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Tabula Poems

Tabula Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tabula poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tabula.

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Premium Member TABULA RASA

No, my child,

our soul is not a " tabula rasa" as some men of

learning want to make us believe


our Lord  has

written on her volumes of His wisdom, that life's

experience, helps us to retrieve!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    27...Read More
Categories: tabula, life, people, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

Aphrodite's seven veils over the morning ocean mist
Seven aquamarine stones, all gifts from the dream lords
Seven victorious dolphins have bargained with the Fates

A tabula rasa

You were looking for a hidden cabala behind my leaving
A white rose blooming out of the...Read More
Categories: tabula, birth, blessing, break up, dream, hope,
Form: Free verse
To My Love Part 5 TBC
As the odyssey in the skiff continued a more sentient being begun to appear,
At times feeling as a eunuch who was unable to change anything,
In zenith of toxicity as miasma on a cold misty morning.
What an epic feeling is to...Read More
Categories: tabula, life,
Form: Free verse
Each cherished memory of mine cause iz woe
Each cherished memory of mine...cause iz woe

Analogous to unique ventifact for shore
and seven years ago,
where time and tide faintly roar
within noggin o'this common Joe
reviewing silent film unreleased,

unpopular, unimpressive tour
de force if technology existed
to broadcast and show
projected on big screen only
to...Read More
Categories: tabula, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, age,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pode ser
Fico com saudade de casa 
só de te ver.
O vazio da tábula rasa
pra aprender
e sair sem saber porque saio,
mas pode ser
já tá hora final do ensaio,
assim dizer,
o esboço, a preparação
para morrer
ou apenas a separação
com a mulher.

(port.) May be
I miss home...Read More
Categories: tabula, death, farewell,
Form: Rhyme

forgetting how
to do this
i wake everyday
with a tabula rasa
an amnesia of how
to kiss

my lips since
have dried
and cracked
but dreams 
are truer than 
life's fiction

no need 
for lipstick
and you can
curl your tongue
don't wake me just
remind me what to do...Read More
Categories: tabula, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Summer Solstice 2019 part 2
approximating 7.5 x 1018, or seven quintillion, 
five hundred quadrillion grains. This estimation 
courtesy of Gwendolyn Powell, High School 
from Presentation of Mary Academy (2018 
graduating class) responding to an inquiry posted 

on website
stars-are-there-in-the-universe Answered 
April 15, 2018.

Such minutiae...Read More
Categories: tabula, angel, beautiful, blessing, celebration, dance, earth, england,
Form: Epic
Consummate Exemplary Graduate Invites Kudos
Nonetheless suicidal ideations severely
whipsaw punctuate, lacerate, assassinate
frescoed fiasco failure grimly livingsocial
ah...that dull cutlery eyed with temptation
one painful thrust hemorrhaging, whereby
carpeting permanently stained blood red,

(security deposit forsaken) cremation ought
not outrageously expensive, I subsequently
chickened out imposing eternity of fire and
brimstone self condemnation,...Read More
Categories: tabula, 12th grade, adventure, celebration, emotions, father daughter,
Form: Epic
Never Too Late To Say I Love You Until
Never Too Late To Say "I Love You" Until...

Futile lamentations reverberate along
corridors of times long gone, this papa
tearfully apologetic revisiting his base,
fitfully lachrymose torturing unrelenting
voluminous wrongs against thee dearest
precious daughter aware poetic/ prosaic

ministrations cannot substitute bonafide
nor ameliorate cumulative forsaken joys
requisite...Read More
Categories: tabula, class, dedication, devotion, father daughter, graduate, i
Form: Epic
Premium Member Vicissitudes into Light

"Vicissitudes into Light"

You are another world
away from me
stretching far from 
his insanity

Diving into a new 
Dimensions that 
are the truest You

From the dark deep 
Ocean of sinking blue
Reach on the wave
in my wake 
I gift to You

You are stronger
than...Read More
Categories: tabula, for her, freedom, journey, my child,
Form: Free verse

Quasi Mote - Oh Ephemeral Transit Across Proto Zones
Quasi Mote - Oh Ephemeral Transit Across Proto Zones!

Strictly speculation from this mind,
who contemplates stripped down version
bajillion eons ago
cosmic bit sized dots
pinwheeled thru spatial void

repulsed and/or attracted
colluding (putin on the Ritz)
infinitesimal show stopper
devoid of prior rehearsal
since previous cosmic contraction

absent remembrance
tabula...Read More
Categories: tabula, creation, dark, fruit, god, history, imagery, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Of being loved
Somehow the aching work to enthuse, to impress, to win over
Ends in a showboating mess of half acquainted neighbors
“Your friends with everybody” rings in my head as though she said “everyone thinks your funny but nobody would rely on you
Confide...Read More
Categories: tabula, angst, friendship, friendship love, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cry of the Newborn
A newborn is lovingly pulled out
Of the womb, taking air 
Into her lungs for the very first time
Infinitesimally silent, then comes
Her first cry. A mellifluous sound
She announces wordlessly..."I'm alive!"
A miraculous world debut
She's crying as she's placed into
Her mother's waiting arms
A...Read More
Categories: tabula, baby, birth, conflict, cry, girl, humanity, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
I want to revert back to sweeter times, 
When laughter and carelessness were in style,
And everything was a new discovery 
Those memories, however vivid are distant 

They seem like nothing more lately, 
Than the dust which sits and grows 
On...Read More
Categories: tabula, age, blue, childhood, innocence, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Tabula Rasa
This house is empty
without you
though you've never been
here to fill it.
I thought it would help
to find a place
you have never touched. 
But all I am has 
been touched 
by you and there is
nowhere to go. 
How can laughter echo 
through...Read More
Categories: tabula, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
Burn The Soul
When you burn books
Fahrenheit 451
You burn the soul of nations
When you censor them
The mind is lobotomized
Blocked truth, all butterflies die
Never see the light of day
Colors turn to gray
Turn us all robotic numb
Pounding one note on a drum
I've got your number
The...Read More
Categories: tabula, abuse, appreciation, books, butterfly, culture, discrimination, political,
Form: Free verse
From Blank Screen To Logorrhea
most instances when i initially seat
     myself priming creative literary juices to flow,
     an unspecified number hours elapse
     before that eureka i.e. Jackie Oh

    ...Read More
Categories: tabula, 11th grade, 12th grade, encouraging, meaningful, mystery,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Media Slime
A bug trapped in amber. 
Fossil flowers in a stone. 
Sabre tooth caught in tar.
Iceman asleep in a glacier.
Nature doesn't care!

Nature makes no judgements, 
cares not who you are, 
drops you in your tracks!

If by some diabolical magic
life could be...Read More
Categories: tabula, allusion,
Form: Free verse
A bend in the river
The serpentine and ageless liquid
   mercurial possessed snake
eternally swallowed 
   since the beginning of time
   one unquenchable thirst to gorge and slake
slurping up an icy cold mountainous pebbly shake
   yet fresh as...Read More
Categories: tabula, appreciation, beauty, creation, inspirational, mountains, nature,
Form: Free verse
Legal Romance

Let me plague you 
With the infectious love of my heart.
Now that I bear the aftermath of your infections,
And your cold blood boils in me 
Like a volcanic eruption,
Let me make babies in the factory of your womb.

My...Read More
Categories: tabula, fantasy, funny love, lust, romantic, sensual,
Form: Ode
mine danse macabre doppelganger
housed within mine impenetrable hermetically 
   sealed invisible bubble
   draped with blackened Hades 
   hued habiliment therein dwelt
sinister saboteur mastermind marauder of the Hubble
   who demanded sacrifice to traverse 
  ...Read More
Categories: tabula, analogy, angst, dark, depression, gothic, grave, image,
Form: I do not know?
Topiary Comes To Life
Non descript hedge rows sculpted into ornamental animal 
via botanical artist wielding pruning shears and chain saw 
carved, limned and sculpted with wrist wrought voila uber
prestidigitatiously head turning botanical picturesque Sun
kist animals at an exhibition transformed miraculously via 
Te Deum...Read More
Categories: tabula, appreciation, art, beauty, creation, garden, green, surreal,
Form: I do not know?
Born of frustration
This manifestation of colour that springs from a genome , eternal, nourished, weathered and fashioned by a dyadic fornication cradled in time. 
A pigment of hues in an utterance of undertoned, ubiquitous discourses, leaves an impression of stereotype and a...Read More
Categories: tabula, change, destiny, hope, life, political, prejudice, race,
Form: I do not know?
Fecund gamine enthralls seamen
A cupola shin, prickly dick creed, hoary 
 testes tossed, master baiting ova all eel trades
crossed the fecund Rubicon and ejaculated 
   olly olly oxen yawping, in utero seminal raids
with phallic coup d’etat that buck came vasocongested spades
lit...Read More
Categories: tabula, adventure, age, anxiety, baby, birth, child, humanity,
Form: I do not know?

Snow  - my dream  miracle, 
To me has always called, never  cold. 
Serenely reposing, softly refreshing
Like  flowing water over a low  weir. 
Submerging  sharp corners;  edges are softened.
New world, renewed,...Read More
Categories: tabula, age, dream,
Form: Free verse