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Swarms Poems

Swarms Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swarms poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swarms.

New Poems

Mind Adrift DWM

On childhood memory adrift on the fading track,
with the ardor of endless nostalgic pursuit I traced
the stalled timeline, followed instinctively back
to the vivid hues of golden heydays once embraced.

From the blue cascade of hill’s curvature yonder 
rolled the graphic landscape...Read More
Categories: swarms, childhood, memory, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member New Spring
Neath a quiet and graceful cement Madonna
Stands a serene and tall white iris and loving sculpted Madonna
She lowers her bashful eyes and waits for Spring.
Only one white iris has arrived, but today is warm;
And swarms around with warm and dancing...Read More
Categories: swarms, flower, spring,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Casualness Of Casualties

In the intimate interlace of chance and fate, in the ultimate interplay of time and place, and with the consummate checkmate of my human dignity, all that is -- is over, in the stormy, swarming space of mere moments.

turbulence rises
as...Read More
Categories: swarms, death, evil, family, fate, life, love, violence,
Form: Haibun
For Whatever Reason
Was it in the fragrance of the scented mint that brushed against my cheeks, 
or those lilac petal chains on
moss-strewn pathways,
was it in those rays that dance sequentially across the green flake Grecian urn, or the tearful noonday noodle from...Read More
Categories: swarms, beauty, birth, blessing, care, celebration, emotions, environment,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Do Not Believe In Omens
You’re agonizing over your decision,
you waver, and you can’t make up your mind,
and after back and forth and much revision
you’re this close to deciding when you find

two eagles flying in the same direction
in which you’re driving – surely that’s a...Read More
Categories: swarms, life,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member The Timelines

From thirsting shoots, the timelines grew
to stubborn stems that clasped the strings
of magnetism, space, decay
and gravity. The paths they knew
were constant, straight; they stretched away,
unbreakable yet formless things 
defying turmoil’s beckonings,
each one with its own tale to tell -
alternative, yet...Read More
Categories: swarms, dark, future, horror, science, science fiction, time,
Form: Rhyme
You Never Listened
You Never Listened
by Michael R. Burch
You never listened,
though each night the rain
wove its patterns again
and trembled and glistened ...
You were not watching,
though each night the stars
shone, brightening the tears
in her eyes palely fetching ...
You paid love no...Read More
Categories: swarms, absence, appreciation, betrayal, extended metaphor, feelings, soulmate,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Coastal Harvest
smoldering cattails
mosquito swarms kept at bay
gathering mussels
...Read More
Categories: swarms, imagery,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Georgie

His was a pudgy boyish countenance,
With rounded river eyes and an Alfalfa smile.
He wheezed like a sick tern with repeated asthma attacks, 
Playing hard at the various outdoor games and chases,
Of our fleeting childhood years in the inhaling sun.
He perspired...Read More
Categories: swarms, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member On Georgia Roads
August 1965
Laying hot tar and sand 
Swarms of  mosquitoes
Broiling summer sun
Warm water tasted cool
Low pay, nasty job
No job, no pay
Endless stretches ahead
Laying hot tar, sand, 
Sweat, and what was left
of my self esteem
On Georgia roads...Read More
Categories: swarms, dark, jobs, summer,
Form: Free verse

Porches A Neighborhood Fixture no More
Every house in the neighborhood had one, 
small, large, plain, ornate. Ours, enclosed 
by railings, ran across the front of the old house, 
with two creaky rockers facing the street.
When company came, extra chairs were set out, 
along with...Read More
Categories: swarms, nostalgia,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Swarms
They have set traps, Mother,
down by the dias.
They have hung bait
from the righteous sky.
The lost will come, Mother
in swarms of defiance.
Can I take the first shot, Mother?
Can I?

8 Nov 2019
I meant to write something for Tania’s contest but, er, this...Read More
Categories: swarms, dark, future, games,
Form: Rhyme
by Michael R. Burch

Come to me tonight
in the twilight, O, and the full moon rising,
spectral and ancient, will mutter a prayer.

Gather your hair
and pin it up, knowing
that I will release it a moment anon.

We are not one,
nor is there a...Read More
Categories: swarms, romantic love,
Form: Verse
to you, Tainan-I
In the beginning it was just a smell 
a smell i could not quite make sense of
a smell that the city was, a smell that the people in it were

in the beginning it was just a smell
a smell that dragged...Read More
Categories: swarms, city, culture,
Form: Prose Poetry
Napoleon's subservient Europe
The canons thunder,
the rifles rage,
and the horses
like swarms of bees
storm the plains
of feudal Europe.
Her princes tremble
and willingly
Prussia's undoubtedly mine
from Bavaria to the Rhine.
Russia's dreary wintry plains
will be where my scepter reigns.
Italy is my inheritance
as Portugal dreads resistance.
Without the sword i'll...Read More
Categories: swarms, hero,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Question Unanswered
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 2/10/2019

Sir, I don't want to live in a big city, 
I don't want noise and crowds, I prefer by the stream
to look for measures where water flows down these stairs, 
where the end meets the end,...Read More
Categories: swarms, imagery, nature, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Pampered One

Plucked flower once clumsily graced a girl's curls,
Now crushed in the wake of her ascending swirls,
Comfort be gone as bees hold dust for another,
Swarms of butterfly's doth aimlessly hover,

           ...Read More
Categories: swarms, age, allegory, beautiful,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Surreptitious Storming -SOS
Within the still of the seismic storms,
are voices lost of exhausted echoes…
Where words diminutively degrade,
amidst the condescending copious cyclone;

For upon the swarms of silent whispers,
mounting with ranting ruins of meadows moss…
And in the distance sacrificial screams are heard,
thus they faintly...Read More
Categories: swarms, silence, storm, voice,
Form: Free verse
Looking at life as a twisted road,
with unknown holes waiting to explode,
and driving with pride, is a lonely ride.

Stress attacks like swarms of burning bees,
nerves of fireballs between pinball trees,
and no money to buy,not even a tear to cry

A...Read More
Categories: swarms, anxiety, care, courage, deep, depression, emotions, fear,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Pretentious Poem 1
Boiling shells crack down hard upon raining rooftops
None doth any apparitional material cover upon her arrogant gift
She hast not laid down upon her last upstanding
Glass convails images of the inconceivable 
Throwing away the Sun in blackened sickness 
No guilt, no...Read More
Categories: swarms, depression, loneliness, lonely, sin, woman,
Form: Free verse
A war far from civil
a young man with tounge lashed and lunch packed/
heading to a regiment, sprung on one flag/
swearin to fight till his own lungs crack/
preparin for life cuz he won't come back/
attached to the loud sound of the drum tap/
the gun blasts,...Read More
Categories: swarms, political, war,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Oodles of Childhood Memories
Picking berries on grandpa’s farm;
watching him milk cows in the barn.
Getting chased once by swarms of bees.
Oodles of childhood memories.

Books that I read with so much to gain.
Walking down that long country lane;
Hiding behind and climbing up trees.
Oodles of childhood...Read More
Categories: swarms, childhood,
Form: Rhyme
Gentle sphere
My gentle sphere, fitted more, still.... I spared
Spattered words of heart, yet! Not purloin
Bit by bit are words of him, slowly cared
His circumspect steps I look, always in cocoon 

Be like a Mickey not to add to your meek
Being sportive...Read More
Categories: swarms, best friend, spoken word,
Form: Rhyme
Plucked flower once clumsily graced a girls curls,
Now crushed in the wake of her ascending swirls,
Comfort be gone as bees holds dust for another,
Swarms of butterfly's doth aimlessly hover,
Yes, it was a bothersome thing,
It will pass for others to bring,
Drizzling...Read More
Categories: swarms, adventure, allusion, cheer up, fantasy, life, metaphor,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Hold Up The Sky
Sorrow-eyed, harp in hand began to chant a tale. 
Like gossamer threads dulcet whispers waver near evening gale; 
swarms in cunning swirls and whorls and drawn 
at the edge then wake trailing off with the morning dawn. 
Softness of water...Read More
Categories: swarms, imagery, nature,
Form: Rhyme