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Tallied Poems

Tallied Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tallied poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tallied.

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Kelps Report
The Talus Series Is  a type of competition that
uses breaks(referee calls for)
to start and posture(beginning)
and reposuture. 
Both teams draw a ticket and a coin toss
accredits a team's draw. if team one draws (45 minutes) and team 2 draws (60...Read More
Categories: tallied, business, sports,
Form: Bio

Missing December
December’s eminence claims enduring memories of bonnie, emerald rejoicing: exams ended, children cavorting, elders exulting, mangoes maturing, beaches beckoning, everyday evergreen, and richly radiant. It was everyone’s favorite month; the end of a school year, when all let out a...Read More
Categories: tallied, appreciation,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Stepping Lightly
Stepping Lightly

Watch how you walk, my Brothers -
You're treading on Sacred Ground.
The Thousand Eyes of Justice
Are watching all  around.
You may think you go unnoticed
While you hear no other sound
But the fall of your own footsteps
As you pass this way...Read More
Categories: tallied, angst, nature, social,
Form: Lyric
The Holland Tonnel
The Holland Tunnel’s gussied up.
Its holiday display
Made some commuters angry
And they finally had their say.

Two wreaths were boldly planted
On the “O” and on the “U,”
So “Holland Tonnel’s” what appeared
To people driving through.

A Christmas tree was mounted, too,
On top of Holland’s...Read More
Categories: tallied, christmas,
Form: Rhyme

How easy it is to get wrapped up
In our own little universe
The cocoon of the daily grind
Of going about our business
Trying to protect our turf
‘Cause we’re more fragile than we let on
We live in fear that aggressors surround us
Propelling us...Read More
Categories: tallied, community, forgiveness, god, life, love, peace, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Theater of Utter Charm Part 21
how the  else you going to progress
if you don't Sherlock Holmes the mirror
look what we've become
men hunting each other
for sport money and babes
an insane ability to believe anything
and that's all there is to it
you notice these things do you
goes...Read More
Categories: tallied, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
A journey of discipline
There exists an object with three arms
That signals the seconds we have that remains
Racing with the sun, moon and many stars.
A constant relay that turns all things grey.

There comes fun and lures along the same.
Making hearts merry and flat feet...Read More
Categories: tallied, dedication, dream, endurance, future, life, motivation,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Fair Game of Life
No book of rules guidelines incomplete
Love tastes bitter and yet so sweet
Tender strong caressing and kind
Love them and leave them far behind
Emotions devotions words from the heart
Symbols of love always the start
But tears and promises accrue in a mass
Broken and...Read More
Categories: tallied, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Daily we are dying as our bodies face decay
An unrelenting force is drawing us back to the clay
Life is like a vapor…one puff and then it’s gone
Then on to the coffin lined in white chiffon

What really was my purpose…Was there...Read More
Categories: tallied, christian, god, meaningful, perspective, self,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Stay Forever Old
Stay forever old, with all due respect. 
You're tallied up years, like trophies, collect. 

Stay forever aged as the sharpest cheese.
Give samples of wisdom and expertise. 

Stay forever known with greatest revere, 
like your hometown's very first pioneer. 

Stay forever...Read More
Categories: tallied, age, beauty, birthday, celebration, happy birthday,
Form: Couplet

Cost Overrun In Bolehland
Cost Overruns 

Here in Bolehland, one thing that can be observed and learnt...
It is that Government initiatives are noble and well meant...

Probably each working paper or proposal is well researched and presented...
In order that ample funds can be applied, get...Read More
Categories: tallied, allegory, allusion, anxiety, community, corruption,
Form: Free verse
Everyone wonders what is life all about
Well, it's a test will you pass it or not?
Every small action is tallied up in a Book of Hours
Will the total get you to hell's door or one of heaven's bowers
If one wonders...Read More
Categories: tallied, adventure, allegory, allusion, fantasy, heaven, philosophy,
Form: Couplet
Midlife Crisis
As youth flows out with middle age,
I find it hard to turn the page.
Life deals the cards and calls our name.
We ante up, or leave the game.

Working, saving, spending, craving

If success is measured by the things we own
By glorious deeds...Read More
Categories: tallied, age, life, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
like wounded eagle, now held in earthly stock
misses zephyr's westward glide
as storm tossed ship in darkness, skirting hazard rock
misses starlight's trusty guide
like a castaway lost, marooned on lifeless cay
misses comfort of home and county
as dreaming Ursus, sleeping winter eve and...Read More
Categories: tallied, lost, miss you, romantic, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
Promise me the impossible
promise me the impossible;
all hallowed in their fame.
Where gifts and curse remain the same
to the one who wants to open,
may your word be unbroken.
your tongue be dull,
no weapons in your skull
speaking from thought
for help she sought.
red blossoms on the arm,
with...Read More
Categories: tallied, blessing, dedication, emo, emotions, encouraging, freedom, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
A Made-Up Name
My mother was born the sixth of eight children
She was born on Christmas Eve long years ago
They needed a name for the new addition
So, they had a contest with prizes to show.

When the entries were tallied, the choices made
Her name...Read More
Categories: tallied, daughter,
Form: Sonnet
My UnFlamenco Loins in Xexual Abeyance in Fm Unfilfilled
Had I, been I, would I have been born in the all time of all of things positive Spanish, esp the Flamenco fragrance of all things love, life and flourish casting all pertinent fate to a tortured wind. Cassanova to...Read More
Categories: tallied, beautiful, confidence, emotions, lonely, love, passion, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Up Up and Away
Up, up and away they said,
as they sailed over the blue and the red,
hugging each other and holding on tight,
the Donald and Hillary on election night,

For my sore eyes got my binoculars out,
I followed their moves in the sky, no...Read More
Categories: tallied, adventure, allusion, humor, political,
Form: Light Verse
The Fresco Tells It All
The Fresco Says It All!

From the mountain,
From the forest,
From the river,
From the wild,
We came.
Not tamed
In their eyes.

Depicted by cathedral fresco
At Mission BC
Our faces are empty
In their eyes.
No clothes,
No nose,
No eyes,
No ears,
No mouth,
No expression,
No emotions.
No individuals.
We were the faceless
In their eyes
Before...Read More
Categories: tallied, endurance, feelings, grief, heartbreak, history,
Form: Free verse
A Slave's Plight
The air on board was foul and putrid.

Chained together at the ankle in

coffles, evil dragged me and others

with scabbed lips on board.

Humiliated under the sun, we were

stripped naked and examined from

head to toe and put in quarters to

be raped.

My senses...Read More
Categories: tallied, black african american, slavery,
Form: Ode
Soar Spirit
This is written by a 12 year old student, I am the teacher

Soar Spirit
The crowd of middle schoolers
Screaming, yelling, chanting
like warriors
Preparing for battle 

The signs are passed through the masses
Encouraging phrases held high over their heads
like soldiers marching off to...Read More
Categories: tallied, celebration,
Form: Free verse
Six Men Dead - Part 1
© 2011 (by Jim Sularz)
(The true story of Frank Eaton – AKA “Pistol Pete”)

At the headwaters of the Red Woods Branch,
near a gentle slope on a dusty trail.
On an iron gate, at the Twin Mounds cemetery,
a bouquet of dry sunflowers...Read More
Categories: tallied, history,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Unnumbered
In 1790, the first U. S. Census
counted four million heads.

An inaccurate number,
wholly deceptive.

Women were rarely named
except those widowed.

"Free White Males" were tallied
weighing the draft.

A slave numbered 3/5 of a person.
American Indians didn’t make the count.

Fast forward 220 years: 
2010 Census

Nose...Read More
Categories: tallied, crazy,
Form: Free verse
The Hour That Defines Us

We’re committed no doubt, when the engines roll out,
as we answer an alarm.
So rally the men, ‘cause the score’s tallied when,
we’ve rescued those from harm.
‘Cause we never back down from a fire attack,
while dragging a nozzle, irons and axe...
We carry...Read More
Categories: tallied, adventure, character, conflict, dark, fire, hero, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Watery Sun

As summer’s hope dreamt it had caught him,
days tallied boardwalk planks one by one.
Candles became golden skies burned dim
beyond evening’s watery sun.

How I tried to help you with my friend,
but she had built a sandcastle there.
Only time and advice left...Read More
Categories: tallied, beach, love, ocean, summer, sun, sunset, youth,
Form: Quatrain