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Violence Poems

Violence Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about violence. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for violence.

New Poems

Field Commander Zed
Based on L. Cohen’s Field Commander Cohen
Dedicated to my mentor and friend Z.M.  

Field Commander Zed, 
he was a poet not a spy, 
firm believer
that his duty
was to fill the void with beauty
of his metaphors and rhyme,
it is infiltrated
with...Read More
Categories: violence, friendship, song,
Form: Rhyme

I tried to take the higher ground, I’m sorry, I just can not
The words you spoke have ricocheted and now I’m deep in thought
Did you hold her closer when she faltered? or did you take a verbal shot?
Did you place...Read More
Categories: violence, death,
Form: Free verse


THINKING...Read More
Categories: violence, corruption, culture, depression, environment, mental illness, truth,
Form: Free verse
Once upon a forgotten Kingdom
Once upon a time in Erin land,
the sun smiled on the people 
the rains communed peacefully with thunderstorms
Erin flowed with palm wine and palm oil, 
And her children drank to their fill  
Oba Adeniran, was a great king, 
loved...Read More
Categories: africa, brother, bullying, forgiveness, satire, society, violence,
Form: Didactic
Sounds of war
There is rumbling in the skies
It’s not thunder
Babies sound a chorus of cries
Where is mother?

They have mastered the drill
To take cover
Prayer the only sanctuary, they stay still
Survive or wander

There is no heat to keep them warm
There is just rapid fire
They...Read More
Categories: violence, conflict, confusion, death, peace, people, war, world,
Form: Rhyme

The Universal Way of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
Liberal, simplified and abridged translation for speedy daily practice. 

Released into Public Domain. 

The Bodhisattva of Boundless Will arose from his seat, bared his right 
shoulder, turned towards the Buddha with joined palms and asked: 
“World Honored One, we yearn...Read More
Categories: violence, adventure, anxiety, universe, uplifting, woman, women, world,
Form: Prose Poetry
In the Valley
In the valley where
Life is lived as intended
Happiness is widespread
As far as any eye can see.
Joy and love reign
As peace and blessings
Fall from above.
Minor disagreements though
Few and far between,
Met with acceptance and
Understanding are 
Respectfully resolved with
Knowledge and equality
For the good...Read More
Categories: violence, 9th grade, beautiful, bible, devotion, inspiration, jesus,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Golden Tongues and Silver Bullets
Freedom of speech
is less about freedom from suppression
when more about freedom toward mutual dialogue,
cooperatively held impression
to co-invest in active democratic hope.

Perhaps this is why
First Amendment non-violent communication values
grow in heart-felt significance
as Second Amendment rights to bear violent arms
recede in multicultural...Read More
Categories: freedom, health, integrity, political, power, usa, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Real heroes...sacrifice their lives...
Giving protection and peace in our hives..
Secular country,lost wealth of 42 warriors...
Leaving their families with heavy heart,
Almighty showers blessing in heaven.
Devastation of silent Pulwama with violence,
Changed Valentine day to black day...
Brought lump in our throat no way..
Bloods...Read More
Categories: violence, prayer,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Sounds of Violence
     snake slithers
    venomous strike
       echo hisses...Read More
Categories: animal, sound, violence,
Form: Haiku
Black Satin
Black Satin

Clouds of fascism, blocking out the light of diversity 
Sheets of rain drowning out the voices of crusaders

Socialist artists with paint brushes and black paint,
White wash over the history between God and man

Enforcers try to use fear to drive...Read More
Categories: culture, inspiration, poems, political, society, spiritual, violence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NonProfit CoOperatism
An important truth of non-profit cooperatism,
as contrasted with for-profit corporatism,
is democratic wisdom
of co-investing capital and equity and interdependence,
giving from a healthy egalitarian heart
is also receiving a wealthier, more resilient, bilateral mind,
mind and body fullness,
ego- and eco-therapeutic resonance.

While true of all...Read More
Categories: violence, community, earth, health, home, humanity, religion, weather,
Form: Political Verse
Hanging up my gloves
Brain isn’t working, 
sawdust between my ears,
All the connections broken, 
can’t go through the gears,
I really am stupid,
more dense than railroad tracks,
A haze has descended, 
at least covering up the cracks.

Was sharp as a razor, 
just the other day,
Now all...Read More
Categories: violence, abuse, allegory, boxing day , confusion, humorous, irony,
Form: Rhyme
Because Of Just Being Rohingya
In Myanmar,
We wish to be writers.
But our pens have been snatched.
Because of just being Rohingya.

In Myanmar,
we wish to be doctors.
But we have been banned from higher study.
Because of just being Rohingya.

In Myanmar,
we wish to be businessmen.
But we have trade license...Read More
Categories: abuse, betrayal, discrimination, innocence, jealousy, lost, violence,
Form: Prose Poetry
Mass Transit
Where is the mass transit sending people to?
Dispatch of souls to places unknown
See the loading ramp down by the barracks
A place to herd them into vehicles
What type vehicles and for what use?
A bus to drive them to a spar resort
A...Read More
Categories: absence, conflict, violence, war,
Form: Blank verse
born beneath a tangle of stars

cream cry Hamal

blood-warm straw

away in a manger

the whistle of distant collie


but all too soon

a frosty breeze chews the nostrils

the farmed proletariat

mass in trucks with fear

spindle limbs hacked, knife hung on a hook


dragging her...Read More
Categories: animal, culture, environment, food, life, murder, violence,
Form: Free verse
Pipe Dreams
…incongruous car




shiny-red, carwash-clean


not the usual

sharp edges


not stolen, like glances

not abandoned, like puppies

not torched, like memories

not peeling, like marriage

not rusting, like opportunity

not dumped, like dreams

not burnt out, well…


his coat was left on a rock

overlooking the industrial...Read More
Categories: anxiety, men, poetry, sad, solitude, suicide, violence,
Form: Free verse
Terrorist breakfast
British people asked for 30 minutes to eat their breakfast before being evacuated from Terrorist Threat.

When in Britain I like to sit down
To a full English breakfast when I go into town
With sausages bacon eggs and beans
And a cup of...Read More
Categories: violence,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member apprehensiveness
apprehensive to walk these alleyways
before me i see violence and filth
colliding in the shadows of night
disheveled piles of trash strewn about
emptied cans tipped towards houses
fences fighting to stand together
gathered only by the gates that keep them
holding back nothing but time
inscriptive...Read More
Categories: violence, life,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Anger
surrounded and penetrated
by glowing Awareness..anger
is righteous and serves
to right apparent wrongs..

when anger is unleashed
with cloaked Awareness
we meet with suffering
extending the dream..

all is Awareness whether
Awareness acts as anger
or we suffer to waken......Read More
Categories: inspiration, perspective, violence,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Led Astray
"I will miss you!" was her wail,
She was only sixteen, after all,
Her boyfriend was going to gaol,
Some bloke had died in a gun brawl.

She was only sixteen after all,
Her boyfriend was not all that smart,
Some bloke had died in a...Read More
Categories: death, friend, loneliness, loss, sin, violence,
Form: Pantoum

      More books, less guns
      more love, less violence
      more culture, less "gyms"
     more democracy, less dictatorship
    ...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, books, education, peace, violence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nationcide
I heard from PrimeAryan DT
that socialism kills nations.

I thought it was fascist totalitarianism
that killed nations,
the lack of democratic social intelligence,
social investment,
non-violent communication,
win/win social justice. 

My grandparents,
at least on my mother's side,
who seemed ancient and fragile to me,
often opined,
"When...Read More
Categories: violence, anger, anti bullying, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Never Forget
The noise of battle raged all around
distant guns, the smell and the sound
mingled with fear, lost hope and death
scars on the wounded- those who are left

The young, the old, forgotten men
lie in the earth, graves in scores of ten
friend, brother,...Read More
Categories: appreciation, conflict, courage, dedication, future, violence, war,
Form: Free verse
Chop Slice Eat
The repair man went to fix the television at the old woman's house. It took him thirty minutes of messing and cursing to do it. With a grin and press of the remote, he said, 'Sorted.' 

The old woman grinned...Read More
Categories: evil, horror, violence,
Form: Verse