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Surreptitious Poems

Surreptitious Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surreptitious poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surreptitious.

New Poems

The fearsome Bulldog strolls 
as a robust reminder
to those exhibiting various traits 
of hooligan grinder.

He keeps a close watch 
for surreptitious acts of malice
from those who sneak a peek 
then retreat to their palace.

Kings and Queens 
who flaunt their gargantuan...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, anti bullying,
Form: Rhyme

Yin Yang Boomerang
Primordial ooze, bathtub booze, and unaligned chi
I've got nothing to lose, I see through the ruse, because I am free
I see the faintest glimmer begin to grow dimmer but I've got nowhere to be
While doubt slowly simmers hope also shimmers...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, analogy, bible, death, earth, life, poetry, society,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Children Of A Lesser God
Contagion ceremoniously weaves its harvest into a fabric of un-social inclusion
Haunted by lack of humility and lost serenity it serenades through the masses
In God We Trust but who listened to Nietzsche who proclaimed that she is dead
Lest we believe that...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, dark,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Little Man's Eyes
I see it, little one ...
In the magic of your eyes -
'Tis the world, blooming wondrous!
Bright, dazzling dreams of a midday meadow,
A softened sweep of butterfly wings, azure-bound,
The warm, wobbly mud of a May puddle,
And a kiss, stolen from your...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, appreciation, childhood, family, life, metaphor, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Halloween moon
Oh great eye of darkness 
Pour down milky glow 
My beacon of brilliance 
Begin the creep show 

Come my precious orb of night
Above the shroud of inky fright
Beam my silent pumpkin moon
Guide us as we mount our brooms

Replete me with...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, dark, evil, grave, halloween, horror, magic, moon,
Form: Rhyme

There is nothing chivalrous about a sniper
There is nothing chivalrous about a sniper.

In days of yore, when the rain did pour;
Inside an inn, they spoke of was and when.
Even then their present was defined by their history,
As they prepared to march off to war again.

With muddied...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, evil, god, history, humanity, music, sad, war,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Surreptitious Storming -SOS
Within the still of the seismic storms,
are voices lost of exhausted echoes…
Where words diminutively degrade,
amidst the condescending copious cyclone;

For upon the swarms of silent whispers,
mounting with ranting ruins of meadows moss…
And in the distance sacrificial screams are heard,
thus they faintly...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, silence, storm, voice,
Form: Free verse
Under blood red skies
A mystery surrounds the stranded boat
Deserted in the shallow marshy fen,
And surreptitious rumours are afloat   *
Which bubble to the surface now and then.

A lad of good repute had claimed to see
Three people cast off late one afternoon,
But strolling...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, boat, mystery,
Form: Sonnet
Who is this woman?
Who has made a sudden apparition?
Who lilted as she turned to look at me through the silvery haze of the fog,
Her Compelling, and faint yet loud to the senses, 
, gorgeous musky scent, complemented by notes of...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, angel, beautiful, blessing, dance, desire, dream, girl,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Prairie Wolf
The pasture smiled and gave its blessing nearby the sacred gentle river

Solemn sun sent tender rays through the moisture of dispersing clouds

Shadows of dawn had turned into a clement plethora of infinite shades 

A bristlecone pine oozed sap and nourished...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, courage,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Blissful Ignorance
Breaths of darkness percolate through the ether,
Hades’ fingers crawl into every corner,
Evil’s creep is silent and surreptitious,

    Meanwhile - we party!

“Sapphic Stanza with a Jux” Contest
Sponsored by Craig Cornish...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, dark,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Lip Bent Overly Yours

Most dastardly
Executive Majesty,
we serve at your pique pleasure
obsequiously so 

Yea, Darth Lord,
we be the surreptitious, servile ones:
Leper skin publicans, publicly hiss reviled

Tonsil rear ends torqued low 
is our mealy-mouth status quo

We’re liquored up lap dogs

Always lip bent overly yours

Tongue rolls...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, parody, perspective, satire, word play,
Form: Burlesque
scarlet umbrella
The tempting thought I just could not dismiss
To share with you one surreptitious kiss.
A brief, flirtatious moment of delight,
Snatched furtively and hidden out of sight.

The red umbrella camouflaged all shame
As if accomplice to our fickle game.
But passion soon subsided, like...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, betrayal, conflict, desire, hurt, marriage,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Boat
Surreptitious and remote
Expeditious and cutthroat
Crazy, Tough, Desperate, Vicious
Such was life on a boat
That swam with the fishes
...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, military,
Form: Verse
Tiny Bird
Oh! Tiny bird your time is brief
But you have life and must believe
That life is every choice

Oh! Tiny bird your spirit smiles
And unpretentious song beguiles
When you in hymn rejoice

As punctuation, clarity
In simplest sincerity
Unconditional, absolute

Or flitting frenzy darting free
In surreptitious revelry
Frenetic,...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Too soon, too soon
Escaped! furtive glances
   Manifest of enchanted trances
Arrested by crimson faces averted
   Too soon, too soon, they'd flirted

The air yearned with sensation
    Surreptitious, delicious anticipation
Peering deeply into each other's eyes
   Too soon,...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, innocence, lost love, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Machiavellian Machinations

Treachery is the coin of the covert realm,
gears within gears turning ...
Devious machinations, pure Machiavellian

Secrecy is the Shanghai shuffle speech
Tool and Die maker,
what instrument of inflection deception
will you darkly wield?

Skilled in the art of misdirection,
fake exit wounds 
make a theatrical...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, allusion, corruption, dark, truth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
FAKE King Harry Kane
("FAKE") King Harry Kane...
also unknown as (D. Lucian Null)

Sprung from the best
     over active imagination damnedest
confection of this fictitious
     writer of fiction earnest

and frankly hoof
     avers zealous zest
(with...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, corruption,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Antics Of A Buzzfeed Ding Housefly
Antics Of A Buzzfeed Ding Housefly...

Non random, but (based on my very
     far out, flimsy laughably 
     amateurish thinking)
     faux feigned aye
firmly believe, that
    ...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, flying,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Forever Wedding

Demure young maiden
A bucolic bungalow
A fallen hero

Situation hot
Gray thick diaphanous smog
Cannot cool it

Desultory dance
A quick surreptitious
Fine country wedding

Grandma’s tailsmen
The bride adorned with daisies
Murmurous rumors

A nonchalant groom
A sempiternal set up
Quintessential joy
...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, wedding,
Form: Haiku
Epitomy and Symettry of Trump Stupidity
Epitomy and Symettry of Trump Stupidity

We started being  enveloped by epitome,
Of what did turn out to be the symmetry,
Not countable;
Amount of Trump's  surreptitious stupidity.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Punctuation Police Patrol
Dictionary in hand Bobbies
     manned state of the spy craft created
strategic peripheral outposts
     a comma dated,

(sans syntax garnered monies) equated
justifiable to build galley ma free
     Highland Manor wing...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Moment's Worth of Being

Switch off mind’s clutter and swish with your soluble soul
Seize the second swirl away seizure’s silent convulsions
Sequence sequesters surpass surreptitious soliloquies


Ruminating reason and ravenous rapture restrict and resurface
Reticent roads as they relinquish romance and rhapsody’s roar
Re-infest the refuge re-establish revulsive...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, celebration,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Priority Time
Our days are planned to the minute
Careers, children... we finesse all of it
Last anniversary was surreptitious 
I find this troublesome and precarious

We keep gallivanting - acting nonchalant 
Time to acquiesce - it's not what I want
When we attempt to set...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, conflict, night, passion, relationship, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Why is it Today
Why is it, today?
Is it the demons playing games again in the ethereal realms?
Are they yet again trick-or-treating hidden hoof to helm?

The third of your eyes is sighing yet again,
At the inventive sight you hide within,
Calling forth the smokeless fire,
Whose...Read More
Categories: surreptitious, confusion, depression, evil, psychological, self,
Form: Rhyme