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Taming Poems

Taming Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of taming poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for taming.

New Poems

Premium Member I Have Only My Prayers
I have only my Love
fuel of my heart
a remedy for my mind
winging towards a full Life
taming dormant dreams into verity.

I have only my Faith
nourishing my spirit
a wealth of convictions, a merit
an unseen growing strength
a sweet contentment in despair.

I have only...Read More
Categories: taming, allah, blessing, giving, growth, inspiration, islamic, love,
Form: Free verse

When I thought of you sweetheart;
My soul melts;
My heart moaned;

For you are my parts
The part of myself…
O’ I’ve grown

My lips were damp;
On that day my soul grew torn;
The day you flew away;

~for I miss you lots yet I miss you...Read More
Categories: taming, analogy, appreciation, bereavement, for her, how i
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poem for Whomever
she is tranquillity
yet lava flows in her veins

cut her open and you'll burn

she is Eve's apple
nemesis to patriarchy

one bite and you'll bleed

she is a rainbow
an eagle taming storms

no chains can contain her

she is a pilgrim of passion
composing a trail of...Read More
Categories: taming, friendship, inspiration, tribute,
Form: Free verse

2. Aria

Twain kindred souls start slow and reunite,
Same as lovers who split and then made up,
Though, twas a mere slow dance, a Pavane,
Taming a dance floor with their passive feet,
As Faure's piece fades, delayed music mix,

Next, a minuet by Beethoven...Read More
Categories: taming, motivation, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To MOM March 11 1979
To MOM; March 11,1979
This is the story of an animal trainer,
Whose mettle and courage, couldn't be plainer. 
A search'd reveal if you'd care to explore, 
None greater exists than El Eleanor.
She's faced the very meanest big game
And transformed them all...Read More
Categories: taming, animal, birthday, childhood, family, happy, humorous, mother,
Form: Rhyme

At night, city lights are incomparable 
to your unblemished smile, 
Those eyes that twinkle
as the star blinks.
You as a diminutive creature 
that exists enormously
within my realm, 
Lighting up all the dark
nooks of the horizon, 
Taming the wild boar, 
As you...Read More
Categories: taming, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Write Me
Put down your remote
Pick up your pen
     Write me

Make me timeless
Write me as I could only be written 
     In this very moment

Assign words to ...
 ...Read More
Categories: taming, poetry, write,
Form: Free verse
Taming the Demons
I've been there, I've seen pain,
It can shake you, make you feel insane,

There are good days and bad days,
The clouds can come and create a haze,

You look through the darkness and hope for light,
You know in this life you can...Read More
Categories: taming, addiction, anxiety, courage, depression, fear,
Form: Couplet
I Shed a Portion of my Love to You
This pain and misery
Is making me come undone
Come and set me free
Before the arrival of the dawn

Sun is on its way here
Shed no tear 
Have no fear
Sun is on its way, dear
Shed no tear
Have no fear

Soon, turmoil comes and goes
Wrap...Read More
Categories: taming, angst, care, emotions, encouraging, fear, feelings, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Chaotic Cherub
concentric circles clouds 
mushy mists growl
tainted tarred twain
epileptic ensconced spray
rustic rims raved
adapting aura's aid

mystic mood swung
lurching lousy lust
taming torpedic tongue

callous Cherub called
vile veins' gores
dripping damped draws

scrunched syllables smoothened
haggard hierarchy heightened. 
     19:11:14:11:30...Read More
Categories: taming, angel, nature,
Form: Sonnet

Taming the shrew
Before it erupts
Against society

...Read More
Categories: taming, education, satire, society,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member Burma Shave Signs Of Yore
From his sweetie Dave took lots of guff
  'Cause his beard was mighty ruff
Too bad you get fewer kisses, Dave
  Try Burma Shave - its all the rave!

Do you sprout a very wild stubble?
  Have you heard...Read More
Categories: taming, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
mighty beast the buffalo
might we tame the bison
his strength shall
pull our carts
and carry our grains
that we might then show
these people who
great we are that they
have been lame
in there ability to
even have this breed

yet these mens shall learn
that wild
is wild
and what is tamible can...Read More
Categories: taming, adventure, america, animal, business, celebration, film, food,
Form: Ode
My Nostalgic Noggin
Help me, I’m hopeless
Again, I’m feeling distress
You won’t knock me down
By your frown…your frown…

Help me, I’m helpless
Again, I’m feeling like a mess
You don’t need to hurt me so
By your ways of woe…woe…

Stream of tears roll down, down
My eyes…my eyes…I cry...Read More
Categories: taming, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, desire, emotions, feelings,
Form: Lyric
Bucking bronco, rotating out the gate,   
Ton of flesh, an expression of hate,    
Provoked to anger in a pen,   
Intentionally, by rodeo men.   

Brutal Tongue, through lips...Read More
Categories: taming, anger, feelings, rude,
Form: Rhyme
Urban Sly
The floral crepe falling like snow
In the still humid heat of Atlanta 
Distant chirps of new born flight 
Interrupt the cloudless sky
I am surrounded by the slow morn crawl
Uncharted steps of the sleepy eye
A change is creeping on steel framed...Read More
Categories: taming, eulogy,
Form: Free verse
Who Cares About Poets
Who cares about poets?
Even when they turn difficulty into design
Making worlds with words
Shaping destinies with clauses
Taming language with pauses
Moulding life with form
Who cares about us?

Who cares about poets?
Even when they turn ugly into beauty
Defining ashes like they do gold
Unveiling darkness...Read More
Categories: taming, art, poems, poetess, poetry, poets,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Moon said to the Sun - An allegory of Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump
The moon eyed the sun with consummate glee,
You think you’re so great and yet you can’t see
That I am the one to block out your light,
A fact you can’t doubt, a truth you can’t fight.

Despite all you do to prove...Read More
Categories: taming, allegory, character, endurance, humor, political, satire, usa,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Intoxicated

The heady intoxication
Of new love ventured
Buds that blossom
Fed by warm waves 
Of sweet euphoric sensation

The sun captured
Smiles within ones heart
Radiating in abundant glory
Taming the savage beast
Invigorating ones soul
First chapter of a never ending story

An adventurous  journey
Travelled together
Overcoming obstacles
Of vale...Read More
Categories: taming, appreciation, love, marriage, relationship, romance, romantic,
Form: Romanticism

Silently he sat on the still river
with his eyes fixed a million miles
away from the horizon,he could
feel the boiling waters of hope
steaming up from within the bowl of his  disenchanted mind.
i mean the same bowl 
from which fear and...Read More
Categories: taming, adventure,
Form: Epic
(Witch) With this spell I now condemn him to the spirits,
 confined with the fallen ones,
 Ohhh, his faith we shall see it

 I found myself in a valley of death,
 with conjured demons counting my every breath,
 a...Read More
Categories: taming, imagination, truth,
Form: Rhyme
The Dictionary Equals Logophile's Paradise
Nope reforming hardened criminal donning
scarred face, manacles jailhouse stripe, et cetera
nor taming screwish incorrigible guttersnipe
ain't most difficult enterprises
entailing me to wipe
dripping sweat from my hoary brow,

neither primary tsoris,
(i.e. Yiddish, asper in woeful gripe),
but reading tome thick as stovepipe
hat, I declare...Read More
Categories: taming, addiction, allegory, drink, education, feelings, funny love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Mage
"Love's Labour's Lost", "The Taming of the Shrew",
"Othello", "Hamlet", "Cymbeline", "Twelfth Night"...
Back in the day I all have passed them through
as people pass through suffering and plight.

My English was as weak as spot I had
for William's beard, for the ruthlessness
of...Read More
Categories: taming, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Sonnet
She watched, in horror
As the man hit the nail
The hammer was an enemy
The best she could tell

She observed a child
Emulate his father
With a tiny thwack
He hit another man's daughter

She heard the familiar sound
Of bang, bang, bang, as she began to...Read More
Categories: taming, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Star Bucking
I could see untamed in her fiery eyes
but I'm way to old for a wild ride
but once upon a time I wrangled on in
tried to treat her like a lady and nearly died
taming a bucking star is emotional suicide.
If I...Read More
Categories: taming, teacher,
Form: Free verse