen to song in my heart
Listen to poetry I had in mind
Listen plea-please
Heal my-my disease 

Lost the grip of the hope rope 
I won't say my yes or nope
To your danger-of-peril questions 
Sick of your senseless decisions
Cope with me, the reckless slut and slave of sin
Rape me with your gruesome passion...from deep within

Snarky remarks I love, but secretly hate...what is my ultimate fate? How low or high is my emotional rate? Great...
Snobby looks I undoubtably despise
Arrogance and humility are opposites that attract like fish to bate
Lately, I was looking up to the wise at least in my weary, naive eyes

Mate, look into my mirror
You'll see beauty you haven't seen yet inside and outside of you
Disdainful rain made it a blur
Sorry, don't know me and my true colors I bet! Hah, where have you been?

What doesn't harm you 
Makes you last longer
What doesn't kill you
Makes you live stronger 

Moving on...before the break of dawn, dusk departs from me from now on and on and on 
Broken be, but God is a miracle-carver, rolling in my inner veins~~
A mender from the start to the finish line, hope is gone and seeking His ever-accepting son
I haven't been to Harvard University, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have brains (€@})

It's too late to change 
That's what I thought at first
Why doubt? It's time to rearrange
Beat this race of disgrace before we are assumed as the worst
Who cares what they say
This is our victory day
Hush those haters and make us look greater than good
It's all Good here, no room for fear, but of devouring faith food
Off the ground
Wings turn to ashes
I can fly without physical powers without a sound
Pockets full of cashes 

Villagers vocalize their shouts and praise...we are making their days like roses that sprout in the month of May - that's bae and my heart goes cray-cray these days 
Headed our direction in a single sugarcoated phrase
I'm going through a phase of confident modesty 
You're going through a stage that I'm not on yet... We're on another page in sheer honesty

Shake off the stress
Shower me with alone belong
Make me feel progress
Write me a heartfelt song...dingdong someone's home - a haven you called friend all along 

You're a flashlight
In the night
You are a friend 
Till the end
Bite the bullet
You're the village in the valley
Ignite the regret 
I'm the flag on the mountain that rolled into a dark alley

Young and free
That's what it's meant to be
Flee from me, anxiety
Embrace me, be happy 
Stay, don't stray
I heard you flew with another bird
Hey, don't go away
I loved you, speaking lullabic poetry for you in every single way
I pray you return the favor
Sprinkle salt and pepper 
Upon my distasteful flavor
You're a keeper, my beloved lemon pepper...I wanna hear your luv purrrr and your whispering murmur
In my keen, hu-hungry ears...
Longing to hear those words
For a couple of marvel years...
I apologize for the insults I threw at yah a while back...I heard they were absurd, but it came out as rapid as once-caged-freed-birds

Beautiful you, morning dew
Hideous me, cow's hilarious moo
We were meant to be, booboo
Shoo, hate, too...

I'm the village in the valley
You're the flag on the mountain 
You are Frankenstein in a dark, lonesome alley
And I'm the man who's weeping a fountain
For a secure foundation 
For our relevant relationship 
For the sake of your satisfaction 
Take a dip into my waters of wistfulness and get a grip 
We were once a wretched ship, sinking fast 
Now we are one with our friendship, growing vast 
Forget and forgive the future, present and past 

Let's make sure this adequate time spent together will never last 
As long as I am your valley 
And you, my mountainous alley 

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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Split apart your ribcage,
Open up the corridor, and let me come in
Uneasiness instantly strikes through me
Let me sway away...
Let me flutter away...
Like a butterfly out of its cocoon 
I'm trapped!Let me depart

Split apart your ribcage,
Unwrap me, let me go!
Believe me...reflect on me
Let me sway away...flutter away
Let us both seek the sun,
So we can grow together once more

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2010

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FAR AWAY - a collaboration with OliVe

Shadowed silence vibrates melancholy
As the darkening clouds spiral overhead 
Open spaces, breathing air of mystery
bloody ink of terror break in...doused in dread 
Shattering the portrait to pieces instantly
A turn to the left & to the right hesitantly
A step forward or backwards...
Which way should I go? I sponge in woe
Wouldn't it be easier to go with the flow? 
I'm so far away from the sun-drenched day, 
Falling victim to nightfall's spellbinding dismay...
Tell me, which Way I should go? 
Don't mislead me with callous words
Creeping fear and shameful wonder crawl down my spine
My heart is beating with despair, feeling like a disgrace
Misfortune was crawling within my skin...becoming serpentine
Inside of my veins...and I'm Wishing to stay in one place…
But I could not...
I could not. You left me to rot...
There was a voice within shouting at me to move forward
I am scared, but i won't sweat it...that was really awkward
My feet were unstoppable. I couldn't help, but run
Pushing. Compelling me to traverse 
Running. Running. Running. Running in the sun . . . 
My heart's melody yearns for tragedy in reverse
Running for safety, I'm grieving to the core
Who will dare share an ounce of care?
Is this my misfortune? There's more hope in store
Whispering clear a prayer, hand me the rope of hope if you dare 
Wrapping my hands together...don't let me go
Ease the earthquake fear, quaking in my heart
I'm yearning for someone...let the blessed breeze blow
I want something or someone to blanket me or I'll depart
From His light... is it out of sight now?
Longing for His healing rain to shower down relief upon me somehow
I'm awakened by sudden realization that everything will work out in the end
As drizzle sprays, cooling down my insecure state of mind
I need a helping hand to reach out to me - I break instead of bend
Speechless and afraid, I have naught to say, for I am blind
I gape at her angelic appearance 
As she traced me a lament-carved frown 
I'm far, far from the roaring crowd in an instance
I'm gravity-bound, I've been weighed down
Who can put me back together?
Am I going to remain frozen forever?
I wander in the wilderness of my mind
Naked and ashamed - I feel like I've been left behind
Earning misfortune
Singing a sad, gracious tune
Running. Running. Running. Running in the sun . . .I have allowed
Myself to breathe in the air of mystery...far away from the cheerful crowd

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Dare to Wonder

Dance to the rhythm of my heart
Can you feel the vibration?
Can you feel it from head to toe?
I listen…to your melody – a gift to unwrap
It’s a healing potion to this lonely man without a roof on his head
How can You craft such marvelous miracles?


Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…so numb
Dare to wonder
What I dream…not like some
Break free from wretched reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…free!
Freedom has a high cost – it’s not free
Pay the price
Roll the dice
My prize to you is my love

You made me merrily sing from the start…
Can you hear me longing for you?
Can you elevate me above the disconsolate clouds?
I watch keenly at your performance – a dream come true
It’s GOOD LUCK in disguise – it took hard work, man!
How can you surprise me with your trippy talent?

*double chorus - both differentish* 

Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…so numb
Dare to wonder
What I dream…not like some
Break free from wretched reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…free!
Freedom has a high cost – it’s not free
Pay the price
Roll the dice
My gifts of expressing inner love
Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…a naughty boy who loves
To cause trouble and what not
Dare to wander
In my eloquent dreams…wrapped up in wings of doves
I deliver it to you ‘cause you’re hot! 
Break free from plastic reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…truly happy! 
Freedom is free – for us thankfully
No need to pay the price
Drop those silly dice!
My present to you is my peace I hand to you


We’ll rejoice all day long 
As long as we enjoy this song 
Dare to wonder
How I put it all together?
Inspiration is key – it’s like catching a light feather
And letting it float about in the swirling sky
I release my passion and write it down on paper
It’s merely a work of art –
It’s original from the young heart

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Beauty At Its Best

Faith is like a flower that grows fervently 
Love is like a rose that glimmers majestically
It's like a tender dove that flies so beautifully,
For it gives me some peace that runs through my veins 

The sky is limitless when we soar so high 
The sun is shimmering silently, I can't deny
We are ready to reach the stars in the universe
We can't deny its beauty and shine like midnight trains

Your breathtaking beauty is like sugar and wine
It blends radiantly, so perfectly and oh so fine
The love I have for you burns and burns like a beautiful rose
It's like passionate, poise poetry that raises the spirits and pushes away painstaking prose

You're soft and gentle like raindrops on rose pedals
My love falls on top of you so delicately like waterfalls
You're a rainbow in the sky of such squalid sorrow
I will be with you momentarily, even until tomorrow 

Through thick and thin,
We will forever grow 
Like two fish - fin to fin
Together, we will glow

In the marvelous, majestic ocean,
We will share elevating emotion 
My emotions are true like the waves of the sea
True to you forever into eternity, we sway preciously 

The sunlight reflects in your eyes these days
Like diamond pieces that sparkle in the glorious sun
It blends so well with moon's glimmering rays 
The moon reflects the sparkle - joyous days have begun

The moonlit night reflects a moon that illuminates the soul
Like the mysterious, darksome ocean that takes its tranquil toll 
The sun's shadow raises its blazing brow upon the land of truth and lies 
Babies are born, but we can all choose to live or die in our lows and highs 

The earthquake of time rumbles and tumbles, making a lot of elegant erosion
Like the explosion of gigantic, volcanic ocean is our love of desirable devotion 
We try with our vivacious potential and we create something new like a lotion 
Life breathes into us, giving us spiritual strength like the actions of vibrant motion

You and I look over the beautiful horizons,
Singing with voices of a million angels in haven heavens that has no place for hells -
They do shine bright like moons and suns
Eternal peace will bring us together while the universe is where God and us dwells 
Inner joy does soothe our wild and reckless spirits,
Escaping calamity and receiving gratification through skies of wonder and ease 
It's beyond our wild and crazy winds of wits,
Enchanting us with leaves and beautiful trees that sway with the blessed breeze 
Serenity and gladness within us will never cease
As long as you soar with me in skies of surreal seas

God's creation is fervent with bright stars - 
That's what's truly ours...we are like flowers, graciously grown 
My love for you is an eternity for all time
It will mend our past scars and give us powers beyond our own

Written by Sharon Breidenthal (my sister) and I...

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2019

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Living this Lie

People seem to hide their problems for a moment
I need some time on my own to kneel down and repent
Can’t wait till it’s all over, when this jealousy fades away
For now, let the sorrowful rain shower upon me this sun-shining day

I’m very lonely in my own skin and I have nowhere to go
So sorry for feeling the way I feel…I just want you to know
That I will be alright, as long as I have someone by my side
Catch my tears before they collide upon the cold floor…in the shadows, I hide

Nothing seems right anymore – I guess I am worthless to you
I need some motivation and some confidence along the way
Can’t stand dealing with me right now, but I’ll live with what I’m going through 
No one sees me or mirrors my pain…God, just take it all away

Is there hope to find or am I the one, growing blind?
I feel like a loser when I find myself being left behind
I know, you don’t have to tell me – I was always meant to be a failure from the start
Born to be a winner in spirit, but I’ve lost it all…my faith towards you was my favorite type of art

I need to smile and laugh some, but somebody got to give me some love
I just don’t know what to do, living this lie that is below or above
Acknowledge the words I utter and graze in your own maze
People tell me, “Don’t worry…you’re just going through a tough phase”

How come God’s timing isn’t the same as ours? Sorry to question You so
The thoughts in my head are bewildering…wishing for Your gracious glow
I light up like a computer screen would, but there’s nothing to stare at
Just a worn-out mat, getting stepped on several times by heartless individuals…growing independent like a black cat

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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Wimpy Kid with a Big Imagination

Shadiness adores you
Bleakness is exhaustin’

Now, I’m so fatigued and my volume is set way low
Because you tore me down with social media craze…
You were there just for the temporarily show…you know…
Buy me black and blue flowers for the grave of my old ways…
2016 – my pride and my weaknesses take advantage of me…
I'm in pieces, Jesus... let me muse on your past life...
I love you, companion. I appreciate you, Son of God. 

I close my eyes
Losing track of time...
I’m too young and foolish to be God’s Chosen One
I am nothing compared to a million men…

First of all, I was in the wrong…I want to belong…
My mistakes have put me at stake
I suppose I was being a player…a rights’ slayer…
I’m reduced to this bitter-salty lake…

Something smells fishy here…

I sense some conspiracy garbage once more – what about you get dumped, you myth 
What in the world is wrong with me?
21st Century – the fury it reduces me to is something peculiar to the highest degree…

I’m sippin' on the Lament liquor - cheers to that, lad…
Schizophrenia manics made me bust out in tears and fears – from past peers…

I’m a flame, hunted down like game…

Drum rolls…drum rolls… drum rolls…

On my knees…speaking words of wisdom from the Holy Bible...
Watching you swing on your last string in a daze - you're so damn unkind
CUZ you didn't let me know...
How to let go...
CUZ I can't let go...what's been done has been done.
Rapidly, I can outrun these obstacles, sneering at viciously... 
A crease of a wicked smile runs down my face...
"You can't catch me! Ha! Ha. Ha! Ha. Ha!" I said childishly

You’ll smell another scent of freedom
That's been eavesdropping on my violent, maniac-like, criminal battles…
Riding on my crazy caterpillar cattles…:P

Not all dimensions are fairies and flowers
Magic doesn't exist...or does it?
Paranormal splendor sanctify me with salamander swords (kind words that sting)

Diamonds seem to sprinkle 
I’m spiraling like tree branches… 

Misery monsoons made me a mistake in my madness…

Hypocritical lies you spoke to me once upon a dream
Hypothetical facts squeeze out the opinions that ruined my self-esteem...
But, we are...surely...on God's team...? Right?

I glance at the spiralling galaxies on your right hand
A pirate ship with a shown in the veins, beneath the skin... lands, colliding into one another...
You'll see another light side of me
You'll see another light side of me...

I'm on my knees, sucking on my thumb in a hundred degrees weather...

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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I Believe In You

I believe in You…
I really want to believe this is true
Oh god, you made my day
And you made me jump with joy today

*chorus* Someone is calling my name
Somewhere out there…somewhere out there…
Could it be you? 
Is this a dream come true?
Someone is calling my name
Somewhere out there…somewhere out there…
Could it be You? 
Is this a dream come true?
I can feel you lingering around me, whispering in my ear:
“Have no fear, have no fear…
There is hope if you put your trust in Me!”
Those words make me speechless 
I carry on with confidence, knowing all of this is true
Yes, I smile…and God healed me from the flu
Thank God I’m not alone,
But I’m stronger than I realize
Your spirit that guides me – I truly prize! 

How kind of you…
To expose your miracles out of the blue
Oh Lord, you make me smile
Not for a while, not for a while
But, forever…and you made me think of love on a different level
You are so different, the opposite of the Devil


I believe in You…
I really want to have a brand new
Start…don’t depart, don’t depart from my gaze
I want to express my glorious praise
So, listen…
I see Your eyes glisten
With love and serenity…peace and liberality… 


Oh god, you made my day
And you made me dance with hope and I pray
That I look up to You and say
How much I need you in my life
I want Your word to submit to me like a wife
Your spirit is what I yearn to have…
And this remorse cuts me with a knife
Could you take me away from this vicious strife?


How awesome of you…
To expose Your promises out of the blue
Oh Lord, you make me depend on You
Not temporarily, but I want your spirits to renew
This faith in my heart…deep down inside
This anticipation in my mind…to stretch out wide
Like a rubber band…however, it’ll never lose grip 

Some kind of King or Shepherd is calling my name with gentility
My mind is frolicking jubilantly, not paying attention  

I think my Shepherd is calling my name
Somewhere out there…somewhere out there…
Could it be my loving and forgiving God?
Could it be Your voice, calling from afar?
Cleanse my heart, for sin clings on to it like tar….
You are like a car,
Driving me to the road of paradise…
You are the most majestic star!
In the ebony sky…I hope you’re not too far…

Constantly, You make me think of endurance and devotion on a different level
I believe in You
 I’ll remain faithful to You…
I look up to You
I’ll refrain from feelin’ blue
You are so beyond brilliant…I’ll never put up Your spirit on sell!

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014