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Winter Triolet Poems

These Winter Triolet poems are examples of Triolet poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Triolet Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Wild Winter Wind
Written 27  July 2023
Edited 30 July 2023


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Categories: inspirational, men, seasons, summer,

Premium Member A Bold Yellow Rose
A bold yellow rose, on it grows
through days of intense heat and chill.
The sun and kiss of dew it knows.
A bold yellow rose, it grows,...

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Categories: flower, growth, rose, spring,

Premium Member Winter's Bright
Autumn’s light begins to fade
as Winter’s bright white blinds
and attacking winds cascade.
Autumn’s light begins to fade
while winds whip – engage, evade!
Like bitter memories assaulting our...

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Categories: autumn, environment, memory, seasons,

Premium Member We First Met
Can you remember the first day we met,                 ...

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Categories: day, humor, remember, summer,

Premium Member Winter Night
A crisp cold on a winter night.
I felt numb when I walked outside.
A red moon moves to the site.
I continued to speak and fight
I stood where...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, night, winter,

Premium Member Another Wintry Day
It’s too cold, so, I cannot go outside and play
Staring at a computer makes my eyes rheumy
My muse, apparently, has nothing to say
It’s too cold,...

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Categories: weather, winter,

Premium Member A Winter Tease
Snowflakes soft as a Kentucky breeze
Floating down gently in the frigid air
Settling on the barren limbs of trees,
White brush strokes on a winter frieze
A whisp...

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Categories: snow, winter,

Premium Member Monitoring the Thermostat
Temperatures have plummeted for November,
And I am monitoring my thermostat setting
Snow is expected, normally, not until December,
Temperatures have plummeted for November
My fireplace is a-glow with...

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Categories: december, november, weather, winter,

Premium Member Sycamore Stanchions
Sycamores standing bold and naked  
Leafless limbs facing the chilly breeze
Without broad leaves appear wasted,
Sycamores standing bold and naked
As stanchions are almost over-rated,
Still the...

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Categories: tree, winter,

Premium Member Frozen In Time
Casting a glistening ray across glossy ice
Midnight sun above the frozen Arctic,
Shimmering stars adding a cosmic spice
Casting a glistening ray across glossy ice,
Two parka-clad lovers,...

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Categories: friendship love, love, night,

Premium Member Cold In Them Thar Hills
This week, snow is expected in the hills
A bitter cold Halloween like I remember
Thinking about it gives me the chills
Mostly the looming winter heating bills

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Categories: mountains, snow, weather, winter,

Premium Member On An October Caramel Morning
"recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown ..."

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: birth, memory, october,

Premium Member Swirling In the Wind
Autumn  leaves will soon be falling
 Summer holds on a little while
 Winter snow will soon be calling
 Autumn leaves will soon be falling

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, seasons,

Premium Member Winter Doldrums Again
I am slipping into winter doldrums again,
Though I know spring will soon appear
I long for blue skies and flowers to remain,
I am slipping into winter...

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Categories: depression, feelings, winter,

Premium Member Glow of the Universe
Warm spring sun talking to the trees,
Bringing the glow of the universe nigh
On the wings of a sweet-smelling breeze,
Warm spring sun talking to the trees

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Categories: seasons, sky, spring,