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Surmised Poems

Surmised Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surmised poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surmised.

New Poems

I was still lying down,
As the danger bells imposed lock-down.
When the zephyrs coming through the net doors,
I tucked myself tightly in the covers.
The most euphonious sounds,
Echoing on and on in my ears.
Chirping and tweeting of birds,
Buzzing of dragon-flies,
Hoarse calls of...Read More
Categories: surmised, emotions,
Form: Free verse

Untold agony
While my happiness hawls in a dark cave of self-doubt, I smile.
Burying my brain cells in the grave of immense fear, I speak.
While my dreams burn in the dreary path of desolation, I suffer to sleep. 
Shedding rivers of blood...Read More
Categories: surmised, depression,
Form: Free verse
Me creature of comfort Bah
Me... creature of comfort? Bah

Once again mine lock, stock
and barrel trade in balderdash
finds yours truly (i.e. me)
to type poem frisson a$$ off
as dentures chatter and gnash,
while still inside me gobstopper,
(the sole way to generate
plea for coveted heat),

which will moost likely
meet...Read More
Categories: surmised, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, august,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

The september I met him remains etched in my mind
I sat in class awaiting explanation that never came
One by one minutes rolling by ever so slowly

I surmised he’d been a burn victim
I wondered when it happened
How old he would have...Read More
Categories: surmised, introspection, september,
Form: Free verse
The Reunion
The sixty-year reunion
of the class of '55
was quite a celebration
for the ones who had survived...

First came prissy Pomeroy-
then Milford, Meeks, and Moody
who like old crows, perched and cawed
at busty old Miss Trudy

While Trudy curled her lip
and bustled off in mock-huff
(secretly...Read More
Categories: surmised, age, character, growth, humor, humorous, people, perspective,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Smooth Big Cat

"Smooth Big Cat"

He was one of those guys you just knew would be a dud. "Be nice", she said to herself.

She met him on the upswing from the abyss of a dismally closed final chapter. He seemed to be unsure...Read More
Categories: surmised, adventure, muse, mystery, romance,
Form: Narrative
A handy dandy family thing I did not know from Adam
A handy dandy family thing, I did not know from Adam

Monstrous disembodied giant hairy hand...
reached out thru Macbook Pro
Lenovo external screen
"no way can this be real,"
I muttered to no one in particular.

Bug eyed, slack jawed, yours truly froze
petrified as an...Read More
Categories: surmised, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Free verse
What Determines Satisfaction
"Does expectation determine our satisfaction,
 At time or place of something’s attraction

Like a wish or a dream,
It’s probability to be redeemed

Without witnessing in advance,
Is happiness just chance

Not knowing what to expect,
Or joy you will get

Are we held back by fear,
Not...Read More
Categories: surmised, confidence, growth, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
Legacy of hiphop
And that is why... this platform is here for answers they can't deny...
It's a truth within a complexity that is standing high...
Let us follow the roots and explore the depths of its grand design...
Cause every line that's said is movement,...Read More
Categories: surmised, deep,
Form: I do not know?
your Little Wonder

I broke away from all;
all of your little trappings;
God saw to that;
Your eyes;
Eyes seem to have hate (just where is the love);
Yes rights of hate this truth;
Sitting here napping, romancing...
All the negative things;
Being stuck on the negative;
I am...Read More
Categories: surmised, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, black love, discrimination, endurance,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Unicorn Magician
The unicorn magician with the slanted eye 
Let out a peep, a whistle, a plaintive sigh.
Alerting two idiot villagers, name of Guthrie and Tie.
That things were changing for the worst, bye and bye

The unicorn magician is angry one said.
Maybe the...Read More
Categories: surmised, 10th grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member On Giving Up
On Giving Up!

"Never quit" said she,"when people to your
poetry, languish in disdain or complacency!
"e.e. Cummings never wrote for the fancy
of the love of the crowd!"

She made me some tea with fresh lemon,
And wiped my tears away.
She bade me to read...Read More
Categories: surmised, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member More Than Silent Screams

I want nothing more than love to be real
and mold my heart like it was potter's clay.
But I question if love is what I feel
or are there other emotions at play?
Is love but a dream made of papier-mache
a collage of...Read More
Categories: surmised, 10th grade, anxiety, emotions, feelings, i love
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Road Rage
Road Rage
By: Tom Wright

The latest phenomenon
Of “Britches” day and age,
Was his life’s first encounter?
With the tag Road Rage;

It had happened one night
Or was it early morning?
It began without inkling,
Thought, plan, or warning.

“Britches” couldn’t recall
If hour was early or late,
But someone...Read More
Categories: surmised, funny,
Form: Lyric
They tell me “I do”,
I reply with a sly and helpless smile.
That leaves my mind well off for awhile,
But I recall our first date in Central Park. 
I looked at the trees and didn't know what they would spark,
If you...Read More
Categories: surmised, fear, i love you, love, marriage, people,
Form: Lyric
A Hearty Valent Sign
Ah what fair moan
laden fantasy lassitude looms
large if this
chaste ole buoy got cornered
into an alleyway
by a bevy of beefy

buxom babes dead set
on hounding this
doggone codger anyway
shape or form eying
sole asylum madly
sprinting thru a narrow

cookie cutter archway
overlooking a multilane beltway
risky business...Read More
Categories: surmised, blessing, celebration, courage, dream, endurance, fantasy, heaven,
Form: Free verse
Your my Doppleganger he surmised
Did he have it right?
Not so sure I said out loud
I just loved you at first sight

His evil grin appeared wider
Don't fall in love with me 
For I'm friends with the dark side
And I will take...Read More
Categories: surmised, analogy, evil, fantasy, heartbreak, memory,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Fear
Fear is a strong feeling for me, an emotion I despise
It is sometimes debilitating to me at times, I have surmised
Spiders, heights, creepy crawly bugs, diseases I may get
I am fearful of failure, not giving my all, having regrets
I fear...Read More
Categories: surmised, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bad Luck
Once a Leprechaun went swimming,
out in the deep blue sea.
Even though his head was spinning,
he thought it might appease.

He felt he needed exercise;
what’s better than a swim?
It’s healthy and fun, he surmised;
it beats a stuffy gym.

Without his trunks he felt...Read More
Categories: surmised, cute, fun, funny, humorous, imagery, myth, mythology,
Form: Sonnet
A Vertical Consideration
The black slurry sound of coal lifted by a shovel
As it enters the locomotive mouth of fire
Consumed in flames as well on dark gray days
Is advised and necessary for movement forward 

In any event the heat and cold are secondary
To other...Read More
Categories: surmised, dark, image, judgement, snow, travel,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Galloping Gingerbread Cookie
Fresh baked cookies of gingerbread;
a joyful scent wafts through the house.
Christmas Cheer will spread this year
as custard and cookies abound.

Mom takes out a second batch, 
but something is amiss, 
her first batch of Gingerbread men,
is missing one of its pals!

I...Read More
Categories: surmised, celebration, christmas, food, holiday, humor, sweet,
Form: Free verse
No Les No More
Here lies Les in his new dug grave
All dressed up like an atheist in suit and tie
With nowhere special to go at this time
A liar by trade when he was alive
On his tombstone are words he wrote
If you are reading...Read More
Categories: surmised, appreciation, character, death, identity, image,
Form: Free verse
Red Umbrella
I walked slowly across the manicured lawn
To her flowered gravesite.  She’s gone
And I held her umbrella vivid red
Rubied and glistening overhead
Red like her lips I will ne’er again meet
Ruddy like her cheeks once perfumed sweet
Midst cold rain, like my...Read More
Categories: surmised, heartbroken, hope, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Wasn't Nothing Major

The first person shooter
did video confess:

It was just a little bang  bang,
no big deal ... wasn’t nothing major at all

Minor beef got some onions grilled,
cheap talk had turned dirt ill
And when the rumors started to spin,
volcanic tempers got lit
by...Read More
Categories: surmised, death, imagery, satire, violence,
Form: Epic
Premium Member I found you in a dream
I found you in a dream

I found you in a dream . . .

subtly surmised
of this bed sheet warmth,
darkened skies felt,
Lost in silent hours
of a dream

A beauty unbelieved
in flowing night lace
Drinking from the fountain
of every joy I have longed
Aglow where...Read More
Categories: surmised, good night,
Form: Free verse