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Friend Teen Poems

These Friend Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Friend. These are the best examples of Teen Friend poems written by international poets.

a button a magnet
A button a magnet
Oh how connected i am to you
Like a down of a thistle 
A button, maybe two.
A world full of wonderful things to...

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Categories: teen, 8th grade, best friend,

Premium Member Mixed Poetry At Life's End
Life has a beginning and a end, 
for me when and where will it all end by friend. 
I wish I knew how many more...

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Categories: teen, crazy, family, friend, heaven,

Premium Member Undone
I was only four, 
when Blackie my dog died. 
My dad ran my best friend over, 
yes it was a horrible accident. 

I was...

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Categories: teen, cat, dad, heart, love,

To the one I seek
I cannot write of love, 
For I know nothing of it. 
So I shall write of you 
Did you know your head tilts when you...

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, first love,

Premium Member A Fairytale
Did you ever read a fairytale,  
maybe the fun book was on sale.  
I had a fairytale book with a huge purple whale,...

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Categories: teen, animal, food, friend, giggle,

Premium Member Young Love

She met him when her heart was young,
Fell hard and fast, but it was a feeling unsung.

Time would take her down so many roads,
Where life...

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Categories: love, nostalgia, romance, teen

Premium Member My Pretty Red Bird
my pretty red bird - wears a white coat of snow. 
My fun and very best friend Dan, 
and I built a huge snowman. 

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Categories: teen, bird, friend, fun, snow,

Premium Member Good Wishes For My Enemy
Dear Enemy, 
I will wish you well and set you free. 
Your words and knife, 
will no longer hurt me. 
Too bad it all had...

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Categories: teen, blessing, family, freedom, friend,

Premium Member Giving Gifts
Giving gifts ~ required boxes are filled ...

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Categories: teen, christmas, december, family, friend,

Premium Member Consciousness Correction
In life,
there are times when anxiety can set in.
Maybe from a person or a place,
then fear can follow.
Seems like anxiety and fear are best friends,

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Categories: teen, best friend, emotions, fear,

Premium Member Funny Thanksgiving Limerick
Grandma burns the food and is no cook 
She needs to stick to reading a book 
Fire covers the turkey 
It tastes like beef jerky...

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Categories: teen, family, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member Keep
Quote By Poet "True friends know when to keep their tongues locked up and not to speak."

Can you keep a secret?
If you can,
then you are...

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Categories: teen, dog, friend, people, silence,

Premium Member The Last Organ Grinder
I can still remember visiting a small musical town,  
a young boy holding his hat and singing his heart out for money.  

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Categories: teen, boy, dad, dog, music,

The Battle For My Teen Mind
The battles began when I entered my teens.
The voices  challenged me on so many things.
At times I would feel tortured, how was deep pain.

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Alone In the Crowd
In the circle of laughter, I stand alone,
In the midst of friends, I've never known,
Their voices like music, a distant song,
But I'm lost in the...

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Categories: anxiety, poems, teen,