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The Aberdare Ranges Kenya
Dawn, when silence falters
And the trees of the range- 
Are tucked in a bucket of fog
Marching dawn, whose beauty never alters,
I tuck myself in blankets like a log
At the Treetops Hotel upon the range
Dainty dreams upon dawn’s altar

The dappled peacock...Read More
Categories: warthog, africa, mountains, nature,
Form: Rhyme

The night was young, ecosystem calm
Thoughts flooding my mind, I got drowned in them
Pin fall silence, I could hear my blood flow
On the spur of the moment came misdirection

Entered she, soaked in tears
Her eyes inflamed; larynx they were
Tears still cascading...Read More
Categories: warthog, cute, emotions, for teens, lust,
Form: Narrative
I thought it was a bed of roses,
I knew it was a gallery of smiles,
I saw marriage a sweetest thing,
Full of love,trust and well being,
I never imagined otherwise.

All in me changed  completely,
When a couple parted ways,
The wife narrated the...Read More
Categories: warthog, marriage,
Form: ABC

We begin to get restless,
And know that feeling
The one when our heads
Start reeling!
It’s time to visit the Kruger Park,
Although sparse rain, and
The bush will be stark!
Adrenalin starts pumping,
And hearts thumping,
We arrive 4 hours later
At our camp
Wow it’s...Read More
Categories: warthog, africa, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE INSOMNIAC
It’s quiet now the world is sleeping,
The passing traffic has slowly died.
In the distance church clock striking,
Loved one snoring softly by my side.
House creaking,tap dripping.
A dog howls,tom cats are on the make.
The rest of the world is in the land...Read More
Categories: warthog, mom, night,
Form: Rhyme

A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo
A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo,
You won’t believe it but I’ll tell it to you,
I was driving there and what did I see?
All the animals were set free!

The eagles were flying thru the air,
What destination? They...Read More
Categories: warthog, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Brainwashing A Greenhorn In My College Den
I dubbed a first year my room mate
Upon arrival into our teacher training college
To baptize him. His pride in quick order I did decimate
Taking him at high celerity on a binge

Initiating him into traditional beer
In a nearby shanty compound
Where I...Read More
Categories: warthog, poems,
Form: Free verse
when I open the eyes, and squint properly
From above the Chetambe, and watch around fairly
I think is a nice , but together spent rarely
I want to chat you Mr Elephant, but then shed the ticks

You say I am giraffe, and...Read More
Categories: warthog, anti bullying, betrayal, character, discrimination, endurance,
Form: Personification
Premium Member My Favourite Animal In The Wild

My favourite animal in the wild?
Brumbies and mustangs when I was a child.

But now as an adult I really can't say,
There's such a magnificent diverse array.

But I suppose upon some introspection,
With my lean towards natural selection...

The dogs I keep are...Read More
Categories: warthog, animal, appreciation,
Form: Rhyme
The land of Baobab and Acacia sassa trees
The proud land of our forefathers.
The home of the fastest animal on earth - Cheetah
The oldest inhabited territory on Earth, 
Who handed treasure of wisdom down to us
The most-populous landmass. 

The place of...Read More
Categories: warthog, 8th grade, africa, animal, beautiful, beauty, bird,
Form: Free verse
A lone female warthog
Laden with fetus
Strayed the quiet suburb
In search of food.
Later its offspring were rearing
Their fragile heads from a 
Shallow tunnel where it had
Sought refuge when nature caught with it,
There it would wait for several suns,
Till its babies were...Read More
Categories: warthog, abortion,
Form: Ballad
Raising the Roof
him as a lion creeping but part of a full on stampede
The grazers all sleeping roll out the cart at the country buffet's bull is all they believe
The young lion on the ground scuffing even brazen to lay down to...Read More
Categories: warthog, bereavement, spiritual, violence, youth,
Form: Free verse
To a - Zebra
You're a horse with an idiot paint job,
all zig-zaggy blacketty-white
you stand out when you're in a snowdrift
and can't even hide in the night.
Outrunning a Cheetah you canna
not graceful like any Gazelle
for living out on the Savanna
your life must be probably...Read More
Categories: warthog, humor, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Say I:

On the websites I used to share, I was frequently amazed 
     Poems got greeted with silence; it seems eyes were quickly glazed. 

It’s as if I’d morphed into a Pig Latin-speaking warthog.
  ...Read More
Categories: warthog, culture, poetry, poets, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Tears of the unborn child
Incoming to live 
I died unborn, and 
I don't know if I did 
Something wrong. 

Don't play on being bemused 
As I'm gone 

Why the killing of the unknown me 
I also did not know you 
Nor the...Read More
Categories: warthog, birth,
Form: Epic
The Aberdare Ranges Kenya
Dawn, when silence falters
And the trees of the range- 
Are tucked in a bucket of fog
Marching dawn whose beauty never alters.
I tuck myself in blankets like a log
At the Treetops Hotel upon the range
Dainty dreams upon dawns altar

The dappled peacock dazes...Read More
Categories: warthog, africa, animal, beauty, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Yesterday I learnt,
A beautiful something,
I learnt the peace,
That does not cease,
The breeze,
Clothed in nature's green,
The comfort,
Draped in nature's brown,
Through the woods,
Into the caves,
Over the bridges,
The sweet waters flowing,
Whispering gently,
That soothes the soul,
Impregnates the face,
With a broad twin lipped smile,
Crackling fires,
Rising...Read More
Categories: warthog, nature, me, me,
Form: Free verse
Hurt my Darling
Tell me if it is true, 
She too has a heart that can hurt
Hurt her for me, Hurt that girl
And I will saunter to soothe her
But don’t harm her, it hurts
I need my first words felt in the heat
My fountain...Read More
Categories: warthog, lovesweet, me, sweet,
Form: I do not know?
The Dinner Party
The elephants were feeling down
As pachyderms oft do.
The cockatiels were quite depressed
The chimpanzees were too.

The mood among the jungle crowd
Was in short quite low,
When a young Hyena yelled,
“I’ve got guys, I know!”

We should throw a dinner Party
To stop us feeling...Read More
Categories: warthog, children, funny
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Zoo From A to Z
Alligators, Aardvarks; Arctic fox and hare. Also Armadillos and Asses will be there!

Bobcats, Beavers, Boars; One Blue whale will do! Bovines and a Booby (maybe 2)!

Caribou & Camels; *Cavies & a *Coot; Cottontails, Chipmunks, Chinchillas looking cute.

Dingoes, Deer & *Dik-diks;...Read More
Categories: warthog,
Form: Abecedarian
I'd Rather Freeze!
I'm on this blind date.

(Baby, it's cold outside).

This date AIN'T so great!

(Baby, it's cold outside).

I'd rather be home...
and  watch  paint  dry!

It takes me five hours to get ready!
My Dior dress looks sexy and chic!
This half-wit is dressed...Read More
Categories: warthog, funnyme,
Form: Lyric
Road Rage
I board my little metal box early in the dawn,
Adjust my seat, fix my mirror, turn the stereo on,
I love the drive, I live for the day,
And I am generally  accepting,
Of all those little experiences,
 Life shares with me...Read More
Categories: warthog, confusion, funny, life, on work and working,
Form: I do not know?