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Poets Writing Poems

These Poets Writing poems are examples of Writing poems about Poets. These are the best examples of Writing Poets poems written by international poets.

I wanted to be everything in my life but not a writer
I wanted to scream shout and fight for everything but my timid self couldn't...

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Categories: writing, chicago, poems, poetess, poetry,

Premium Member Why Did I Become A Poet?
Quote By Poet: "I like to bring my imagination out in writing so you can bring your imagination out in reading."

Books call my name,
the bookstores...

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Categories: writing, blue, books, poems, sea,

Premium Member Poet's Note

Giving voice to my dream, my hope, my belief,
Meant silencing doubts who clung like murky mist,
Listening to the light, which banished my grief.

Joy stirred my...

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Categories: writing, muse, poems, poetess, poetry,

Premium Member Smokey Filled Speak Easy
In the dim-lit alley of the soul's bazaar,
Were jazz and jive spill from ajar,
We tap our feet, snap fingers, under stars,
And speak in verses, raw...

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Categories: writing, 6th grade, anxiety, celebration,

My Hearts Garden
Crafts loves this is a mystery I see
I didn’t know I suffer the same fate
I too have a garden, mahogany
Vines twist rocks onyx and alabaster

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Categories: writing, dark, emotions, extended metaphor,

Premium Member I am a poet
I am a poet.  Not really sure when I accepted this fact but quite thrilled with finally having a title.  I write whenever...

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Categories: poetry, poets, writing,

Premium Member Fun
rain is sad
Friends will shout
we are mad

sun come out
Under the sky
do not doubt

do not cry
Now be glad
a big sigh...

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Categories: writing, children, cry, games, giggle,

Premium Member Look Closely
I took the short path,
as many do to get to the beach.
Loving the beach with it's white sand,
a great summertime place for all ages.
I could...

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Categories: writing, beach, fun, morning, summer,

A lazy man sings
Of how much work his desk brings,
But too lazy is he 
To do anything but sleep. 

A lazy man gives 
So many...

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Categories: writing, 3rd grade, fantasy, fate,

Premium Member He Has Only Just Begun
It started thousands of ages ago,
when He had only just begun.
His creativetly was beyond all thought,
it was just divine.
If one looks over the many years,

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Categories: writing, earth, people, time, world,

Premium Member Raining in Summer
Spring is on it's way out,
with warmer days on the horizon.
Summer is a great time of the year,
sleeping in from school ~ hooray.
Splashing fun time...

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Categories: writing, beach, food, fun, garden,

Premium Member Arrows
Arrows from bright, unbroken skies
are falling down into the eyes
of a man who is searching, yearning to find
fantastical vistas inside of his mind.

The warming rays...

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Categories: writing, good morning, imagination, inspirational,

Premium Member If Only You Knew
If only you knew the struggles I have had,
many were very sad.
My kind and loving dad,
knew I was never bad.
I should have kept a notepad,

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Categories: writing, dad, daughter, love, people,

Premium Member God Sends Pets Without Wings
"God sends pets without wings so no one will suspect they are angels ..."  Unkown

Angels come in all sizes
Never knowing when they will appear
Great fur coats to...

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Categories: writing, day, friend, fun, love,

Premium Member Admire A Summer Flower - Sunflower
Sunny and bright are your colors
Using your pretty face to wear
Never a frown always a smile on your
Face of pedals showing
Love for us to enjoy

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Categories: writing, beauty, drink, love, smile,

Book: Shattered Sighs