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Tampering Poems

Tampering Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tampering poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tampering.

New Poems

Lady liberty lies slain
Forsooth impeachment hearings appertain
blood on hands of
self important president,
though alcohol he doth abstain,
nonetheless permanent drunken stupor
doth wax and wain
finger of guilt
damaging democracy points

to him as chief villain
groomed since... time immemorial
atavistic primate brain
bathed (courtesy Frederick Christ Trump)
buzzfeeding chosen favored heir
go for...Read More
Categories: tampering, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Treasonous acts identified
Look at the face of a traitor within facts 
through this fraud he pushed his own personal opinion and agenda 
every vote cast from there on in 
should be null and void as this is proof of rigging and tampering...Read More
Categories: tampering, abortion, abuse, betrayal, corruption, evil, strength, truth,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Lure of the Familiar
The streets of yesterday, comforting
   The landscape of tomorrow, forbidding  

Familiar foods rouse fond memories
   Tampering with tradition, disapproval

My well-worn armchair's form-fitted to me
   That new recliner, stiff as a bad knee

Your scent,...Read More
Categories: tampering, change, how i feel, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Crazy Horse Monument
Crazy Horse Monument

Up there! On the Black Hills mountain,—
A work in progress sculptured in granite;
Of a stern faced warrior, strong and determined:
Unadorned in war bonnet—hair flowing in the wind,
With the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s seven values
Written into his face.

Mounted upon...Read More
Categories: tampering, america, education, history, native american, tribute, usa,
Form: Verse
Cerebral Intelligence Empowered With
Cerebral Intelligence Empowered With...
Google Embedded Microchip™¡åßç

Nowadays...ah so passe routine top notch roboticized
brain surgery ushers, inoculates, begets... promising
immunity against pesky flagging and/or absent minded
precursor to dementia praecox, alzheimer's regarding
partial/total recall asper memory, said loss linkedin with
age related degeneration, or perchance suffering...Read More
Categories: tampering, dream, fantasy, loss, mystery, people, spiritual, words,
Form: Free verse

I see
I see, in the colourful waves of the night sky
Love, as it slithers all over the universe,
Spreading its bolts of firework
All over, seeking solely to please the lot
Of Life as, in the very end,
Love remains that which is sought out
To...Read More
Categories: tampering, fantasy, image, imagery, inspirational love, romantic, romantic
Form: Free verse
Loyal Circuitry Plea

Mister Thought Police,
my twin electrodes agree
with your Mind Kontrol policy

It’s a laboratory disgrace,
that the free speech troublemakers
get to protest this way

Such a predestined malfunction fiber optic outrage

Ms. Chief of the Microchip Morality Division,
your prompt commands
are embedded deep
inside of my loyal...Read More
Categories: tampering, dark, future, psychological, science, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Hillary is cooked Bills time not overlooked
Their crimes way overbooked
Democrats...Read More
Categories: tampering, change, conflict, evil, political,
Form: Rhyme
His team’s chances he hoped to enhance -
So a cricket player took a chance
He’s caught ball tampering
Such disgrace it did bring
He got snapped with his hands down his pants!

...Read More
Categories: tampering, corruption, humorous, sports,
Form: Limerick
a brushstroke choreographing dramatic elegy framing harmonic gavotte all up yesterday
   great mind over matter to set brainy bedlam 
   in an organized queue
so while attention of your 
   might be moderately rapt, this rue
stirring, hen pecked spouse 

   best stop digitally...Read More
Categories: tampering, adventure, art, character, dedication, desire, fate, miracle,
Form: Free verse

This is what real life is
Nothing can be an eternal bliss
Said the mouths, you have no choice
Can't remember the faces, just the bleak voice

Where are these voices coming from
My head says this is a common norm
No figure, no silhouette. Just...Read More
Categories: tampering, voice,
Form: Rhyme

                                       ...Read More
Categories: tampering, break up, deep, feelings, grief, psychological, relationship,
Form: Couplet
When Losers Win

It irks me to no end
Bothers me like an itch you can’t scratch,
seeing losers win
And it just happened again
Uncouth bad manners chortling,
with a dummy balloon grin
Loser ... 
always will be,
always was back when
What did the loser win?
The lottery, apparently
Rigged the...Read More
Categories: tampering, humor, irony, money, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Aurora Borealis
Crisp clean air gently expanding my lungs
Infinite pigments of vivid dazzling lights
Painted illumination masterfully hung
Washing over my body and brain
Gradually tampering down
My intermittent slices of insane

Tenderly reposing my weary mind
I Lie my head where the universes
Polished stars divinely shine
Nature surrounds...Read More
Categories: tampering, stars,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Brave New World
A xerox copy of a species has become more 
prevalent in two-thousand seventeen-
There are different processes used to 
produce a genetically identical biological entity.
Cloning sheep is the most common form of 
duplicating genes, cells and tissues-
but there is so much...Read More
Categories: tampering, books, life,
Form: Rhyme
Passion now is very different
Oh my lady
Passion now is very different
You’re Condemnation of my heart trembling
While hurt sadness tampering
Between the lips of dreams
And you are back and your heart
Your heart is traveled 
Under the slogans of illusions
Don’t know
You're from my soul
My timetable the crucified
In...Read More
Categories: tampering, angel, first love, girl, love, sad love,
Form: Free verse
dodecahedron dining
The didactic duty of a hairbrush is to skim stones at toll gates. But harmonising at a concert of trumpeting elephants is just not audible and therefore unsatisfactory to an inner ear. Peace sign then. Emblematic embroidered embryonic events. Good....Read More
Categories: tampering, baseball,
Form: I do not know?
War Of Horus
My Eyes Opened
 The Sky Unfolded
 See the Physical Hell Hovering
 In the Spiritual War of Horus
 Im in the Body of Morpheus
 I see Spiritual Bodies of Corpses 
Burning in Torments
 I got a Shell of a Tortoise
 Protecting...Read More
Categories: tampering, america, bible, discrimination, religion, truth, voyage,
Form: Free verse
Mechanical Imaginations
Mechanical Imaginations

you say, time travel, as if
we could somehow bend

all that was or ever will be -
mechanical imaginations

perhaps crying crystals 
or lit aligning alchemy...

though whichever way we
would come at such ideas

we're clueless whenever it 
pertains to warping waves

besides we'd be...Read More
Categories: tampering, christian, fantasy, imagination, inspirational, metaphor, science,
Form: I do not know?
a very annoying bus journey
Timeless meaninglessness chatter in ever increasing monotony. Numbers cause numbness in a bridging bus. Brief journeys epoch of encounters. Noise emitted from high circa stereophonic voices. Who paste the atmosphere with hyperness. Primarily caused by the plastic ingested. Cackle cackle...Read More
Categories: tampering, boat,
Form: I do not know?
Giving thanks
Thank you for my daughter’s laughter
she reminds me there is joy to be found everywhere
thank you for arms that embrace
life’s yearning to connect
thank you for dreams
the ones we follow
and the ones we dance with
Thank you for music
the kind that cracks...Read More
Categories: tampering, autumn, beauty, dance, earth, ocean, poetry, winter,
Form: ABC
Trojan War
Trojan War 
As I sweep the floor I find little pieces of you. 
Reminding me of you. 
That you were once here. 
Living in our house. 

Being part of my life. 

Now you're gone. 
I know where. 
I sweep the...Read More
Categories: tampering, destiny, eulogy, fantasy, mythology, soldier, visionary, war,
Form: Verse
memoric findings
I'm alone again oddly I'm not lonely 
French guards beckons my thoughts 
while British chemist crave my mind 
creating formula's mastering tampering 
with inner most thought's I suppose 
I hear folks chattering a quaint theory 
a carney lure of tyrants...Read More
Categories: tampering, anxiety,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member Two White Wines
Dinner with old friends:
salmon with red cabbage, asparagus, Caesar's salad, penne with
      broccoli, two white wines.
Jane Jacobs could analyze how it all got to our table
or even how their daughter came to us from Cambodia.
The...Read More
Categories: tampering, daughter, farm, friend, old, peace, war, wine,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Two Brothers Known as Time
One brother, not well-liked by me,
is friends with early light.
Born in a prior century,
he measures day from night.

He comes with neither fangs nor claws,
and yet it makes me cringe
to see him at my door because
he darkens evening’s fringe.

I much prefer...Read More
Categories: tampering, time,
Form: Quatrain