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Syringes Poems

Syringes Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syringes poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syringes.

New Poems

Premium Member Hunger Pangs
The sign actually said ‘Universal Disposal’ but the haggard squalid creature 

Had no time for such ephemeral discourse he could just about spell his name

Kanja meaning water born and his parents had hoped he would reach the Source

They had died...Read More
Categories: syringes, poverty,
Form: Free verse

Collection number 1
I've got a pile of porn mags
I keep them in my shed
When I look at them I get excited 
They're an erection collection

I like to keep things tidy
When I have to  handwrite
So I've a lot of rubbers and tippex
They're...Read More
Categories: syringes, silly,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Miracle Workers
In the dank dreary domain of leeches 
blood suckers swim willy-nilly hither and thither in the murk.
Aquatic bloodhounds sniffing the water they zero in on lunch
a warm bare foot or a leg will do just fine.
Like vampire bats they numb...Read More
Categories: syringes, 10th grade, 12th grade, blessing, feelings, hero,
Form: Free verse
A team of doctors entered my house
A team of doctors entered my house
each one with a syringe on his rear
not one was wearing doctor’s coat
the language they talked were strange

When they began their work by force
I told them I was healthy and strong
the leader shut my...Read More
Categories: syringes, satire, violence,
Form: Elegy
The Balance, Dance and Lance of Innocence
Pillored and adulterated
Innocence flies away
Fearing to be underrated
In slimy circumstances for too long kept at bay

Until to her dismay
Innocence uncovers the mask
Behind facades that waylay
Every question innocence dares to ask

To establish the veracity
Banished so unfairly to confines
Where the truth plasticity
In...Read More
Categories: syringes, poems,
Form: Free verse

Verisilimitude Vortex
Woven in a lava oven and driven into the pit of despondency
Where light at the end of a tunnel dims
Parents explode and implode as darkness swamps ascendancy
Leading parents to wonder if their children curse their dreams.

Challenges in meninges and syringes...Read More
Categories: syringes, poems,
Form: Free verse
Fringes of Soporific Syringes
Arrange to challenge fringes of soporific syringes
Range not to derange organized order
Singe not, whinge not on top of hinges
Binge not, cringe not and wreak not disorder.

Range not to derange organized order
Read but don’t misread signs of torrid times
Binge not, cringe...Read More
Categories: syringes, poems,
Form: Pantoum
Laying before me, I have twenty two
lined up syringes consisting of you
Each vial holds a different piece of your soul
I'm missing a fragment so can't make you whole
The morsel that's missing, already injected
soothing withdrawls, my body infected
I promised I know,...Read More
Categories: syringes, drug,
Form: Rhyme
They are two
Heavy and strong 
On my top.
Their hands covering my mouth
I can't even
Scream, STOP.
My body 
Is numb.
Shaking because of 
The Unpleasant orgasm.
The abdomen is paining,
I feel the spasm.
I've lost power.
I am defunct.
And, helpless.
One is still, 
On top,
He's...Read More
Categories: syringes, abuse, body, deep, humanity, voice, woman, women,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Crowd That Is Me - Mental Hospital 4
It is a strange inner world, if you live there alone. In me eight boys hide, a couple of villains, some discarded toys, screeching birds, and overall a host of an undefined kind.
This is an astonishing accomplishment, largely because I...Read More
Categories: syringes, angst, anxiety, humorous, mental illness,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member A Faithful Bed - Mental Hospital 3
The day has come, a smiling sun shines through bold bars, across the room to the door, ajar, projecting the bars on the door as if it is definitely and eternally closed to go out or come in.

The swirling, smiling...Read More
Categories: syringes, allegory, funny, humorous, mental illness, satire,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The WARD
Rolling my trembling tray down the colorless, hospital hall
I groan in a state of weariness, with a night shift shuffle, as I
attempt to bring an offering of pills and syringes to suffering souls.

Under the blinding, artificial light, amidst pungent smells
and...Read More
Categories: syringes, hope, pain,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Bouncing Ball - Mental Hospital 2
A new day, a new exercise, a new function. Yesterday they said I resemble a bouncing ball, today I am, skimming and skipping. All round and affectionately kickable.

Somehow I have always known I am one. After all one doesn't become...Read More
Categories: syringes, allegory, analogy, satire, self,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Talking Door - Mental Hospital 1
I sit with the wall against my back. The wall refuses to move despite endless requests.

The door opens and closes its mouth, it wishes to say something, but nothing comes of it, only its letterbox chatters ceaselessly and without any...Read More
Categories: syringes, allusion, anxiety, mental illness, metaphor,
Form: Narrative
Be not Proud
The great be not proud
when greatness you enjoy
is of under-hand games
dark hours toll their bells

Wards are ready for custody
syringes and bandages wait
glands shall be dry of tears
none at all will emerge
for your noble chaotic order

That day clouds will riot
to carry...Read More
Categories: syringes, allusion, destiny, power,
Form: Free verse
I Stand Amidst
To dwell among the ruins;
littered with broken bottles and flattened plastic cups,
stamped out cigarette butts
Cast off lottery binges,
crushed ghetto dreams and empty syringes
Poisoned by so many stings of inequality
Flickering opportunities ...
shed your skin, and perhaps poverty
will become a molted nightmare
I...Read More
Categories: syringes, black african american, pain, society, truth,
Form: Narrative
The summer in me
When the summer in me appears
Sickles open their teeth, leaves migrate
Fury and fire in me goes touring
And bush-fire leaves majority in tears

Let the autumn in me sail into the community
Friends and foe park up bags and go
Animals and plants become...Read More
Categories: syringes, analogy, seasons,
Form: Sonnet
The wise twins
The wise Twins

Behind you is a pair of twins, wise and humble
They conflict and quarrel with each other-no complain
With big stomach, big head you sit on them- no complain
Without wages they toil moon in moon out- no complain

Left behind in...Read More
Categories: syringes, analogy, body, corruption, crazy, feelings, imagery, wisdom,
Form: Imagism
Growing Old
What are these on my nose?
They're also hooked on my ears,
Oh of course it's my glasses,
So I can see things near.
What's that creaking noise?
It sounds like rusty hinges,
Oh of course it's my aching bones,
Time for steroid filled syringes.
What's that in...Read More
Categories: syringes, age, growing up, growth, old,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Exclusive Birth Rights
Exclusive Birth Rights

I am German and guilty as charged by history and evil parental culpability
privileged by life and proxy thus I refuse to forget ancestral perpetration
though I propose without any diminution that systematic genocide is not extinct

Armenia and Stalin’s Gulags...Read More
Categories: syringes, humanity, , memorial,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Inner City Blues
Syringes in fence palings
condoms on park benches
street sweeper drinks whiskey
at four in the morning
opera house silhouettes
the bridge of dawn
first ferry tugs out
rust and ropes
like stale sex
herald the rising sun
Circular Quay swims
with grey suits
and mid length skirts  
dark stocking like
instep,...Read More
Categories: syringes, absence, allegory, art,
Form: Free verse
The Greatest Nation of them All
Little pebbles of broken glass, litter the streets, but the children run barefoot anyway.
Stubbing toes, contracting disease, playing with cigarette butts and discarded syringes.
The teens hide by the dumpsters, and quickly pump a vein.
A homeless man, jealous of the teen;...Read More
Categories: syringes, addiction, imagery, slam, society, urban, drug,
Form: Blank verse
The Devil and I - Part III
I replied to the beast, “ We are done!”

No longer will I be captive to your powder
of numb thought and emotion.
No longer will I need to have a special
cup, cotton, and spoon next to those
dirty syringes hidden in the vestment.
I...Read More
Categories: syringes, addiction, recovery from,
Form: Prose
Premium Member The Colour of an Uncomfortable Truth
The colour of an uncomfortable truth

Bullets of ecstasy white powder clear spirits
shots into nothingness forgetting looking away
Translucent syringes monochrome devastation
fighting for a better world wholeness surrendering
to psychedelic transcendental illusion
Explosions into Nirvana black darkness oblivion
powerful mind- and minefields one in the...Read More
Categories: syringes, abuse, addiction, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bionic Syringes
 A virus borne on mosquito wings
 Carries more than a bite that stings
 It can spell certain doom 
 For the baby in the womb

 Joy is replaced by tears
 As the virus shrinks the baby's brain
 ...Read More
Categories: syringes, scary,
Form: Rhyme