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Long Tyburn Poems

Long Tyburn Poems. Below are the most popular long Tyburn by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tyburn poems by poem length and keyword.

Dear Rich,

The weather turned cold 
And a friendless mood came upon me
My companion was no where to be found
My last resort was to let go of all the passion I had

Sitting at our familiar place
I realized...

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Categories: confusion, devotion, hope, inspirational, life, lost love,
Form: Tyburn

Hospital Halls and Walls
I catch a fleeting glimpse of her room from the hall,
my back slams lightly against the wall,
slumping listlessly, my anger out of control.
As she lies in her hospital bed, tubes patrol
in and out of every...

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Categories: lifeanger, universe,
Form: Tyburn
Acrobatic Essence of Zephyr
winds drift
hopes cascading

Zephyr's delight
caressing branches in the breeze
Zephyr's delight
Spirals of light
flickering shadows from the trees
Currents of erotic winds tease
Zephyr's delight

from mires
of gray sway
and receive thrills
as the soft whispered breath of Zephyr spills. 

Zephyr races Rushing,...

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Categories: tyburn, nature, sweet, sweet,
Form: Cinquain
Early One Morning
I watched as the last star of night faded out
And sunlight filtered over the distance
The horizon simmering on amber seas
I watched from the shore.

The gentle ripples of dawn tide awaken
A sleeping world and here on...

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Categories: fantasy, world, silver,
Form: Tyburn
Sometimes life is unfair
We are stuck with what happens to us
Our heart and mind captures our worst and best moments
and all this they call memory
Why the hell it was created is beyond me
but how it...

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Categories: confusion, heart, heart,
Form: Tyburn

I Chose To Be a Poet
When I started my writings I didn’t know that much;
But, as I began to write, I learn to know so much.

Let’s say I knew a thing when I got featured, my poem;
I knew what rhyme...

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Categories: tyburn, devotion, education, life, on work and working,
Form: Lyric
Your book says 'Honor Thy Mother and Father' and you tell me I must follow this.
But I must dispute back and insist you cannot honor those who aren't honorable.
And you watch me as I take...

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Categories: confusion, life, me, me,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member Mayhem Poetry Form
I do not know the different forms of poetry
To be honest I have no desire to ascertain
So many forms and so complicated
To much confusion for my lazy brain!

I just like to write my thoughts down

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© Deb M   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tyburn, humor, poetry, poets, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poetry Form Mayhem
I do not know the different forms of poetry
To be honest I have no desire to ascertain
So many forms and so complicated
To much confusion for my lazy brain!

I just like to write my thoughts down

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© Deb M   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tyburn, confusion, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
All the stars in the sky, 
have fallen from above, 
And rained down upon my world, 
as broken pieces of love. 

Here a piece, there a piece, 
all about they be. 
Like hope, faith, and...

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Categories: love, heart, heart, love, me, universe,
Form: Tyburn
A Zealous Poet
All right, no more Abecedarian again!
Buzz off,
Cut me some slack,
Dogging me,
Entrapping me with a 
Form of poetry I am not
Good at,
I entreat you
Jot down some other forms that won’t
Knock me off my rocker, like
Lyric, Limerick...

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Categories: tyburn, word play,
Form: Abecedarian
Phlowery Phools

I totally take gardenias for granted
As do I the petulant petunias someone planted
I neither bless nor bow to any bouquet
Nor any overused flowery cliché
I walk by the willows and never weep
And I wish morning...

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Categories: faith, children, funeral, happiness, pets, philosophy,
Form: Tyburn
Comic Book Superstar
If it makes you feel better
Consummate Hero
You make the world so vivid
As you spread the night.
If the world can play to the second
You could be President.

In touch with reality, not at all
Sky Kommandant, wilted in...

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Categories: tyburn, satire, world,
Form: Free verse
Finding Fantasy
"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination"

Fantasy world
Opens up mystical vision and then
Allows oracles to see Wilde beasts
In here only
Close the door

Fly fast
Fly free
Wild eyed wanderer just with me
We are etched...

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© Tim B  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tyburn, fantasy, love, dance, dance,
Form: Tetractys
Execution - Collaboration
Despair of spectres whispered, John heard it muttered
Fears spoken, centuries of shame sunk into stone
Hanging tree hoisted him, feet above ground fluttered
Rope bound neck bulged, blood starved eyes shuttered

Aghast, entertainment starved spectators absorbed gore
Under his...

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Categories: tyburn, angel, anti bullying, corruption, courage, dark, death,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Two-Faced
A tyburn is a six line poem consisting of 2,2,2,2,9,9 syllables. 
The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. 
The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the 
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines...

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Categories: love hurts,
Form: Tyburn
Knowledge abound for those who seek and embrace it diligently
Now I can write Tyburn,ABC,dodoitsu,sedoka,senryu and Euphony,
Of which are not known to me and many others before
With directions,write ups and contests;amateurs are no more.
Love is abundant...

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Categories: tyburn, love, people, poetry,
Form: Acrostic
The Ending Part of My Life, the Beginning Part of My Suffering
The Ending Part of My Life, The Beginning Part Of My Suffering
By: Sami LaRose

The tears are over powering my view
Making it impossible to see into the moonlight
So many noises all around, when I just want...

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Categories: depression, sympathy, teen, time,
Form: Tyburn
The Taunting Tree
Timing                                  ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, history, sad,
Form: Tyburn
The Mixed-Rhymer
Tyburn and Diamante, the smarty and the glow, are now here
and they’re ready, perfectly ready, to be read by you my dear!

The wintry weather have mantled their innocent forms all day, 
and by the window...

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Categories: tyburn, family, life, nature, nostalgia, on writing and
Form: Couplet
Premium Member - Violets Are Not Always Blue -
port wine

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Categories: blue,
Form: Tyburn
Premium Member - Grapes Are Not Always Sweet -

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Categories: friendship,
Form: Tyburn
Write Me a Tyburn - Hic a Hic Tyburn

A  day down a windy, windy road,
okay, me a whiney, winey toad!


Homonyms: Windy - Blowing.  Windy - Meandering.  Both based on English English.
Homophones: Whiney, always moaning, winey, hic,...

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Categories: wind, wine,
Form: Tyburn