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Tackle Poems

Tackle Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tackle poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tackle.

New Poems

Premium Member Stay Strong

Flattened, wet leaves lay on the ground
From an autumn that feels like a life time ago
So much has changed and sadness my heart has found
Trying to find balance amidst chaos and sorrow

Let there be a way for us to connect...Read More
Categories: tackle, nature, strength,
Form: Rhyme

The Greatest War
A random chapter is being written on history’s page 
Of the greatest war being fought in this age
This unique war isn’t against anyone 
This battle is for survival of every person 
Humanity has waged this war to see another day
To...Read More
Categories: tackle, earth,
Form: Rhyme
Let Our Swords Clash
Let Our Swords Clash!

I found that life in my world is like fencing!
Tell me, World! 
What’s on the line?
Does the loser give in?
Ready or not? Let’s begin!

For all these years I finally realise,
It was me and the world
Joints now petrified
And...Read More
Categories: tackle, confidence, courage, dedication, encouraging, hyperbole, inspiration, passion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cabin Fever
No tellin' how long coronavirus will keep me confined at home,
Since the guv'ner insists that I wash my hands and I'm not to roam!
It has upset my routine since its genesis in a place called Wuhan,
But it'll give me time...Read More
Categories: tackle, humorous, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Coronavirus, COVID-19
Corona-virus, appeared a biggest ever demon,
swallowing humans everyday, few dozens.
Opened mouth as broad as the continents six.
Fails narrowing it, all the human tricks.

Frightened all, can't dare to be face to face. 
To hide self, everyone finds suitable place.
In the whole...Read More
Categories: tackle, 11th grade, 12th grade, death, fear, hope,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member The Cowboy Legend
The Cowboy bloke of yesteryear
Would work in mud and dust
He would tackle any hardship
As long as it was just

Out on the range from dawn to dusk
Rarely saddle sore
His butt was tough as leather
From calluses he wore

Had the same thing on...Read More
Categories: tackle, history,
Form: Ballad
My child's label

Parents: He’s fine but just on the spectrum
Slightly dyslexic, number blind and 
A tadge autistic and is allergic to
Snails, bees and litmus paper.
He needs a keyboard but can write
His handwriting is poor. We love
Him, but he doesn’t like fur or
Feathers...Read More
Categories: tackle, child, parents, school,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The River

Inside the water 
where they float or sway in their rusting roots
are horse tackle,
unhinged parts of eighteen wheelers,
a girl on a tricycle, her bones still cycling in the drifting meld
circle squirrel and possum pelts,
The sludge of a dredging flow
tows...Read More
Categories: tackle, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Infrastructure Soul
Beneath the city the river fishing is good.

I roam with tackle and pole below those wiggling tapeworms
Wound around the cement underbelly of bridges
Devouring the guts of the city’s glamour
Down here where shadows are long as green moss
And the voices of...Read More
Categories: tackle, city, fish, fishing, places, river, self, society,
Form: Free verse
Grief Grips Grim

Grief grips me grim with her handcuffs invisible,
Chief Cop she may be as she stuffs me in her remand,
Brief barely is her self-proclaimed band of friendship,
Relief absent I am stranded, I can’t anymore stand.

Fired up to free from her shackles...Read More
Categories: tackle, grief,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Love Brings Hope - The Tigerjade Style
~ Love  Brings  Hope ~ 
( Tigerjade ) 


Love brings Hope 
Helps me cope 
It's  great when you possess them all inside your heart 
Life without them, truly hard to continue, start 
Need give it all you...Read More
Categories: tackle, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Is regret

Someone asked whether regret is a strength or a weakness!
It's difficult to consider it as weakness or strength.
Regret is a choice, a way to assess in completeness
recognize what went wrong and to deliberate at length.

Learn from unwanted mistakes to avoid...Read More
Categories: tackle, work,
Form: Verse
When It Struck 11
When it struck 11, I sighed in relief
When it struck 11, I haven't felt grief
The time kept ticking on and it wasn't brief
And I'm so… patiently shaking like a leaf
Vigorously feeling vital everyday...
Every minute...every second...come what may
Immensely feeling somewhat manic...Read More
Categories: tackle, angst, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, courage, emotions, endurance,
Form: Free verse
I Pray For This Girl
Oh yes! For the young girl
Who just landed on Mother Earth!
The one about to turn five with a smile
Or the other one who just turned nine
She is not only mine
My Mother’s, Grandmother’s
Neighbour’s or friend’s daughter
She is like a flower
Very fragile,...Read More
Categories: tackle, daughter, love, mother, mother daughter, wisdom, words,
Form: Ode
Premium Member A Fair Go
Take a good long look back, girls,
Through the history of humankind,
It is easy enough to see
What is now obvious to find.

Rake up "Man's inhumanity to Man," dears,
And particularly, to "Woman",
It is little more than a hundred years
Since real improvements began.

Make...Read More
Categories: tackle, color, girl, god, humanity, rights, women,
Form: Lento
the healer
The healer

Do you remember the night when?
The floodlight came on as we sat by the riverside?
You said you loved me and I quickly said ditto,
A joke you didn’t appreciate.
 Mosquitoes flew like silent angles through air
In the mimosa night and...Read More
Categories: tackle, allusion, anger, anti bullying, arabic, aubade,
Form: Blank verse
This day
It’s a caliginous hour.
All this universe of verse 
Portrays random snippets of you,
It does not spell out the alphabet of reality,
As I utter, compliment, 
And offer rivers of lexical jewels
You’d find tender in the ode of fatherly love,
Under this nimbostratus...Read More
Categories: tackle, birthday, child, children, dad, love, son,
Form: Free verse
Words spelled correct versus phonetic spelling first the former
W?rdz sp?ld k?'r?kt 'v?rs?s f?'n?t?k'sp?l??

alternately titled fun with phonics
'?lt?rn?tli 'ta?t?ld f?n w?ð 'f?n?ks
analogous when like first learning how to spell American English words

?'næl?g?s w?n la?k f?rst 'l?rn?? ha? tu sp?l ?'m?r?k?n '??gl?? w?rdz

I thought to feign not knowing how to...Read More
Categories: tackle, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse


      Loud crowd of feeling
      in the black streets of my mind
     failing to revolt
...Read More
Categories: tackle, confusion, introspection,
Form: Tanka
Open Secrets :
Open  Secrets :
If we want a great nation, we have to change it ourselves.
To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.
My message to you all is of hope, courage...Read More
Categories: tackle, destiny, fate, miracle, passion, patriotic, peace, spoken
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member Getting Her Goat
There once was a young lass 
Who wanted some quick cash, 
And one Sunday she did pray at mass 
With God’s answer was ‘this surely will pass’. 

Not knowing what to say  
She left the church without a way...Read More
Categories: tackle, 10th grade, atheist, for teens, god, high
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The meaning of life
I am not worthy to tackle
this subject. To battle
‘The meaning of life’.
A culmination of hope and
a persistence to overcome
that which we cannot face.
With no prior warning
we are thrust into life. No understanding 
of that by which we are bound.
We often...Read More
Categories: tackle, deep, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rewarding Walk
Today’s walk started a little earlier than usual 
With the welcoming of gorgeous cottony clouds’ dancing splendor 
Their shining was charmed by sun’s golden-reddish glitter
Dazzled me showing their astonishing shapes and colors

Saw a big flock of turkeys appreciating silence of...Read More
Categories: tackle, appreciation, august, change, dog, imagery, meaningful, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Loving You
Loving you is easy- for you're so gentle and warm.
You put on the Battle Armor- and chase away the storm.
You listen to my problems- as on your shoulder I cry.
You have courage and integrity- you choose not to lie!

Loving you...Read More
Categories: tackle, appreciation, community, courage, fun, integrity, love, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Poo Poo Bird
They pursued it with vigor, they pursued it with crass
They hunted with valor and hope
They proceeded with a dose of good Knightly sass
They chased it with tackle and rope

Now King Arthur declared in a boisterous voice
He was tired of the...Read More
Categories: tackle, adventure, funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme