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Takeaway Poems

Takeaway Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of takeaway poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for takeaway.

New Poems

Early Late
Early sun rising rainbows dance on my wall
I wake up I am late
Early spring late train again

Late home hunger pains
Early dinner a takeaway
Late bedtime too much telly

Early morning feeling tired
Late again turn the alarm off
Early train oh no I missed...Read More
Categories: takeaway, june,
Form: I do not know?

Genie on a budget
I'm Like a genie on a budget
you say you want a bit of  your favourite cake
and BOOM I have made one.
You cannot find your favourite perfume
BOOM, One is in the post, Amazon to the rescue
Feeling tired you don’t want...Read More
Categories: takeaway, love,
Form: Free verse
Still Me
When I was first around her I showed her true care
if you're scared to speak look at me I'm there
when you're outnumbered back you up we'll pair
I'll protect you from harm anytime anywhere

when she was beaten down feeling mentally bruised
sat...Read More
Categories: takeaway, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Takeaway on lunch dates from an introvert
Exchanging cloddish giggles
Gawky, flailing limbs
Quota, reaching, nibbles
Cloth to dot our chins

Predictable mindless chatter
We must appear intrigued
An opening to flatter
Allows a moment of relief

And during this scenario 
Our hearts will both, descend
At the transition of the , stereo
Subject ends, til next...Read More
Categories: takeaway, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Am I the only one
Am I the only One who sees the need elsewhere,
Who objects to TV's in the takeaway shop here,
The hospital waiting room over there,
And one in the adjoining corridor, just to be sure.
Huge ones at too many sports venues in case...Read More
Categories: takeaway, analogy, anxiety, blue, business, care, cheer up,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member LATE EVENING

Here on the first day
Of a plush new year,
Feel a fine pulse play
As new light endears.

Rain in the dawn light
Spreads a misty feel,
Sleep with dreamy sights
As the new year spills.

Sun and rain speed trance
As drowsy morn sifts,
Awake in blur glance
To...Read More
Categories: takeaway, change,
Form: Quatrain
Fires Out
Fire's Out

Walking through the woods one day
I met a dragon in dismay
I didn't know that they could talk
So thought I'd carry on my walk

But as I passed I heard a hiss
A voice that said I'll tell you this
You must be...Read More
Categories: takeaway, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Scenes from the coming revolution
A bend in the road
They wait & have time to wait
For the coming car & it´s occupants
Unaware of their fate
The same scene is about to be
Played out on countless
Other bends
On countless other roads
In a tall building she sits
By a window...Read More
Categories: takeaway, political,
Form: Political Verse
I don't want to talk about it
I don't have the strength right now I need to focus on other things 
I'll find the best way to talk about my suffering
Tomorrow I'll go down that path, but right now I'll walk around it
Right now I don't want...Read More
Categories: takeaway, anger, deep, depression, fun, truth,
Form: Free verse
The Bees Knees
Do you think that a flying insects leg joints are the bees knees?
if 3 people have sex its a threesome.if 2 people have sex its a twosome is that why some men are described as handsome?
If at first you dont...Read More
Categories: takeaway, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Your Name
__Your Name__

In the verdant macrocosm of summertide
Leaves on the merry boughs palpitate hearing your golden name. 
The unremetting gush of Nyera-Ama river
Hasten in glee resonating thine name to the Southron flat.
Upon the crest of serene ether
Comely nymphs and angels dance...Read More
Categories: takeaway, blessing, blue, boat, business, cancer,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member HAIKU TRIP 2

Autumn moon
Luna aura bright;
Wind-blown whispers


Dinner roundtable 
Mealtime conversations;
Family takeaway


Drizzle rain dance
Windy wetness spreads;
Pitch-black frozen touch


Chinese tea brew
Hot infusion warms;
Heart feels vigour spread


Movie treat
Blockbuster hit;
Marvel at Marvel


On track here
Road trip to wherever;
Apple orchards call


Flea market fringe
Rows of sweet surprise;
Wonder pulls the...Read More
Categories: takeaway, allegory,
Form: Haiku
Faithful betrayal
you loved a stupid me before
and preached your false lyrics 
has that got you in for a takeaway
I believed you made a fun 
and took to your heels in there.

you began to bed on the sheet
and laid one after a...Read More
Categories: takeaway, anxiety, assonance, betrayal, black love, emo, evil,
Form: Concrete
Late Night Blues Stop
Late night hunger drives you delusional, mad,
You crave where to go, along with FM blues, tad,
Depend if you consider king harps crazy, you dad,
Or the creepy feel of a drunk, passionate and creative lad,

The depth of your hunger, in your...Read More
Categories: takeaway, addiction, desire, freedom, life, loneliness, night, poets,
Form: Monorhyme
I staggered down the road looking for skirt
I’ve had my drink now time for dessert
Bouncing off walls, falling about
Eyes going funny about to conk out

I get to the door and fall flat on my face
Staggering around all over the place
The...Read More
Categories: takeaway, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Going for a drive then
Going for a drive then? What now? Yes.

Conglomeration of Mr and Mrs Mooses were sitting near the central reservation on the dual carriage way. They had ordered some fruit, wine, beer, and some milky cream cherries. Which they would consume...Read More
Categories: takeaway, age,
Form: I do not know?

Explosions do not always signify combustion but often combustion arrives after many years of layering the layers and tightly packing. Thus meaning that a fried piece of fat could slip and burst out of the prism shelf. Bringing with it...Read More
Categories: takeaway, africa, animal,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member HAIKU MAZE 17

Songbird acapella
Early morning hymn;
Balcony recital


Blurry haze
Burnt ash off-odours;
Surabaya harvest


Bridge underpass
Homeless man dozes;
Happy dreams lurk


Chinatown brisk walk
Noodle takeaway;


Coin shop interlude
Metallic global trips;
Static travelogue


Darling smiles
Sunset stroll;
Silence speaks loud


Fanfare flair
Just for today;
Death anniversary


Wayside flowers
Mystic beauty;
Unknown aura


Words fail
Noisy passage;
Sense suffocates


Concoct a tale
Long-lost monologue;
Wayside flowers


Motifs...Read More
Categories: takeaway, change,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member CAFE THOUGHTS

Espresso time with double shot,
Hot caffeine rhymes with oomph I plot.

Watch people come for a warm fix.
Seek cuppa sums in a brown mix.

Swirl of hot drink keeps senses sharp,
Move thoughts that link ideas that harp.

Queue long enough for fragrant flow,
Takeaway...Read More
Categories: takeaway, change,
Form: Couplet
hippopotamus having hyperactivity
Hyperthermia can be caused by standing in slip streams in sluice dumps. It never really fails if ice water can run a lake from a rusted tap. And the mid morning broken by the drip drip drip from a nozzle....Read More
Categories: takeaway, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Saints and sinners
Should I go to McDonalds a Big Mac for tea.
Or should I have salad and be oh so healthy.
Is that a Burger king across the road I see.
Then there's always a chippie tea, I'm so unhealthy .

And so I started...Read More
Categories: takeaway, fun,
Form: Free verse
educationalist of pineapple
Dominions' in keyboards are placid occupants in a bracket brace. But a bracelet is an undeniable part of an observation of arm. And the armies of the finger caps will ride ride ride. Whipping an atmosphere into atmospheric pressure. Weaving...Read More
Categories: takeaway, bangla, bible,
Form: I do not know?
Travelling over fifty three metres on a baking tray is a wonderful way in which to pass the time. When loosening ties and burning buttons it is very clever to talk to a large parrot who sits by a keyhole...Read More
Categories: takeaway, anti bullying,
Form: I do not know?
A milk bottle of combustion is a silver tongued spoon. A dragon headed fortress underground. Weaving wavering waving wandering. A teaspoon of cataclysm in giant catacombs. Dominatrix circles and whirlpools. How very stylish Madame de feetoo. While festooned on a...Read More
Categories: takeaway, best friend,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member AHA HAIKU 13


Songbird psalm
Balcony duet;
Cheery cold morning


Squirrel escapades
Up and down and up;
Curious zigzag


Quick footsteps surge
By parkway bench;
Eyes far away


Old man sits
Stares at people;
Solitary wonder


Chocolate ganache cake
Half for my neighbour;
Gratitude smiles


Silent distress stings
Lift breakdown;
Sultry faces


Rainy blessing
On my forehead;
Aqueous baptism


Cigarette ban enforced
Public...Read More
Categories: takeaway, change,
Form: Haiku