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Swap Poems

Swap Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swap poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swap.

New Poems

The Friendly Stranger At Orange Street
One day at a New york city shop,
I met a man selling marbles,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some barbels.

"Got any barbels?" asked I.
"For that's how I'll spend my money."
"No barbels here!" said the guy.
He seemed to...Read More
Categories: swap, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, 2nd
Form: Narrative

Premium Member I cannot
I cannot but feel sorry
For those that possess more than I
While I have nothing
I have everything
I have health
I have distance
I have sustenance
I live on
The never never
Isolation for me
Is bliss
No one
For hundreds of miles
Just me
My love
The bush
The dessert
The weather
An odd Roo
A...Read More
Categories: swap, bereavement, death, forgiveness, health,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wanderers

O'er lush and verdant fields

Wanderers a-roaming,

Oh earthly paradise

Horses, in the gloaming.

How I envy thy sweet soul

Your spirit, wild and free

'Neath those hooves, your every need,

Could I but swap with thee.

Entry for
Some Paradise Where Horses Go Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Michelle Faulkner

...Read More
Categories: swap, freedom, horse, joy,
Form: Rhyme
swap dew bee dew bee
pink and blue shies
fluy white clouds
off in the distance
a bluish rainbow
 coming down
thats the way we walk
talking about 
the morning
we listen and we talk
in and moaning
what a wonderful world
we live in
two lovers
loving as time goes by

we stop for a kiss
we...Read More
Categories: swap, appreciation, guitar, love, music, perspective, song, sound,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Canton Here I Come
Canton Here I Come
Written: by Tom Wright
I once traveled to a big time swap meet,
Thinking there, I’d find a deal so sweet.
I swapped my hard cash,
For another man’s stash,
But it was torturous on knees and feet.

...Read More
Categories: swap, funny,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Dismounting Once More
Kurt floats on bubble wrapped ice-cream in marshmallow guise

Swathed in a blanket of temptation he drifts on the sweet taste

White tender bliss cushioned in pink illusions of sugary dreams

Caress his saddle as he straddles a unicorn feathered in utopia

Embraced by...Read More
Categories: swap, confusion,
Form: Free verse
The White House Merry-go-round
Vice President Pence is a prop
That our President wants to swap
Because he's too scared
To lead unprepared
The Coronavirus Block Flop...Read More
Categories: swap, health, political,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Coughing Shop

Stop at your morning Coughing Shop
To spread some flu bugs, germs we could swap
It's only right to share
Spread germs through the air
It's a hang out for the flu transmittal nonstop

...Read More
Categories: swap, sick,
Form: Limerick
Greedy media give us sensation:
the four horsemen who bring devastation.
But if they were to stop,
do a bad-good news swap,
we’d bemoan Armageddon’s cessation....Read More
Categories: swap, humor, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Trucking to Tiny Town
We’re trucking, we’re trucking to Tiny Town
where everything’s teeny-wee-small,
We’ll park our pantechnicon by the gates
cos we don’t want to squash them all!
We’ll swap our big boots for tiny flutes,
and play them a tiny tune,
We’re trucking, we’re trucking to Tiny Town...Read More
Categories: swap, cute, fun, silly,
Form: Rhyme

You are pure :: No more sin
You are pure ~ Poetic Type:: Mid-Swap

Under tree, he saw that man there.
None knew why man arrived, from where.
A bum look, none talked, except him.
Appeared to be wise, can't be grim.

Every one says man is crazy
First look he felt no,...Read More
Categories: swap, drink,
Form: Verse
Blue Light Bulbs and a Bottle of Bleach and The Incandescent Must Win - part 1
Blue Light Bulbs and a Bottle of Bleach and The Incandescent Must Win 
(part 1)
 					By: J.R. Wren

A wilting flower and a blade of grass
No presumptions of the way things ought to be
Feeding plenty on light through a tinted glass
Patiently...Read More
Categories: swap, america, farm, muse, political, race, rap, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Joyous Christmas Day
Christmas has always been a joyous time
Family getting together for food and wine
Fragrant Smells of balsam and prime rib roast
With warmth of smiles during our family toasts

Colored Christmas lights adorn the perfect tree
Ribbons and bulbs arranged perfectly for all to...Read More
Categories: swap, celebration, christmas, family,
Form: Rhyme
Invitation To The Rum Wood
You and I; we're going to swap our stories
Under the curving Milky Way
We're going to drink rum high in the green trees,
And toast the dying of the day

Snug as cloudlets free from the reach of man
Bright eyed eagles in their...Read More
Categories: swap, adventure, appreciation, fantasy, magic,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Mr Willie At CREATURES NORMAL AND WILD SHOP-A Narrative Poem
Mr. Willie At CREATURES NORM AND WILD - A Narrative Poem

One day at a pet shop,
I met a man(named Mr. Willie) selling cockatoo,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some cuckoo.

"Got any cuckoo?" asked I.
"For that's how I'll...Read More
Categories: swap, adventure, analogy, animal, appreciation,
Form: Narrative
Double Dare
Every year with Christmas coming in a park near Forest Lake,
the Lion’s Club and Rotary Club help to add to Christmas cheer
by organizing something special for the district to partake,
along with all the different church leaders mingling with us here.

There...Read More
Categories: swap, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member It's God's Law

Should a man be condemned for stealing a loaf of bread
After all no man should starve, no matter what you read

We have kids who whinge if they don’t have hi-tech toys
That would never think of the third worlds girls...Read More
Categories: swap, judgement,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Hmm
Two smiling faces, aww...looking so sweet 
Wanting to swap...their Halloween treat
Both contemplating, hmm...which one shall I eat 
As they sit on the sofa, with their little smelly feet 

(photo 3.)

Good Luck Halloween Poetry Contest 
Sponsor Eve Roper 
10/31/2019...Read More
Categories: swap, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
In Depend Ends
On the eve of the new call, 
wits mated with passion, 
zeal donated by conception, 
hypersensitive pulls attracted all,
contracts into a horrendous span
as independence made for the span. 

But after those, 
the cry was severed by greed
seasoned by ills inflected...Read More
Categories: swap, evil, independence day,
Form: Sonnet
Empty Shell Of A Man
He's the empty shell of a man,
Who's ghost does hunt me still
Past-self casting a huge shadow,
That his shoes will never fill,

The man of which my spirit seeks,
The very one I love,
Has disappeared amongst the planes,
Though not the ones above,

Some alternate...Read More
Categories: swap, absence, lost love, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Never Care For You Again
I hope one day you look to people in moments of need and see none care
I hope you feel your lowest again this time no one there

I hope you have a loving friendship end because you send one text
and I...Read More
Categories: swap, anger,
Form: Rhyme
I’ve been restricted from birth’
 I was born with a leash 
I’ve never been on land and I feel like a fish
Restricted like a boat caught on land
I cant float on shore because I’m stuck in the sand
Starving because of...Read More
Categories: swap, abuse, anxiety, betrayal, child abuse, conflict, confusion,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member School Days
At school I must have been naive,
for I was told I must achieve.
Add up, subtract even divide,
equations, algebra must be tried,
Nouns, verbs I had to learn,
adjectives were my concern.
In French we should pronounce our ‘R’s’
By making gargling sounds that purrs!
In...Read More
Categories: swap, childhood, school,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Prairie Farmer
Summer is over and the farmer now rests from his toil,
Having labored hard to wrest his crops from the fruitful soil.
Fall has arrived and all the crops have been gathered in.
The corn, wheat and soy beans lie dormant in the...Read More
Categories: swap, farm, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Poetry Therapy
Everyone wants to be free. 
Even from the things that once gave us comfort.
We are like children who swap our blankets 
For softer ground.

So why do you wait  to be free 
When the keys to your cage 
Are hanging...Read More
Categories: swap, i am, poetry, prison, truth,
Form: Free verse