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Poets Writing Poems

These Poets Writing poems are examples of Writing poems about Poets. These are the best examples of Writing Poets poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Navigate
A captain will navigate his ship
keeping it safe for his men.
A pilot will navigate his plane
for his passengers.
Like the ship's captain and the airline pilot,

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Categories: writing, boat, day, life, sun,

Premium Member I Write For Me
It’s not about you I write for me;
To keep a positive mind or vent,
so much more than art it’s therapy;

Poetry let’s me be real gutsy;

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Categories: emotions, feelings, poets, writing,

Premium Member My Pretty Colorful Rose Bouquet MR
The yellow rose is filled with sunshine and joy,  
she says welcome back or good luck.  

The red rose tells a story of...

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Categories: writing, blue, green, happy, love,

Premium Member In the Grass
Walking in the grass,                     ...

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Categories: writing, betrayal, cool, friend, green,

Premium Member Spreading Happiness
S - Spreading happiness and smiles to every
P - Person near and far
R - Ringing out great cheer
E - Everyone will hear
A - And I...

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Categories: writing, happy, life, love, memory,

At first I wondered if all things have been said
already, spent
by poets of the past. They stole our words.
We found them stashed. We rearranged, often

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Categories: writing,

Premium Member Music
As a baby we first hear music as a lovely lullaby,
in loving arms as we are rocked to sleep.
As a toddler we learn to dance...

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Categories: writing, baby, child, dance, fun,

Premium Member Easter
In this commercial world we live in,                  ...

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Categories: writing, candy, god, love, remember,

Premium Member Beloved Pet
It was a beautiful Spring day,                   ...

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Categories: writing, angel, flower, heaven, joy,

Premium Member Ladybug
L= Ladybug you look so
A= Amazing with your pretty glow
D= Dressed up putting on a show
Y= You look lovely as you say hello
B= Bright red...

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Categories: writing, flower, hello, humor, kiss,

Premium Member Out Of Sync
If I was a form of poetry 
I’m not a haiku or sonnet;
More like a brand new remix,
just what I want to be;
Inventing new rhymes...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, poets, writing,

Premium Member Kiss
A young child's first kiss will be with a puppy or a kitten,
as she gets older the kiss could be written.
A boy puts the first...

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Categories: writing, boy, cute, dad, fun,

Inner Voice of Poetry
Poetry determines its own form

the Anatomy of heartfelt expression

Sort of like, God choosing Moses
who objected for his stutter: “Surely,
Lord, would not my brother (Cecil, the...

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Categories: writing, inspirational, introspection, poems, poetess,

Premium Member All Poetry In You
A quill on a paper
Letters of thoughts decipher
Letters in fonts that walk

Penning your words and talk
Over your head is a halo
Expressing your heart that glow

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Categories: writing, emotions, feelings, perspective, poetess,

Premium Member For You, Love
How does one say~I Love You,                   ...

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Categories: writing, love, time, together, words,