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Tailspin Poems

Tailspin Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tailspin poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tailspin.

New Poems

Premium Member Wuhan's Wet Market

We've experienced pandemics before
but the COVID-19 virus is new.
This coronavirus we can't ignore
so self-quarantine, we're told we need to,
it’s not safe to socialize anymore.

The whole world abruptly ground to a halt
as airlines and cruise ships swiftly shut down.
And although China...Read More
Categories: tailspin, 10th grade, 11th grade, angst, anxiety, death,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

I'm old fashioned
I'm an old fashioned fellow
In a newfangled world,
A square peg in a very round hole.
Gone's the world I grew up in,
This one's in a tailspin
And spiraling out of control.
Sometimes it's hard to keep up
As the world rushes by,
And technology isn't...Read More
Categories: tailspin, humanity, perspective,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Cracks In The Facade
Opposing forces center on the beam
Of its own tailspin flowing
As gravity prevails

As the rose's petals fall loosely down
Playing with the wind's coat tails
Its senseless beauty tells

How does science and beauty be engaged?
Only eyes that see its sway
Gains the truth of...Read More
Categories: tailspin, allusion, beauty, irony, nature,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member Crusty Odd and Fat
A crusty goblin cracked a crevassed grin
While chasing odd witches in a tailspin
He heisted her fat black cat
Whereupon her broom she sat
To kill all the rats in his crusty den...Read More
Categories: tailspin, fantasy, giggle, halloween,
Form: Limerick
I opened the door and found all the wounds that I pretended that they did not hurt right in front of me
I had sealed the door with a lock and threw away the key in the ocean but it seems...Read More
Categories: tailspin, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, change,
Form: ABC

A Scatterbrain's Guide To The Five Stages of Grief
There are five stages of grief my Shrink told me.
I did them out of order, thanks to my chronic ADD. 

Denial was suppose to be the first stage,
but Bargaining is what I did. 
I bantered with my inner self for...Read More
Categories: tailspin, grief,
Form: Rhyme
Moving My Heart Forward
I've always been stuck in reverse
Good could not outweigh the worse
Each step ahead turned into
A day filled with more than two
Backwards steps I couldn't win 
I was in a tailspin
The despair I felt just grew
Till the day my heart met...Read More
Categories: tailspin, future, love, moving on, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Polka Dottie
Polka Dottie

When the up-tempo “Beer Barrel Polka” began
I grabbed sweet John’s arm, curtsied to my man

The Polish side of my family hit the floor
While my new groom wished he could slip out the back door

There was only one dance I’d...Read More
Categories: tailspin, humor, wedding,
Form: Couplet
Tomorrow never came
Tomorrow we agreed—at our special place
Where we always had—our special dates.
The blooming park with spring in swing
Bring out the larks—making them sing.

On a wrought iron bench—waiting,
Fumbling a box that held a bond.
How to ask—will you respond?
I kept calm waiting by...Read More
Categories: tailspin, break up, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Nothing For The Pain

Your words hurt like the kiss of a bee sting,
covering my face with a blanket of tears
Said I wasn’t man enough to be your king,
that I didn’t know how to shift your gears

You told me that your river moves real...Read More
Categories: tailspin, emotions, love hurts, psychological, sad love,
Form: Quatrain

The Apparition at Shaggala
A tweet in time prompted nine
And looking up, I spotted you
Essence of elegance
Glamorously gorgeous, and being inspired
I sat down to write
Watched as streaks of mental energy 
Turned to strokes on the canvas in my head
I see the world in pictures...Read More
Categories: tailspin, art, assonance, beauty, desire, fantasy, love, rap,
Form: Lyric
A categorization is neither a cat clapping nor a centimeter of cubic cakes
A slipper stained in a knot is appearing to emulate a wanton soup. Wanton soup is grinning a beaming smile. Whirling around. Nine noodles nimbly nick niceties. And the prawn dance begins as they fling themselves out of the rice...Read More
Categories: tailspin, age, america, angel, animal, baseball, basketball,
Form: I do not know?
My faith
As the planet spins, my journey begins
Filled with chagrin, I struggle not to sin 
My thick skin, is trapping my soul within
This internal tailspin, wearing me thin
But I will lift my chin, and hold a grin
If God I trust in,...Read More
Categories: tailspin, confidence, conflict, faith, god, how i feel,
Form: Monorhyme
Acrostic on Sanmati My Jewel
So precious, so dear, so exquisite grin
All of us could have is Sanmati jinn.
Notable for her academic success in 
Many spheres of schooling life she win
Almighty’s blessings – parents too – akin.
Talking debauched of her is for me like sin.
Toughly...Read More
Categories: tailspin, daughter,
Form: Monorhyme
Charlie Countryman
Blank is this sheet of paper before me
my life in a tailspin, please someone catch it like a firefly
and hold it in place, keep it balanced so I can grab on to the railing
steady myself, stop it from spinning upside...Read More
Categories: tailspin, grief, life, loss, lost, love, mother,
Form: Free verse

Thoughts of being a jester 
an ability to make people laugh, 
turned out to be a total disaster 
no one laughed not even the staff, 

an ability to make people laugh 
just a titter even a smile a grin,
no one...Read More
Categories: tailspin, hurt, innocence, silence, sorrow,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Oh, Carnelian
Oh, translucent orange Carnelian crystal gem,
    tumbled and smooth, and cool in my  hand.
When I hold you to the light you have inflection,
    where it seems another cloudy realm exists within.
I turn you...Read More
Categories: tailspin, introspection,
Form: Verse
Fork Git About Spooner Hiz ham
Perchance yar juiced a young man or woman 
maybe born, bread and raised in the city that never sleeps
and as a loyal son or daughter take a tram 
to enjoy a tasty repast with widowed momma,
cuz eve since da papa...Read More
Categories: tailspin, adventure, appreciation, devotion, family, food, inspiration, mom,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Wind and See
So many thoughts breeze through these winds


     Lost in a tailspin 

I close my eyes 

Yet I still see.......

Never knowing which vision is real..
But knowing in the future I will be able too see.....

Amazed at...Read More
Categories: tailspin, blessing, faith, sometimes, trust,
Form: Couplet
Bigoted grandfather
you gave me
no justice
in your seeing
with bigoted 
would you say
when I was
that if I 
took a black
to your home
you would
shoot him
I loved you
so much
 those words
scared me
so much
See ..I was
just starting
to date
the other
and you
 through me
 into...Read More
Categories: tailspin, abuse, corruption,
Form: Free verse
Emo Love
With this needle and thread I stitch the wounds Avril left
but with this blade I angrily carve a new
rough, short, jagged adjacent from the bone in my wrist
for a reflection of our relationship
and an outlet for the anger unable to...Read More
Categories: tailspin, anxiety, beauty, emo, i love you, jealousy,
Form: Narrative
oceanographic options p a p sk
A spider in a clock makes the hands sing. "clock right you can nearly sing it la la la". Whilst ignoring pan handles whilst sweeping the floor is not very wise. Pan handles can and will look. So beware. And...Read More
Categories: tailspin, business,
Form: I do not know?
The Head Line News read, Houston under Martial Law,
Stay indoors, do not panic, and do not go out, under any
I’m not sure from wrens’ they came, at first it was just
The rain, not the regular storm, or hurricane, but the
Apocalyptic...Read More
Categories: tailspin, fantasy, gothic, halloween, holiday, horror, imagery, international,
Form: Free verse
Communication Is The Key
Travelling down a lonely road 
With no one to confide in, 
Turned their backs on one another 
Their relationship thrown into a tailspin. 

At one time, or another 
They used to share their feelings, 
But now that dusty road is...Read More
Categories: tailspin, art,
Form: Rhyme
Jesus My Life Is YOURS
Jesus… My Life Is YOURS!
	I have often felt
	 emptiness within.
	It’s like my life
	 has been in a tailspin.
	I have for many years desired
	 many things,
Never being fulfilled with
 what life brings.

Contentment and happiness
 I once thought I had…
Have brought a...Read More
Categories: tailspin, christian, dedication, encouraging, faith, god, inspirational, jesus,
Form: Rhyme