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Ocean eyes

Walking all night
On the glittering wet sand of a sea shore.. 
In the shadows of twinkling stars..
Through a silver airial fabric
of a tiny waning Moonlight 

Till the sun begin to rise
fom within the lap of distant crimson waves..
And gently start ascending to the magical sky...
With scattered purple clouds... 

For this spectacular sight
Ocean halts and transforms to mirror
To wholly reflect the colours of Dawn
From its redish wine waves... 

Wow, his view is like a pupil on the blue
Sun Ball far away on the horizon
Sea acts like the lower lash
While the sky like the upper one
With the magic of tiny pieces of hued clouds

Perhaps a glimpse of big bang...
Or a corner of heaVen... 

Eternity in every moment..! 

 (12-21 2020)

 2022 Poetry Marathon Mile 13 Poetry Contest sponsored by Mark Tony

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2020

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River on the Moon

In the middle of deep dark woods
Beneath the clumsy, capricious clouds
A wacky, wiggly passage leads
To a captivating, carious ground

There dwells a divine dreamy Datura
Brewing, in the lap of her beaming aroma
A bowl of nifty, nefarious nectar
Whose magical scent I smelt in Abyssinia

Pour one drop of it in your soul and soon___
You will get teleported__ to river Reena of the moon
Celestial fantastic flies hovering you
Until you are inebriated by the Reena's liquor__Maroon

               # ________________________________#
P.S: Datura is a flowering plant also known as Moon flower.

(The lap of Datura is aroma, and the nector is brewed there...
Reena's liquor is Maroon in colour) 

(~Paghunda Zahid... 2020 - 08- 19)

entered in ALLITERATION Poetry Contest by JOSEPH MAY

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2020

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Just your face : couplet

Futile is the sun to a heart in awe
And trivial is the moon's cosmic fame

All these voices are nothing but noises 
These Flowers are like invisible stars

For what's it that the universe contain 
Nothing... but your face to keep me sane 

Only your voice brings exceptional joy
Only your lovely smile can make me fly

Syllable count: 10 per line
27th July, 2020
Edited to write it in couplet form for:
Joy Poetry contest sponsored by Regina

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2022

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She is Pacific ocean 
Tranquil from outside
tumultuous from with in
         Shallow it seems from the  surface
         But deep, very deep it decends

And what things it carry inside
Lively Coral reefs
And Volcanoes
Ready to errupt... 

         A world that can never be uncovered...

She is a cloud
Floating on air waves
Struggling to find a place
Where it will shower all of its gems
And those won't go wasted
But will reborn the dead soil
And the sleepy seeds

       So precious, so full of potentials...!

She is a butterfly
With the heart of an eagle
Standing like a mountain 
Against the Tsunamis 
That rise when stones are thrown in the sea

         Fragile yet very strong... 
         Emotional but Taciturn... 

She is a moon
Having different phases 
Which come out to roam every night
To enlight the valleys
To listen to the untold stories
And go back in morning to burry them.... 

        She is light, she is beauty 
        A food for thought, a key to imaginations

And yes she is a flower
Scared of taking her hands of her face
For she will be cut, put in vase and eventually thrown away

          Fate has this in store for flowers

She is but she is not
She exists but she does not
Like stars on a full moon night
She is there, and she is not! 

          She exists yet she does not...!! 

~Paghunda Zahid
Placed 01 in Brian's J. Select any form any theme poetry contest

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2020

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Heart's Harp

Tiny heart soars high in the sky
It raises above, ripping the dark clouds
And talks for hours __ to the Mage of Night 

At times, it dives down deep into the blue water 
And swims on the back of a butterfly fish
Sometimes rests in a fluffy coral reef__

It walks like a king
In the vast empire of my Mind
Surely, it is the sun of this perfect floral garden

Every now and then, it gets wet
By the glum autumn rains
When it walks on the barren lands

But, it gets up, open its wings
Flies again above the winds
Or slide down with a crunchy crimson leave
To sleep on a noisy pile of sacked leaves

Little Heart's harp is strange
Little heart wants everything

Though, it is enslaved
Inside a in ribs-cage

Note: Mage of night means Moon (the magician) 
(2nd March,2021) (For Heart Harps poetry contest)

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2021

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In a parallel universe

In a parallel universe
Is there another me? 
Somewhere in a parallel universe
Quite near, yet very far
In a magical world
Where I have long white wings
I wave them upon mighty Oceans
Against the ferocious storms
Rest them on crowded offshoots of dark jungles
And return back at night to the den
That lies up in mountains ___ above the clouds... 

In yet another universe near by
Is there a different me__? 
Trapped inside a cage
Wings atrophied__
The art of flying forgotten__
Even the desire __ to take a flight __is dead
Just walls __
And walks__ In a close loop... 

Or is it just me? 
One and only __ in the unlimited multiverses

But these feelings in my beating heart__
Something in my mind___ tells me
They exist... 
Are they, like me, thinking about me__ right now? 

What if one of them open a portal 
And enter my world___
How would we feel? 
Would we like each others’ life style? 
Or is it, “grass is always greener on the other side”

But I wish her to be the one with mighty feathers
Would Swipe my life with her __ for a day or two
To feel my long dark hair
Floating on air waves
As I glide and soar high & high
Above the world
In a sweel parallel universe 

(10th July 2021)
Paghunda Zahid

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2021

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Caged Tiger

Amid the chaos
Amid the storm

The dark clouds were adorned
By a  dome of seven shades

And a silence prevailed
A stillness was proclaimed

The leaves, the petals stood amazed
While the birds flew in haste

As the sun shone on the cage
Where a tiger was in rage
Roaring and walking still in chains

Watching the rain being flown in cascade
The dried leaves red by blood from a crusade

Started digging up the key from the swamp
In hope that a devine hand will descend to help

The chains will be broken
And the tiger will soon be running in the wild

Ferocious... notorious... with an incredible zeal
On the cliffs, in the meadows and deep in the woods

~Paghunda Zahid 
(29th August, 2021)

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2021

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Human's stupidity

Sea level rises... glaciers gradually melt
Global temperature is climbing the cliff.. Beware 
But hey, G H gases don't exist.. Global warming is a myth

Throw everywhere in the streets, plastic and filth
Eat, and just leave disposal plate somewhere, anywhere 
And dump wrappers in oceans and water pith

Basic unit of food chain, the shells are getting extinct 
Reason... Ocean Acidification... Be sacre, be very scare
But no, water won't mind industrious wastes, they think

A tiny killer virus has taken over the world, bit by bit
A pandemic! To the modern man was rare
Thousands died, yet to them this pandemic is bullsh*t

And would say, don't take vaccines, it' ill make you impotent 
Don't wear the mask, it'll make you look stupid, beware
And that Vac contain micro spying chips... Damn it

Mother Earth is in ICU, we made her a patient
Her blood polluted, poisonous is her air
Yet, all is well, to them these problems never exist
Human's STUPIDITY is making us all extinct

3rd April, 2021

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2021

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How come you hold the key... 
To the Adam's apple and gra-vity..!! 

You allure me in like a meteor in space... 
And charming is thy Apple's taste..!! 

Now here I stand ___ over the moon... 
Content ___ in your enchanting cocoon..!! 


19th June, 2022
Placed 2nd in Brian's Premium contest. 
& 4th in Mark Toney's 2022 Poetry Marathon Mile 3 contest.

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2022

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There is a Star With My Name on it

And once again the quiet Night comes
Bringing to life many zillion Flames 

Some vague, some clear, some near some remote 
Smeared on the Night's long black over-coat

Blinking their eyes, these Stars hide and seek
Drawing smiles on every watching cheek

Amid these, some look like burning coals
They have our names crafted in their souls

Every single particle of sand 
That slips like cold water through our Hand

And is engulfed by the tormented Waves
When reaches bottom of the deep Caves

Breaks the hourglass ___ Ignites into flames, 
Transcends barriers of times and space

Flies___ until reaches the end of skies 
Each one that you see with naked eyes

Have a gem in them, an ember wish 
A Heart's beat, that refuses to perish

When dreams are shed__ this sand reaches end
Turns to glimmering suns___ to heavens __ assend

(Paghunda Zahid)
(26th Feb, 2021)(3:56 pm)

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid | Year Posted 2021